10 Foods You Should Stop Eating Together

We all love our food whether that be fruit, vegetables, meat or dairy, but did you know that there are some foods that you should not eat together?

10 Foods You Should Stop Eating Together

If you want to have a healthy and balanced food lifestyle, then it is essential for you to know what you should and shouldn’t be pairing up during those mealtimes.

10 Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Burger And Fries

Our first food combination to avoid is the classic burger and fries. Because it is a casual curtesy to serve burgers with a side of fries, it may come by a surprise to learn that this is in fact doing more damage than good.

As both burger and fries are deep fried foods, this can lead to low blood sugar which can lead you feeling lethargic.

Fruit And Yoghurt

Another one to avoid is fruit and yogurt. Although mixing fruit with yoghurt makes a light and simple breakfast meal, it is best if you don’t pair the two up.

This is because, despite the rumors, fruit and yoghurt together is far from a healthy choice.

Fruit contains acid and when this acid meets the yoghurt, this can leave the digestive fibers toxic. It has also been proven that people who have this combination are more susceptible to allergies.

Banana And Milk

It is the best choice to avoid combining banana and milk as it is one of the most toxin-forming food combinations.

It has been found that not only does mixing the two make you heavy but it can also cause your body to become lethargic and for your mind to slow down.

Cereal And Juice

Cereal is the top choice of breakfast in the US and it is pretty common for kids (and adults) to have that cereal with a tall glass of juice.

Unfortunately, this is also a combination which will only lead to negative effects. When eating, it is important for your food to digest properly, especially with cereal as it is the most important meal of the day.

However, drinking juice with this breakfast meal can prevent the carbohydrates from breaking down, affecting enzyme activity.

Pizza And Cola

Another combination to avoid which no one would have expected is pizza and cola. Although it is very common to pair these two together, it is very unhealthy to do so and should be avoided.

Pizza is fueled with buckets of starch and protein and this can slow down your digestion alongside the cola which will make your digestion sluggish.

Fruit And Vegetables

It is always strongly encouraged for people to eat their fruit and vegetables, however it’s a different story when it comes to eating them together.

Mixing these two health foods together can result in issues such as heartburn or bile reflux, creating stomach problems.

Alcohol And Candy

When we drink alcohol we end up getting hungry and while some of us may want a strong meal, others of us pick up a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, having candy and alcohol is not a good combination at all.

This is because the alcohol will end up converting the sugar from the candy into saturated fat which is not good on the body.

If you are wanting to eat something while you are drinking, opt for a different option which contains less sugar.

Eggs And Fried Meat

Another interesting food combination to avoid is eggs and fried meat. Although this is a popular mix, especially for breakfast, all of that protein can make it difficult for the body to digest.

This will make things uncomfortable for the person eating the food.

Cheese And Beans

Cheese and beans is another food combination which needs to be added to our list. Whilst this combination is less health threatening, the two together is prone to leave you feeling bloated and a little gassy.

We would recommend eating cheese and beans separately for better digestion.

Olive Oil And Nuts

Lastly, we have olive oil and nuts. This, too, is a combination which can leave a person feeling sick.

With the fat from the oil and the protein from the nuts, these two do not work hand in hand when it comes to digestion.

How To Sustain A Healthy Diet – Healthy Food Combinations

10 Foods You Should Stop Eating Together

Above, we have looked at 10 of the food combinations that need to be avoided. But what about the food that we can have?

It is very important to have a healthy diet and know what to take out of your diet as it will allow you to be happy and full of energy.

In this next section, we will be taking you through some of the best foods to have for the benefit of your health.

Boiled Egg And Salad

A boiled egg with salad is a great combination to have if you are wanting to sustain good health.

Your body is able to absorb carotenoids due to the fat in the egg yolk, and the antioxidants in the salad are beneficial for preventing disease.

Almonds And Yoghurt

A great alternative combination is almonds and yoghurt. Having these two foods together enable brilliant health benefits such as brightening your mood and strengthening your bones.

As well as this, these two flavors gel together perfectly to create a wonderful, natural taste.

Avocado And Toast

Avocado on top of toast has been made more aware of these passing years and is known for its brilliant nutritional value.

Most people know the combination for the taste alone but these two together will actually help to provide a healthier palette. This light meal is best served with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Final Thoughts

If you are wanting to have a healthy diet then make sure to watch out for these classic food combinations.

Much of what we eat together are not as great as we may think, so refer to this guide and start making a change.

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