15 Delicious Raw Banana Recipes

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits out there, they are loved by kids and adults for their sweet mushy quality that is so versatile!. You can mush bananas up into a sweet past, or you can slice them into toothy bite size pieces. Most people in the western world wouldn’t recognize bananas as a savory food but are embraced as one across the eastern world.

Bananas are a great healthy source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6 and vitamin C along with a whole host of other great benefits. For those who live a raw diet bananas can offer vital B vitamins that are often missing from this diet as well as a great source of protein which vegans love too. They provide a sweet raw treat or a salty savory snack, as well as a toothy bite that is always welcome in the vegan diet.

For those who want to learn more about the raw lifestyle, look at these delicious raw banana recipes for inspiration.

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1. Raw Banana Masala Curry

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Yep, we’ve gone hard from the start here. This one might shock you or just sound crazy, but it’s actually really great. While banana sounds mad in a curry, just look at Caribbean cuisine and their use of plantain within curries to see that this isn’t so weird. This can taste like a pretty usual curry you may have already had and is a fun vegetarian take on the classic Chicken Masala.  This is a pretty simple curry if you have the necessary spices and herbs, and is a great way to use unripe bananas. 

2. Baked Banana Chips

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This is a great recipe to get those bananas into your kids, as well as the raw adults who love a sweet or salty snack as well. These banana chips can go either way, covered in sugar or salt and pepper, so they are a great replacement for chips if you want something healthier. Again, this is another great way to use up your unripe bananas.

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3. Raw Bananas and Yam in Tangy Yoghurt Sauce (Kalan)

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This is a classic and traditional dish served at the Hindu vegetarian Onam feast, so it has been passed down through the ages. This raw banana dish referred to locally as ‘Kalan’ is made using equal quantities of banana and yam. The dish is easy to make and is an interesting take on the curry that most westerners wont have experienced. The tangy sauce really does it all to marry the dish together, alongside the sweet yam and banana this works a treat.

4. Banana and Coconut Kachori

This is a great dish that is the Asian version of the ‘tostones’ you may have seen in Latin restaurants around America. They combine coconut and banana together to make this sweet and savoury fried treat that is great for kids and for a  healthy but filling dessert that cleanses the palette. THese are sweet but filling while also remaining pretty healthy.

5. Tostones (Fried Green Banana)

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This is a great and simple tostones recipe that can be enjoyed by anyone. As mentioned, these are a similar dish to Kachori but are the latin version which are enjoyed across the caribbean and south americas. The dish is a lot more of a salty snack that has a simpler filling and uses more ripe bananas for the savoury taste. Great dipped in hot sauce and enjoyed with a cold brew. This dish is cheap, relatively healthy, and easy to make which is why it is so popular in Latin America

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6. Banana Poriyal

Poriyal is a simple dry sauteé dish that is popular in the south of Asia, and is what we in the west would recognise as a curry. This dish is moreish and has the desirable traits a curry often does, but utilises raw banana to make the dish protein rich but still healthy. You can customise your own spice level and discover some new cuisines with this easy but healthy curry. With the addition of desiccated coconut and rice this dish is really healthy, tasy, and filling and is another Asian classic.

7. Mixed Banana Kebab

Adding banana to your kebab can help make it summery, fruity, and healthy while still having an amazing meat like texture especially when thrown on a barbeque. The barbeque could add dimensions of flavor to your raw food and add a smokey and meaty dimension to your banana. This is also a super customisable dish that you can add your own favorites too and pimp out with other superfoods. We love the idea of watermelon, banana, and halloumi skewers, sounds crazy but give it a try.

8. Banana Milk (Raw and Dairy Free)

No, you can’t milk a banana, but you can turn a banana into a healthy milkshake. Banana milk is one of the true comforts in the world especially for the vegan inclined eaters. Bananas are naturally creamy and frothy like a pineapple when blended up and you only need to add water because of this which makes this drink vegan. With just water nad a banana you can make this super healthy but sweet drink.

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9. Banana Split (Vegan version)

The banana split is a childhood classic that is enjoyed around the world and enjoys the natural combination of warm gooey banana sweetness with cold and creamy ice cream (vegan ice cream ofcourse) This is a delicious treat for any vegan, or a child, or literally anyone. This is a universal hit that meat eaters and vegans alike will love.

10. Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Speaking of ice cream, why not try this shockingly easy, one ingredient, banana ice cream recipe. Many vegans and raw dieters think that ice cream is off the menu, think again with this super easy recipe that allows you to enjoy the cold sweetness of ice cream, just without the dairy. Unknowing kids will love this sweet treat as well as adults who want something a little more complex than Ben and Jerry’s.

11. Banana Lassi

Want to funk up your banana milk into a more adult, gut healthy, and funky concoction that is great for summer and as an after dinner appetiser to get your digestion going. This is a drink that is loved across India and Asia and is enjoyed in summer the most. It’s a simple recipe that you can customise as you see fit, adding many more superfoods to get your green on. The natural microbial benefits of yoghurt make this super gut healthy and helpful with digestion.

12. Banana Pancakes

Yes, we’ve all heard the comforting Jack Johnson song, and now you can enjoy the delights of this breakfast masterpiece. For such an easy recipe, this is a super convenient way to use up all your mush bananas that aren’t banana bread. It makes some really fluffy and naturally sweet pancakes that aren’t going to rot your teeth. These are a great way to get kids eating healthy in the morning without filling them up with unnatural sugars. Surprise your partner tomorrow morning with some banana pancakes in bed, they will love you for it.

13. Banana and Avocado Muffins

Another delicious but healthy dessert that kids will gorge into. These muffins are low in sugar and are also dairy free which makes them perfect for a healthier treat. The simple recipe relies on the natural sweetness of the banana as well as the healthy fats of an avocado, you won’t be able to tell this is dairy free as the recipe creates these chewy sweet treats that are perfect for lunchboxes.

14. Banana and Blueberry Wraps

Another recipe that just sounds ludicrous but is actually crazy good as well as super healthy. This recipe blends the savory and the sweet into a pretty tasty wrap that is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The addition of celery and other veggies make it super healthy and balance out sweetness, while also leaving loads of room for you to add your own equally crazy ingredients.Its so wrong it’s right.

15. Green Banana Fries

Another strange culinary concept to western people, however this dish is extremely popular across africa and specifically in Kney. In Kney potatoes aren’t super common, so they use bananas or plantain for a similar purpose. Unsurprisingly bananas have a much richer nutritional profile than the empty carbs of potatoes. These don’t really taste like bananas but will carry that subtle sweetness that is quite pleasant, just imagine a big and long tostones and it will taste similar to this healthy fry.

An honourable munchtion

It would be amiss to say that bananas and a healthy nut butter isn’t one of the easiest ways to hit almost all the nutritional areas. If you peel a banana and dip it into raw almond butter, not only does it taste amazing and proves a super easy and healthy breakfast, but also is amazingly good for you and a super way to start your day. But this isn’t much of a recipe so it didn’t make the list..

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