15 Delicious Raw Brownie Recipes

Brownies are a timeless crowd-pleaser. The gooey, chocolatey treat goes down well in any situation; it makes a great dinner party dessert, can be a cheeky addition to a sleepover with friends, or can be an indulgent contribution to a cocktail and nibbles party.

What isn’t so indulgent, though, is the amount of effort that can go into making and baking these delicious treats. What’s more, is the amount of flour and processed sugar that enters into the regular brownie recipe. 

What if I were to tell you, though, that you can create the same mouthwatering gooey goodness without stepping foot anywhere near an oven?

What if it was a possibility to create a chocolatey treat with healthier alternative ingredients than a regular brownie? That’s right: raw brownies are here to save the day. Instead of weighing out flour, eggs, and sugar, and whisking them together until your arm aches, raw brownies are simply whizzed up in a food processor!

That means less washing up for you, and that you can save your arm workout for the gym! 

Take a look below at some of the best raw brownie recipes out there, and have a go at making these innovatively simple little treats!

1. The Rawtarian Recipe – Raw brownie recipe

This easy recipe combines natural ingredients – including pecans, dates, and unsweetened coconut – to create delicious melt-in-the-mouth brownies, with a twist.

It is one of The Rawtarian’s most popular recipes, and for good reason! The raw cocoa’s rich and bitter chocolate flavor is complemented perfectly by the agave nectar, and we found the overall taste to be the perfect mix of sweet and rich.

The hint of coconut was just enough to leave us wanting more. The yield of this recipe is technically eight servings, but we reckon you won’t be able to share them with that many people!

2. BBC Food’s Recipe – Chocolate and date raw brownies recipe

This simple recipe is perfect for anyone – including vegans! So, if you are craving a chocolatey treat but can’t opt for a regular snack, this recipe is perfect.

The BBC team has opted for all-natural ingredients to make sure that while you are snacking, you are staying healthy, too! They’ve ditched the refined sugar and have added in some roasted peanuts, to give your brownies a tasty crunch and a helping of protein.

We found that the roasted peanuts took this brownie to the next level. This is the recipe to choose if you want a dairy-free guilt-free chocolatey brownie! 

3. Allrecipes – Raw brownie recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert option that has a nutty crunch and flavor, this could be the recipe for you. You can choose between using cashews, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, or can combine the types together!

This means that you can tailor the recipe to your own preferences, or those of your guests. Whatever you choose, the outcome will be delicious. The hearty portion of dates in this recipe made our brownies so moist, and gave them the gooey texture that a classic brownie provides.

Plus, we didn’t feel bad eating it, thanks to the healthy ingredients like unsweetened cocoa powder and agave syrup.

4. My New Roots’ Recipe – The Raw Brownie

This next recipe combines delicious Medjool dates with sea salt, almonds, and walnuts, to get a beautiful sweet-and-salty combination. We love a sweet-and-salty combo, from bacon and syrup on pancakes to the mixed popcorn, and this brownie recipe was swiftly added to that list!

These brownies are perfect for an energy-filled snack, or as an after-dinner treat. The recipe is easy to follow and quick to complete, so you can get your fill of flavor in no time at all. Plus, you can put the brownies in the freezer if you want them to last a while.

We doubt you’ll need to do that, though – they’ll be gone in an instant!

5. Prakriti Shakti’s Recipe – Raw Brownie Recipe

This nutritious brownie recipe is a healthy alternative to a chocolate bar or classic brownie, but still satisfies your sugar cravings. Alongside the usual healthy dates and nuts that we can see in most raw brownie recipes, these brownies also contain flax seed powder.

The flax seed powder is a great addition to a brownie; it packs them full of fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive system. So, not only are these brownies delicious, but they are also good for you! You can’t say the same for regular brownies.

Chocolatey and healthy – it’s a win-win! Our favorite element was the hint of vanilla that crept up on our taste buds, thanks to the scoop of vanilla powder in the recipe. 

6. Great British Chefs’ Recipe – Raw Chocolate Brownies Recipe

This delightful recipe will give you brownies so gooey that you would never know they’re not real brownies! There is no refined sugar in the recipe, but instead a pinch of stevia extract, so it is a perfect choice if you want to eat a lot of brownies without packing your body full of processed sugar!

Another benefit of this recipe is the walnuts; they provide you with plenty of Omega 3 fats, making these treats good for you! We loved the use of coconut oil in this recipe.

It made the brownies gooey and moist, and gave them a subtle coconut flavor. We would definitely make these again!

7. Tesco’s Recipe – Raw Chocolate Brownies

The UK supermarket has come in clutch with this mouth-wateringly good brownie recipe. The brownies made using this recipe were rich and decadent, and perfectly finished with their dark chocolate and pistachio topping.

The idea is simple: melt dark chocolate and coconut cream and smooth the mixture on top of the brownies, before sprinkling some chopped pistachios on top. The result was far from simple, though – it was amazing!

The added layer gave these brownies a nice contrasting texture to the gooey brownie, and the pistachios added a salty crunch that rounded off the tastes! This whole recipe is easy, but will leave you with brownies that taste and look professional. 

8. Shine Yoga’s Recipe – Raw Brownie Recipe

These brownies are packed with goodness, and perfect for giving you a boost of energy when you hit that mid-afternoon lull. All of the ingredients are natural and full of flavor, and the almonds go so well with the vanilla essence.

Our favorite thing about this recipe was the ganache that sits on top of the brownies. It is made from coconut oil, raw cocoa powder and maple syrup, and it gives the brownies an extra sleek bit of gooiness and a kick of coconut flavor.

We highly recommend serving the brownies with some raspberries on the side, to complement the rich chocolatey flavor and make it an even healthier treat. 

9. Minimalist Baker’s Recipe – Easy Raw Vegan Brownies

These super simple brownies take only twenty minutes to make, so are perfect if you’re strapped for time. They incorporate sea salt and two types of nuts, alongside the coca and dates, to give the perfect mix of sweet and salty flavors.

Instead of using butter, this recipe opts for coconut oil, making these brownies suitable for vegans! Our favorite part of these brownies was the crunch that was delivered by the walnuts and cacao nibs; they went so well with the fudgy texture of the brownie and made it much more interesting. 

10. Good to Know’s Recipe – Raw Brownie | Snack Recipes

This recipe is perfect for experienced bakers and newbies alike. It’s cheap to make and even easier to enjoy! The ingredients of this recipe included a couple of interesting ones, including orange juice and sesame seeds.

They may sound out of place in a brownie, but we can assure you that they work. The orange juice gave these brownie bites an amazing texture – they were so soft and squidgy! Plus, the sesame seeds gave the brownies a crunch as well as an added bit of nutritional value.

Part of the way through the recipe there is an option to add in some cinnamon powder, and we would highly recommend it! The cinnamon blended in so well with the maple syrup flavor, and gave it an almost festive bit of spice. 

11. Sweet As Honey’s Recipe – Raw Brownies – Keto, Vegan, Sugar-free Brownies

These are the brownies you need if you are trying to stay super healthy; they are vegan, keto-, and sugar-free brownies! At first, we thought they just sounded a bit boring, but we were proven wrong when we bit into the finished product.

All of the ingredients are super healthy. There’s sugar-free maple-flavored syrup (we didn’t even know that was a thing!), unsweetened cocoa powder and almonds.

We liked the way that the recipe included information about the health benefits of all the ingredients. Despite being uber-healthy, these brownies came out delicious. They are chocolatey, have a great texture, and definitely look the part, too. 

12. Chocolate Covered Katie’s Recipe – The Ultimate Unbaked Brownies

The brownies made using this recipe come so close to the satisfying texture of regular brownies. They are gooey, sticky, and incredibly chocolatey.

The best part about using this recipe was that it only took five minutes to prepare – FIVE! Also, they are suitable for anyone; they are raw, egg-, dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free, and also suitable for vegans. We loved the way that the vanilla flavor complemented the cacao, and made it almost cake-like in flavor. 

13. The Stay At Home Chef’s Recipe – Raw Brownie – 3 ingredients

This recipe makes delectable brownies out of just three simple ingredients. All you need for this recipe is walnuts, dates, and cacao powder.

That’s it! Obviously, that makes this recipe all-natural and super healthy. What we didn’t expect was how rich the flavor of these brownies was. We couldn’t believe that those three simple ingredients could combine to make such a flavorful treat.

These brownies are soft, gooey, and really easy to make. What more could you ask for?

14. Rainbow Nourishments’ Recipe – Raw Vegan Brownies (5 ingredients)

These brownies are amazing. They look enticing and almost professional, and taste even better. We would go as far as to say that we liked these almost as much as we like classic brownies.

Choose between walnuts, pecans, or almonds to give the brownies a satisfying crunch, and pick either dried dates or medjool dates. We would recommend using medjool dates, because we found that they gave the brownies more moisture and made them super gooey.

An ingredient that we were really surprised to see on the list was avocado! The avocado ended up being our favorite addition, though – it made the brownies creamy and soft, and a little bit more healthy! Also, this was the easiest recipe ever.

Literally all you need to do is pour all the ingredients into your food processor and blend. 

15. HEAL’s Recipe – A Raw Brownie Recipe

The brownies made using this recipe are so gooey that you need to put them in the freezer for half an hour before serving them, to make sure they don’t melt!

They take just five minutes to make, and can serve up to sixteen people. We couldn’t make them last between four – they were so tasty! The recipe gives you clear guidance and a bit of freedom with the ingredients, to help you get the texture you are after.

The small pinch of salt really rounded off these brownies and gave them a stunning aftertaste. 

Each of these recipes is deliciously simple: all you need is a food processor, and a handful of natural ingredients.

On top of the health benefits of using such natural ingredients, these no-bake brownies are so much easier to make than regular brownies – and they still pack in the same rich flavor of your favorite brownie mix.

So, next time you’re craving a gooey chocolate delight, ditch the flour and refined sugar, and say goodbye to hours’ worth of washing up, and give one of these raw brownie recipes a try! 

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