15 Delicious Raw Spinach Recipes

Spinach is a beautifully bright leafy vegetable with a slightly sweet and very mild taste. Raw spinach is tender and full of water.

Once the leaves are cooked spinach turns soft and its taste becomes stronger. Some believe that cooked spinach loses all its nutrients, so raw spinach diets and meals have become more popular in recent years.

Raw spinach is rich in potassium and vitamins, as well as plenty of iron. Spinach also consists of many other nutrients, including calcium, fiber and protein.

One cup of raw spinach has less than 10 kilocalories which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight. In addition to that, spinach also contains different elements that are used for the prevention of cancer, and to improve our health health

This is what makes spinach ideal as a high-fiber breakfast and a meal packed with plenty of health benefits. Enrich your vegetarian and vegan diet with these 15 delicious raw spinach recipes.

1. Simple raw spinach and egg recipe

For this delicious raw spinach recipe you just add eggs, tomatoes, sesame seeds, cucumbers and a healthy salad dressing. Perfect for a light dinner or as a colorful side dish.

Bear in mind that you can’t freeze spinach salad so it’s best to store the salad and dressing separately. This recipe also includes instructions on how to make your very own salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and soy sauce. You can use this dressing with any type of salad or vegetables.

2. Sauteed spinach recipe

With modern diets often being fast food we are forever trying to find ways of how to add more greens to our diets. While we reach for the average iceberg salad, it’s really the dark, leafy greens, like kale and spinach, that contain most health benefits, including antioxidants and vitamins.

This easy sauteed spinach recipe only takes 10 minutes to make and is ideal as a side dish for any meal. You can add small shavings of sweetened, caramelized garlic to the spinach to give it an extra special taste. 

3. Easy spinach tortilla wraps recipe

This unusual tortilla wrap recipe is made with a large portion of healthy spinach. The original recipe is vegetarian but you can simply use olive oil to turn this into a vegan, dairy-free or plant-based option.

Wraps always inspire to be creative with our food so just add whatever filling you want, and what works with your diet. The unusual green color of these tacos make eating spinach fun for kids and adults alike.

While the original recipe isn’t gluten-free because it uses flour, you can always have a go at making these tortillas with corn flour.

4. Creamy spinach and mushroom soup recipe

This tummy-warming creamy spinach and mushroom soup is a great comfort food for cold winter days. You can whip this recipe together in just a few minutes.

Packed with the goodness of the green leaf spinach and mushrooms, this hot soup can be true comfort food for cold winter days. Low carbohydrates and high in iron, the healthy spinach in this soup also boosts your immunity. It’s the ideal soup for a keto-friendly diet and if you are looking to lose weight.

5. Spinach corn sandwich recipe

This could be your next favorite breakfast sandwich. The delicious spinach combined with corn in a sandwich makes this ideal for kids or busy parents.

Although the spinach and corn already make this a healthy snack option, you can replace the all-purpose flour with a healthier variation, such as wheat flour or almond flour. As a special treat, these sandwiches can also be warmed up and served hot with your favorite sauce.

6. Raw spinach lentil crepes recipe

These delicious lentil and spinach crepes are high in protein which makes them a great healthy breakfast recipe for vegans. Also called, Moong Dal Chilla, is a traditional savory creme made with yellow lentils and finely shredded raw spinach leaves.

Just like sweet crepes, you can stuff it with any filling you want, including sauteed vegetables or feta cheese. You may also stuff this with grated paneer or tofu or sauteed veggies to make it a complete food.

7. Creamy raw spinach dip recipe

If you are looking for a healthy dip to share, then this raw spinach dip recipe will turn the green bland leaves of spinach into a delicious favorite for every party.

Simply put a handful of spinach with avocado, some spices and salt into a powerful blender, and it’s ready to serve. It couldn’t be easier!

8. Raw spinach soup with pistachios recipe

This nutritious and healthy soup contains all the goodness of spinach combined with the healthy nutrients of pistachios.

Blended to a creamy consistency, this quick and easy-to-make soup is an ideal raw vegan dish. You can even keep the soup in the fridge for up to 3 days.

9. Flourless spinach sandwich recipe

Low on calories and without flour, this recipe was initially the result of an experiment for a protein spinach roll. Create the outside of the sandwich with a blend of spinach, eggs and seasoning, and then fill it with whatever takes your fancy.

From cheese, corn and yoghurt to tuna and ham, this tasty green leaf recipe is high in protein and low on carbohydrates. Perfect to give you an extra energy boost with your daily meal.

10. Raw spinach and carrot soup recipe

Made with fresh avocado, raw spinach and carrots, this healthy soup balances the green goodness of spinach with the sweet taste of the carrots.

You can warm the raw spinach and carrot soup just lightly, or serve it piping hot with some bread as a main meal on chilly winter days.

11. Spinach and pumpkin salad recipe

Both spinach and pumpkin feature a wealth of essential nutrients for a healthy diet, including potassium, vitamins, iron, calcium and fiber.

So it’s no surprise that you can combine them in a quick-to-make salad as a side dish or main meal. While the added pomegranate juice creates a gentle Mediterranean flavor, the pumpkin seed topping adds extra crunch.

12. Mango spinach smoothie recipe

You wouldn’t imagine that spinach also could be used for sweet treats, but as spinach has only very little flavor on its own, it’s perfect to add in anywhere you want.

This deliciously sweet recipe for a mango spinach smoothie only takes 5 minutes to make, and it could be your new favorite snack for breakfast, lunch or as an afternoon treat.

The natural sweetness of the mango mixed with nutrient-rich spinach creates a delicious smoothie that is raw, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free and without any added sugar.  

13. Baby spinach salad with sesame dressing recipe

This baby spinach salad with a delicious sesame dressing is inspired by Japanese cooking. It uses daikon, a white Asian radish that adds extra flavor to this exotic dish.

Alternatively you can also use red radishes or pickled ginger. This spinach is perfect as a side dish for Asian-style meals.

14. Wilted spinach salad recipe

With vibrant greens coming out in spring, we naturally crave the freshness of a new year, and all the delicious fruit and vegetables growing. Spinach is one of the leafy greens that grows quickly and with its relatively neutral taste, it offers a blank canvas for all salads.

This salad recipe is made with wilted spinach which is basically raw, fresh spinach either boiled for a few minutes (which can mean spinach loses its nutrients in the water), or you can also put it into the microwave.

This is quick and easy. Mix some spinach with a vinaigrette, pop it into the microwave, take it out and add any topping you like, including feta cheese, red pepper or pumpkin seeds.

15. Raw spinach and strawberry salad recipe

At first this might sound like an odd mix to throw spinach and strawberries together but wait until you see it. The bright red of the strawberries between the lush, fresh spinach, all topped with a balsamic poppy seed dressing is going to impress.

Whether you want a healthy lunch or you need to bring a salad along to a party, this recipe promises, and delivers. With the sweet berries, creamy feta, toasted pecans, and a delicious balsamic poppy seed dressing, the salad will even convert skeptics of leafy greens.

With all these great recipes for raw spinach, there is no excuse anymore for what to make. Spinach is one of the most nutritious, green foods available.

It has very few calories and one cup of this leafy vegetable contains your recommended daily allowance of vitamin A (important for bone growth and development), vitamin K (essential for strong bones) and almost all of your recommended daily dose of folic acid which helps to reduce the risk of strokes. 

And whether you are vegan, vegetarian or follow any other diet, these nutrients are great reasons to integrate more spinach and green, leafy vegetables into our daily meals.

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