15 Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes For The Holidays Recipes

So, you’ve recently decided to try out being a raw vegan and it’s coincided with the busiest and most food-orientated time of year. Or, you’ve been a dedicated raw vegan lover for a long while now and you’re looking for some new recipes to experiment with for the holidays.

Either way, there’s a recipe here for you to choose from and they’re some of the most delicious, home comforting recipes we’ve ever laid eyes upon. So, we know you’ll fall in love with them too!

1. Raw Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Recipe (nestandglow.com)

This raw vegan recipe is the creme de la creme of hot chocolates this season, and it only takes roughly 60 seconds to make for yourself!

Hot chocolate will always be a nostalgic drink to bring you closer to your family and friends, whether it be nighttime chats or early morning adventures, hot chocolate is a drink the whole family can enjoy throughout the holidays. 

The best part is that you can keep this raw hot chocolate paste in your fridge for days to use up as the days get colder. Just repeat the steps to achieve the most delicious holiday hot chocolate every time!

2. Raw Vegan Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars (The Loopy Whisk)

The trouble with finding vegan chocolate bars is, well…they’re just not that easy to find to be honest so your best bet is to get creative and make some yourself! That way you can add your favorite flavors and textures to get the right raw vegan chocolate-covered bar to suit your exact tastes.

No worrying about finding one that has everything you like in it, just add it yourself! These bars have that beautiful crunch base that you want from using almonds, combined with a smooth coconut cream filling that is to die for. And the best part is the last step, pouring over your chocolate drizzle!

This step will always be fun as you can make as much mess as you want and still have a great time baking.

3. Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles (The Loopy Whisk)

Who doesn’t love chocolate truffles? They’re fun and so easy to make and anyone can make them, even children. So, why not get the family involved this season with these raw vegan creative chocolate truffles that allow you to experiment with toppings until your heart is content!

You’ll have so much fun melting chocolate and adding a fun array of toppings to see what flavors work for you. Coconut oil is going to be your best friend with this recipe.

4. Raw Vegan Lasagne Recipe (therawchef.com)

When it comes to replicating your old-time favorites, this raw vegan lasagne recipe takes you back to your childhood in a healthier, animal-friendly way.

You get that infinite layering sensation of piling on your filling and lasagne sheets until the mound of the dish it’s almost spilling over, without the need for any meats or animal products.

This recipe still takes the same preparation time as a standard lasagne recipe, so it’s not that far off from the original idea! The zucchini acts as the lasagne base and the tomato, pesto, and different cheeses act as the filling making it the most experimental recipe you might take part in this year!

5. Raw Vegan Chocolate Tart (yumsome)

This raw vegan chocolate tart recipe is free from refined sugars, soy, and gluten and is a great alternative to standard chocolate tart recipes around the holidays.

It plays on some traditional methods, using all raw vegan ingredients so you can thoroughly enjoy it without sacrificing the enjoyment of eating chilled, delicious desserts this year! This is one of the simplest tarts you could ever make that requires little effort for a spectacular result.

Not everyone enjoys chocolate pudding around the holidays, so this alternative masterpiece will win over you, and your family whilst encouraging them to try something new.

6. Chocolate & Mint Raw Vegan Cheesecake Bites (The Loopy Whisk)

There’s nothing that catches the attention of your senses than the combination of chocolate and mint, vegan recipes are often stigmatized as pitiful substitutes for regular desserts, but once you try it you won’t go back to not using ingredients that are gluten, soy, sugar, and dairy-free!

So, break the tradition of using standard dairy-based products in this sense and introduce yourself to a whole new world of recipes to give yourself a unique holiday season. The chocolate cups are freakishly similar to peanut butter cups if not dare I say, better.

Well, you won’t know until you get your hands stuck into this recipe! Don’t knock it till you try it.

7. Raw Vegan Lemon Cheesecake (Easy – Blooming Nolwenn)

Ever wanted to try a vegan lemon cheesecake that only contains 7 easy ingredients that when combined make the mouth delicious, mouthwatering recipe you’ve ever come across? This is it, we’ve finally found it and it’s yours for the taking!

This cheesecake contains no oils, refined sugar, or gluten, however does contain a lot of fats from the cashews and almonds. These are low on fat though and are a great alternative to consuming processed oils. I’d rather eat the nut fat too!

8. Vegan Nut Roast (BBC Food)

It’s hard not to miss the roasts and dinners around the holidays that you devoured growing up, so why not try this alternative vegan nut roast that contains all the veggies, cashews, and cranberries to bring you back to your childhood holiday favorites in a more gut-friendly, health-inspired way?

There’s a reason everyone loves a nut roast, so try it for yourself and find out what ingredients you’d like to add to it to make it the perfect holiday roast alternative for you and your family!

9. Raw Vegan Pizza: Pesto & Caramelized Onion (therawchef.com)

If you’re someone new to the concept of raw food, especially vegan raw food, then this raw vegan pesto & caramelized onion pizza is the ideal starting point for you! There’s nothing easier than throwing your favorite toppings on a pizza base and calling it a day right?

Well, this recipe isn’t much different as it’s the same principle, just with raw ingredients. A lot of what’s already on a pizza is raw anyway, so this shouldn’t be much of a change to adjust to.

The only big difference is that you need a dehydrator to make the crust, however, this is easily explained and it’s simple to get your hands on one.

10. Raw Carrot Smoothie (Sneaky Veg) 

There’s nothing better than starting your day off early morning with a boosting smoothie, and when it’s busy around the holidays and you can’t quite find the time to eat a full hearty breakfast, especially as a raw vegan, this recipe will tie you off until lunch-time with it’s rich and fresh taste.

We all love thick oats for breakfast but sometimes, there’s just no time! What’s fun about this recipe is that you can add whatever you’d like, provided it goes well with the flavors and doesn’t overwhelm your senses. Chai seeds nut butter, spinach, and brazil nuts are highly recommended to try out!

11. Raw Oat Flour Pancakes (rhiansrecipes.com)

We all know how delicious and mouthwatering homemade fluffy pancakes are, even more so around the holidays when we’re all indulging in holidays recipes and enough hearty foods to last a lifetime. So, don’t miss out and try these raw oat flour pancakes this season.

They’re just as easy to make as regular pancakes, with the benefits of being raw vegan too! You can buy store-bought oat flour, or make it yourself by just blending oats until you get a fine powder to use as an alternative to other flours.

12. Light Vegan Queso Dip (nestandglow.com)

It may seem like a small thing to miss when you go full raw vegan, but side dips for chips and nachos, are a delicious way to enjoy chips and without them, the nachos just aren’t the same.

Well, with this butternut squash and eggplant-based queso dip, you won’t have to miss out as its delicious, and rich flavors compliment nachos beautifully! And the best part is that it’s so simple and fun to make in such a short amount of time, and it’s a healthy dip you can gorge on forever without any guilt!

13. Vegan Nutella (yumsome)

If there’s one thing you miss around the holidays, it’s dense, delicious Nutella and chocolate spread. Not being able to spread that wholesome goodness of a chocolate spread on your toast is irreplaceable but lucky for you, we’ve found the best vegan Nutella recipe out there for you to try for yourself and find out if it hit the spot! 

14. Vegan Buttercream Frosting (rhiansrecipes.com)

If you’re a baker around the holidays who misses the fun and enjoyment of making homemade buttercreams for cakes and desserts, or if you’re someone who straight up is a daredevil who eats buttercream straight from the pot. This recipe is the holy grail of buttercream recipes, and it’s vegan!

15. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (The Loopy Whisk)

There’s nothing more Christmassy and festive than breaking out the mixing bowl and chocolate chips and making homemade chocolate chip cookies at 2 in the morning.

Well, don’t miss out this year, with this vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe that uses very few ingredients to make wholesome cookies you can make again and again.

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