15 Delicious Raw Vegan Sour Cream Recipes

The numerous health benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle are well known: from healthier digestion to more regulated blood sugar, there are many ways in which eating vegan and raw can improve your life. 

However, the downside is that many popular culinary staples have to be given up when you transition to this kind of diet… or do they? 

One example of a food that isn’t typically considered raw vegan is sour cream. 

This fermented cream condiment is dairy-based, so you might have assumed that your days of loading sour cream onto your chili were behind you once you went raw vegan. 

Luckily, we’ve done some research and found 15 delicious raw vegan sour cream recipes, so you never have to miss out again!

1. The Edgy Veg Raw Vegan Sour Cream 

You can always rely on The Edgy Veg when it comes to simple, vegan-friendly recipes, and this sour cream recipe is both vegan and raw. 

In just 10 minutes, you can prepare 5 servings of this raw, plant-based sour cream. All you need is a high-speed blender or food processor and 5 simple ingredients: cashews, water, salt, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. It really is as easy as that! 

This recipe consists of 3 steps in total, so it’s very beginner-friendly. Once you’ve soaked, drained, and rinsed the cashews, you just need to put all the ingredients in your blender and keep adding lemon juice until you’re satisfied. 

2. Oh She Glows Cashew Sour Cream 

Oh She Glows is another excellent resource for healthy eating, and we’re obsessed with this cashew sour cream recipe!

Just like the previous recipe, you only need 5 ingredients, but this recipe specifically calls for fine sea salt. 

Another thing to bear in mind is that it’s a bit more of a time commitment. You need to soak the cashews for 8 hours overnight and then for another hour in boiling water, but the end result is so creamy and indulgent that it’s definitely worth it!

3. Cookie and Kate Vegan Sour Cream 

Cookie and Kate’s Vegan Sour Cream recipe is one of the best ones we’ve found because it’s easy to prepare and includes helpful tips and tricks for achieving the best results even if you don’t have all of the tools. 

This is a 6-ingredient sour cream recipe that includes Dijon mustard in addition to cashews, lemon juice, salt, vinegar, and water. 

It’s recommended that you use a high-powered blender to achieve the desired consistency with this sour cream recipe. However, the instructions make clear that you can use a less powerful blender as long as you soak the cashews for 4 hours. 

4. The Simple Veganista Vegan Cashew Sour Cream

This Vegan Cashew Sour Cream recipe from The Simple Veganista not only guides you through the process of making vegan sour cream in 10 minutes, but it also offers serving suggestions and pro tips for success. 

The Simple Veganista recipe specifically recommends using mineral salt for flavoring. Variations are also included in the instructions, recommending the addition of lime and cilantro, or Dijon mustard to turn it into a Dill sour cream.

5. Loving it Vegan Vegan Sour Cream 

You’ll certainly be ‘Loving it Vegan’ when you try out this recipe for Vegan Sour Cream! 

This recipe calls for 6 ingredients, featuring nutritional yeast in addition to the other standard plant-based sour cream ingredients. 

In our opinion, the nutritional yeast is an amazing touch because it contributes the creamy tanginess that is expected from sour cream. 

Aside from the soaking of the cashews, which can take more or less time depending on which blender you’re using, this raw vegan sour cream can be prepared in 10 minutes. 

6. The Conscientious Eater Vegan Sour Cream

The Conscientious Eater is a fantastic recipe resource if you’re trying to eat more sustainably and healthily. Why not make this Vegan Sour Cream recipe your first step into conscientious living? 

This is a fairly standard vegan sour cream recipe, consisting of 5 ingredients. In terms of the cashews, The Conscientious Eater recommends unsalted. 

The Conscientious Eater’s recipe doesn’t set a limit on the amount of lemon juice or vinegar that you can add, leaving it up to you to flavor your sour cream just how you like it! 

7. Hooked On Plants Creamy Cashew Sour Cream

Hooked On Plants’ recipe for Creamy Cashew Sour Cream is raw and plant-based. 

In addition to the usual cashews, vinegar, lemon juice, water, and salt, Hooked On Plants recommends adding garlic powder to your vegan sour cream! 

The garlic sets this recipe apart from the rest because of the extra tanginess, which is perfect if you like your sour cream to really come through in terms of flavor. 

Hooked On Plants also suggests topping your sour cream with chives, which we think is the perfect finishing touch. 

8. My Pure Plants Dairy-Free Sour Cream

This Dairy-Free Sour Cream recipe by My Pure Plants will have you wondering how you ever lived your life without a vegan sour cream substitute! 

Even more excitingly, this is a nut-free and soy-free sour cream recipe, perfect for raw vegans with allergies. 

This recipe calls for sunflower seeds instead of cashew nuts as the base for the sour cream, with the addition of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and salt. My Pure Plants also recommends adding nutritional yeast or mustard, which takes the recipe to the next level.

9. Shane and Simple Vegan Cashew Sour Cream

Shane and Simple has a great recipe for Vegan Cashew Sour Cream that we definitely recommend checking out!

This is a quick, 2-minute recipe that follows the usual format in terms of ingredients. However, if you want to make the consistency as creamy as possible, it’s best to soak the cashews overnight. 

Alternatively, making sure you don’t add too much water to the cashews before blending will help to maintain a rich creaminess without too much soaking. 

10. Minimalist Baker Cultured Vegan Sour Cream

Minimalist Baker’s Cultured Vegan Sour Cream recipe requires a lot of pre-soaking, but it’s a small price to pay for the delicious results. 

While this recipe doesn’t differ too much from the others in terms of ingredients, it stands out because it recommends a 48-hour curing period to maximize creaminess. 

If you have the patience to wait this long, you’ll find that this is one of the thickest, creamiest vegan sour cream blends you have ever tried!

11. Vegan Huggs 5-Ingredient Vegan Sour Cream 

Like most raw vegan sour cream recipes, this 5-Ingredient Vegan Sour Cream by Vegan Huggs requires cashew nuts, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and salt. 

However, Vegan Huggs also calls for non-dairy yogurt, which massively adds to the richness of the taste and texture. 

Of course, shop-bought vegan yogurt is not raw, so you’ll need to make raw vegan yogurt yourself if you want to try out this recipe. 

12. Cook Nourish Bliss Dairy-Free Sour Cream

The Cook Nourish Bliss Dairy-Free Sour Cream is not only raw and vegan, but also soy-free and gluten-free, meaning that it’s suitable for people with various dietary requirements. 

This simple recipe also provides instructions for a quick 30-minute cashew soaking method, meaning that you don’t need to soak the cashews overnight. 

13. Savanna Mehrad The Best Vegan Sour Cream

Savanna Mehrad’s Vegan Sour Cream recipe claims to be the best, and it’s certainly amongst our favorites!

This recipe has the usual cashew base and is flavored with lemon juice, sea salt, and nutritional yeast. 

You can store this sour cream in your fridge for at least a week, so it’s worth making plenty in advance if you’re into meal prepping. 

14. The Healthy Kitchen Dairy-Free Sour Cream

The Healthy Kitchen provides exactly what you’d expect in this Dairy-Free Sour Cream recipe: a nutritious, raw vegan condiment that also tastes amazing!

You only need 5 minutes and 5 ingredients to prepare this sour cream, so it’s pretty much hassle-free. 

You don’t even necessarily need a high-speed blender to make the sour cream taste and feel like the real thing: just soak the cashews ahead of time. 

15. Speak Veggie To Me Best Easy Vegan Sour Cream

Our final recipe for today is the Best Easy Vegan Sour Cream by Speak Veggie To Me. 

The recipe is made up of the usual 5-ingredient combination, but it stands out in its own right because of the helpful tips included. Speak Veggie To Me gives instructions for thinning out the mixture if it starts to get too thick, which is useful if you’re planning to store the cream for a few days.

However, bear in mind that this recipe doesn’t take well to freezing, so make sure to keep the sour cream in the fridge and consume it within 5 days. 

Final Thoughts 

No matter how creamy or flavorful you like your sour cream, or which foods you can and can’t consume, there should be a raw vegan sour cream recipe in this article that works for you. 

Remember, if you choose to use vegan yogurt in your sour cream, you will need to make it from scratch to ensure that your recipe is fully raw. 

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