15 Delicious Raw Vegan Spaghetti Recipes

These days, it’s fairly easy to find recipes for raw vegan pasta sauce, including spaghetti sauce. But when it comes to finding a raw vegan recipe for an entire spaghetti dish, the options are slightly more limited. 

Raw Vegan Spaghetti

With that being said, if you’re on a raw vegan diet and have a hankering for some spaghetti, don’t despair! There are actually many ways to get creative and create vegan spaghetti out of raw ingredients. 

We’ve found 15 delicious spaghetti recipes that are completely raw and vegan-friendly, so you can satisfy your pasta cravings without compromising your lifestyle. 

1. Jamie Oliver Raw Vegan Spag Bol

If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to classic meals, Jamie Oliver’s repertoire of recipes is one of the first places to look. 

This recipe for raw vegan spaghetti bolognese uses spiralized zucchini for the noodles, which is a quick and easy technique we’ll see used in a lot of these recipes. 

Jamie Oliver’s recipe goes above and beyond in terms of recreating the classic bolognese with raw, plant-based ingredients, including ground cauliflower as a parmesan substitute. 

This is a very flavorsome recipe thanks to the inclusion of parsley, basil, rosemary, lemon, garlic, and red chili. 

2. Green Evi Raw Vegan Bolognese

This raw vegan spaghetti recipe from Green Evi is another recipe that uses zucchini noodles as a substitute for traditional spaghetti pasta. 

The sauce is light, yet bursting with flavor from carrots, sundried tomatoes, walnuts, chili, thyme, rosemary, and garlic. 

Green Evi’s recipe recommends topping the finished spaghetti bolognese with vegan parmesan, but some people on a raw vegan diet prefer not to consume dairy substitutes, so this is entirely up to you.

3. The Raw Chef Zucchini Spaghetti Bolognese

This Zucchini Spaghetti Bolognese recipe from The Raw Chef is both raw and vegan, and it’s the perfect simple recipe for beginners to the raw, plant-based lifestyle. 

The spaghetti in this recipe is made by spiralizing 3 zucchinis and mixing in some olive oil, spinach, and salt. Meanwhile, the sauce is super easy, consisting of just 5 ingredients: tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, water, lemon juice, and garlic. 

Instructions are even given to help you make an easy macadamia-based parmesan substitute out of macadamias and nutritional yeast. 

At just 401 calories per serving, this is a healthy, yet filling meal option for any day of the week.

4. One Green Planet Raw Zucchini Marinara Pasta

One Green Planet is a great resource for vegan and raw recipes, and this Raw Zucchini Marinara Pasta showcases this perfectly. 

As long as you have a spiralizer and plenty of zucchinis, you’ll have no problem making the spaghetti noodles for this dish. 

The sauce requires chopped and sundried tomatoes, garlic, spring onions, nutritional yeast, and herbs to garnish. 

This raw zucchini spaghetti is so delicious, you’d never guess that a serving has just 256 calories!

5. The Rawtarian Raw 5-Minute Spaghetti

You can always count on The Rawtarian to provide quick and easy, raw, plant-based recipes, just like this Raw 5-Minute Spaghetti. 

Much like the other recipes we’ve suggested so far, this spaghetti recipe is based on raw zucchini noodles. 

However, The Rawtarian’s recipe cleverly adds walnuts to the sauce to create a more filling texture similar to minced meat. 

Not only is this raw vegan spaghetti similar in taste and texture to the real thing, it can be whipped up in just 5 minutes, so it’s perfect for busy days. 

6. Eat.Move.Rest Raw Vegan Spaghetti With Savory Tomato Basil Sauce

Eat.Move.Rest’s Raw Vegan Spaghetti with Savory Tomato Basil Sauce offers all the tastiness and goodness of regular spaghetti bolognese with none of the less desirable ingredients. 

The sauce that goes on top of the zucchini pasta is delicious, consisting of tomatoes (including sundried tomatoes), basil, spinach, garlic, and dates. 

Topped with cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and nutritional yeast, this recipe has all the flavor of a traditional, cheesy spaghetti bolognese!

7. Natalie Norman Raw Vegan Spaghetti Zoodles With Red Pepper Cream Sauce 

This recipe for Vegan Spaghetti Zoodles with Red Pepper Cream Sauce by Natalie Norman is really easy to make as long as you have a blender and a spiralizer. 

Once you’ve spiralized the zucchini for the noodles, all you need to do is make the sauce. This sauce is red-pepper-based and also includes cashews and jalapeno peppers for a little spice. 

The topping is entirely made of chopped tomatoes, which works well with the red pepper and jalapeno flavors. 

8. Divine Healthy Food Raw Vegan Zucchini Pasta With Pesto 

Spaghetti is traditionally thought of as a pasta type to pair with bolognese, but pesto spaghetti can be just as delicious! 

This raw vegan zucchini-based pesto pasta from Divine Healthy Food looks and tastes like something you’d be served in a restaurant! 

In addition to making the zucchini noodles, you’ll also need to prepare the pesto because most pesto sauces are not vegan. Luckily, this recipe makes this process easy and doesn’t call for any obscure ingredients. 

9. Vegan American Princess Raw Vegan Zucchini Spaghetti

Traditional spaghetti can often feel like quite a heavy meal, but this Raw Vegan Zucchini Spaghetti by Vegan American Princess is light and flavorful – perfect for the summer.

You can embellish this dish with some vegan meatballs if you like, but the kalamata olive paste contributes a delicious tangy flavor to the dish, meaning you won’t feel like anything is lacking. 

Once you’ve made the zucchini noodles, paste, and tomato and basil garnish, all you need to do is toss them all together, and you have a raw spaghetti dish!

10. LiveRemedy Raw Zucchini Spaghetti With Marinara Sauce

LiveRemedy’s Raw Zucchini Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce manages to be healthy and hearty at the same time. 

The marinara sauce in this recipe is absolutely packed with contrasting flavors, from tomato and lemon to basil, oregano, and even dates!

This spaghetti dish is especially delicious when seasoned with Himalayan salt, and the recipe suggests other serving options to make your plate look and taste more interesting. 

11. The Simple Veganista Raw Spaghetti And Vegetable Pasta

The Simple Veganista lives up to its name with this Raw Spaghetti and Vegetable Pasta recipe. 

The noodles in this spaghetti recipe are made from both zucchini and cucumber. Meanwhile, the sauce is filled with vegetables from mushrooms to carrots and bell peppers, providing you with many essential nutrients. 

Simple Veganista’s recipe also recommends topping this dish with almond parmesan, which brings the recipe together in our opinion. 

12. Blissful Basil Raw Power Zucchini Pasta With Hemp Seed Alfredo Sauce

Spaghetti Alfredo is a classic pasta dish that might not immediately seem compatible with a raw vegan diet, but this recipe from Blissful Basil proves otherwise! 

This recipe takes just 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish, so it’s ideal for those nights when you’ve left dinner to the last minute. 

Blissful Basil’s recipe is a healthy option packed with red peppers and baby spinach. Even the creamy sauce is good for you because it’s made with hemp seeds, almond milk, and cashews, which provide healthy fatty acids. 

13. The Edgy Veg Raw Zucchini Pasta With Spaghetti Sauce

The Edgy Veg is a great space for raw vegan recipes, and this one is no exception. 

This Raw Zucchini Pasta with Spaghetti Sauce recipe literally takes 5 minutes to make, so it’s one of the quickest and easiest options on our list. 

The tomato sauce has a luxurious, creamy quality thanks to the blended cashews. It tastes like a regular creamy pasta sauce, but without the dairy!

14. Elephantastic Vegan Raw And Vegan Zucchini Pasta With Avocado Sauce

Avocado is the perfect plant-based ingredient to base a pasta sauce around, which is exactly what this recipe from Elephantastic Vegan does. 

The total prep time for this recipe is 30 minutes, so it’s fairly quick and straightforward. For the most part, you only need 5 ingredients, although you can also follow the instructions to make homemade cashew parmesan!

15. Create Mindfully Zucchini Noodles With Raw Red Pepper Sauce

Finally, we’d also like to suggest that you try out the Zucchini Noodles with Raw Red Pepper Sauce recipe from Create Mindfully. 

The overall flavor of this dish is light, bright, and zesty, with lemon juice, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar. 

There are only 276 calories per serving and it takes just 20 minutes to prepare, so this is a healthy time-saver for anyone on a raw vegan diet. 

Final Thoughts 

With a few zucchinis or cucumbers, it’s easy to create a delicious and healthy spaghetti dish that’s vegan-friendly as well as completely raw! 

As these recipes demonstrate, there are plenty of ways to adorn your vegetable-based spaghetti, from the classic tomato-based sauces to creamy cashew alfredo substitutes. 

Remember, a lot of the creamy sauces featured in this article contain nuts, so be mindful of this if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies. 

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