15 Delicious Vegan Brunch Recipes

Sometimes, following a vegan diet is hard. Whether you’re cutting out certain foods for health, ethics, or for other reasons, you can end up feeling like you’re missing out on many delicious meals. 

15 Delicious Vegan Brunch Recipes

But going vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good food. A lot of the time, you can find vegan alternatives, and if there aren’t any, you can make some. Take these brunch recipes for example. They’re all tasty, easy to make, have accessible ingredients, and they’re 100% vegan!

Given the rising popularity of brunch over the past couple of years, we’re glad to have this list of delicious vegan recipes so we can join in on the brunch fun!

If that sounds good to you, then read on to find out more about the recipes and feel-good food that awaits! 

1. Avocado Toast Recipe

Avocado toast has quickly become a staple breakfast and brunch option for many. Best of all, it’s totally, completely vegan! This delicious meal works well with freshly baked bread, but you can use any bread provided that you toast it well.

The creaminess of the avocado combined with the crunch of the bread will surely boost this meal to the top of your favorite brunch meal list. 

But don’t forget the optional extra ingredients! Chilli flakes add a wonderful, spicy hint, while a little lemon juice adds a citrus flavor that works extremely well with avocado. Try it, and thank us later. 

2. Vegan Broccoli Tofu Quiche Recipe

Some say a healthy meal is the best way to start the day. And now that we’ve got our hands on this vegan quiche, we couldn’t agree more! This recipe is made up of a variety of ingredients, including pastry, broccoli, and an array of herbs and seasonings.

Combined, these make for a mouth-watering brunch recipe that’ll make even your omnivore friends jealous! What makes quiche vegan? Well, traditional quiche uses egg, but this recipe calls for tofu as a replacement, which is just as delicious and works just as well! Check out the recipe for more details. 

3. Low-Fat Whole Wheat Vegan Waffles Recipe

Who said brunch couldn’t be sweet? We certainly didn’t, and that’s why these vegan waffles are next on our list. These waffles contain the natural fat that comes from soy milk, but use applesauce in place of oil, making them almost fat-free!

Since this recipe uses no butter or margarine, the waffle iron will need to be well greased to avoid sticking issues. 

You can have any topping you like on your vegan waffles. Stick to the classic maple syrup, or go for something less traditional like agave nectar, or even a fruit preservative! Whatever you choose, these waffles are a wonderful vegan brunch option! 

4. Easy Vegan Tofu Scramble Recipe

Tofu scramble is the perfect substitute for scrambled eggs. It works well with a variety of food. You can add green peppers and onions like the recipe suggests. Alternatively, you can adapt it to your tastes and craft your own perfect brunch!

Vegan tofu scramble works well with toast or as part of a traditional ‘English breakfast’ meal. You could also add it to a breakfast burrito, or add more flavorings and have it as a meal on its own. The possibilities are endless! 

5. Light And Fluffy Vegan Pancake Recipe

This is a quick and easy brunch to make, requiring few ingredients. It can be enjoyed as breakfast, brunch, or as a snack. The recipe uses soy milk, but you can swap it for any other plant-based milk alternative.

If you like a nutty flavor, then you can opt for cashew or almond milk. However, if you like a creamy texture, we cannot recommend coconut milk enough!

6. Gluten-Free Mushroom Veggie Burger Recipe

By the time brunch rolls around, we can be so hungry we want a bigger meal option. In those situations, this mushroom veggie burger is the perfect vegan brunch meal! It leans closer to the ‘lunch’ side of brunch, making it suitable for those who want just a bit more than a simple, small meal. 

This meal can easily be made gluten-free by using gluten-free bread instead of buns. 

7. Vegan French Toast Recipe With Bananas

Going vegan does not mean you have to give up food that you love, you simply have to swap a few ingredients for vegan alternatives. This is great news for all you French toast lovers (us included!) 

French toast is another staple brunch meal, and this particular recipe swaps the eggs for bananas. This makes the toast sweet, and when combined with the pumpkin pie spice, makes this recipe one you’ll want to create over and over. Yum!

You can use fresh bananas as a great side option for the French toast, but you could also swap it for any fruit you like – apple and cinnamon, anyone? However, if this is your first time trying out this delicious brunch, it is better to follow the recipe. 

8. Vegan Baked Potato Latkes Recipe 

Latkes, or, “potato pancakes” are a traditional Eastern European food usually made with eggs, but this recipe calls for ground flax seeds to hold everything together. It works wonderfully, proving your favorite foods can be made vegan.

You can also make this gluten-free by using brown rice flour, instead of spelt flour. You can serve these with applesauce, vegan sour cream, or as part of a larger brunch meal. The choice is yours, and with this recipe, you cannot go wrong! 

9. Cinnamon And Date Chia Pudding Recipe

 Chia pudding has a really quick prep time but needs a few hours to chill, so it’s best made overnight. But the wait is worth it! The meal is very light, fresh, and perfect with an array of fresh fruit – such as strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries! You can also make chocolate chia pudding, which is an absolute delight. 

The recipe calls for almond milk, but you can a different dairy-free milk alternative and see how that changes the flavor. 

10. Vegan Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a dish of North African origin, that was brought to Israel and remains extremely popular. It has a base sauce so rich and full of flavor that you’ll want to make this recipe all the time. This delicious brunch option is normally topped with eggs, but you have two options when it comes to making it vegan-friendly. 

You can make shakshuka without eggs, which tastes great, especially with sides such as fresh dipping bread.

Or, you can use tofu to make an egg alternative, details of which can be found in the recipe. 

Whatever way you choose to make this brunch, shakshuka is so tasty and an excellent brunch option if you’re looking for hearty, delicious food. 

11. Vegan Cheese And Sweetcorn Scone Recipe

Scones are a traditional British dessert usually served with jam and clotted cream. However, the scones for this recipe are savory and a great option for a delicious brunch. These scones are made with vegan cheese and added sweetcorn for that extra crunch. 

12. Vegan Dutch Baby Recipe 

A tasty vegan brunch that’s perfect for weekends. Filled with custard and covered in fresh fruit and powdered sugar, it’s every kid’s brunch dream! Dutch babies are usually made with eggs, and that gives it the puffed edges.

This recipe uses flax eggs as a substitute, though not a substitute of taste because this brunch option is just as delicious as its non-vegan counterpart. 

13. Whole Wheat Vegan Pumpkin Muffins Recipe 

Thanks to the whole wheat flour and reduced sugar of this recipe, these vegan muffins are a wonderful healthy brunch option. You can have them on their own for a lighter meal, or add dried fruits, nuts, and seeds if you want something more filling. Check out the recipe for more details. 

14. Rice Paper Bacon Recipe

Whether you want to add it to your vegan waffles with some maple syrup, or you’re craving a classic B.L.T, this rice paper bacon is an excellent option for brunch!

You can buy vegan bacon in the grocery store, but this recipe includes less processed ingredients and is better for you! Sound good? We thought so, too! Check out the recipe for more details. 

15. Skillet Tempeh Hash With Potatoes And Zucchini

If you’re looking for a hearty meal, then look no further than this delicious brunch option! This recipe uses tempeh instead of chorizo, which works so well with the added walnut topping. This dish works well with fruit, avocado, and bread (preferably whole grain, but we’ll leave that up to you!)

Have leftovers? Why not turn them into a vegan breakfast burrito! This is a bonus brunch option, details of which can be found in the recipe by clicking this link. 

Our Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! 15 distinct, delicious vegan brunch recipes. From pumpkin muffins to avocado toast, and shakshuka to vegan waffles, these recipes ensure you have a great start to your day. Get your brunch on! 

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