15 Delicious Vegan Japanese Recipes

Japanese food is absolutely delicious, and there are so many great Japanese menu options for vegans! If you’re looking to stretch your culinary legs, then cooking japanese style food is a great way to break out from your regular kitchen routines.

15 Delicious Vegan Japanese Recipes

However, it can be hard to know where to start, even with so many delicious vegan friendly recipes available! Don’t worry, though – we’ve compiled this great list of 15 of the best Japanese style recipes for vegans!


1. Yaki Onigiri: Japanese Rice Balls With Sweet Potato And Avocado Filling

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Easy to make and great tasting, onigiri are stuffed balls of rice. These particular onigiri are filled with delicious sweet potato and avocado, and are a fantastic snack to eat when you’re out and about.

This recipe will make enough to serve 2-3 people – but of course, with how delicious these are, you might end up running out before you expect!

Normally onigiri are eaten cold, but these yaki onigiri are fried for a few minutes before eating, making them deliciously crispy with a lovely rich brown color.

2. Pink Oyster Mushroom Maki Rolls

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Don’t be fooled by the name – these rolls are completely vegan friendly, and don’t contain a hint of oysters. Instead, they’re made with oyster mushrooms, and get their luscious pink coloring from rice and pink pitaya powder.

The rice is stuffed full of fantastic food – fried oyster mushrooms, carrot, cucumber, avocado, cabbage – and it’s all wrapped in nori sheets. Serve these up with a dollop of wasabi and soy sauce for an extra hit. These tiny rolls are as great to eat as they are to look at – but you’ll probably end up taking a picture of them first to show off!

3. Thank You Very Matcha Ice Cream

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WHile perhaps not 100% authentically Japanese, this ice cream dessert is definitely great tasting – and a lot of fun! And, of course, it’s completely vegan friendly too. Based on cashew and coconut milk, it’s deliciously creamy – and of course, there’s the great taste of matcha there too!

This recipe will make 3 cups of this delicious vegan friendly ice cream which you’ll be sure to love. As the recipe states, you can still make this if you have allergies to cashews – substitute almonds in their place. And if you can’t have any nuts at all – consider sunflower seeds!

4. Homemade Pickled Ginger (Gari)

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If you’ve never heard of gari (also called amazu shoga), then this recipe is a perfect way to learn about it – and to make your own! Gari is pickled ginger, and is traditionally served alongside sushi in Japan.

You can buy this in stores, but this recipe will show you how it’s made, and of course, as with all recipes – you get more control over the end result than if you were to buy store-made gari!

This recipe will take a while, as pickling is a slow process – expect to have to wait at least a week between preparing the gari and it being ready to eat.

5. Soba With Toasted Sesame Seed Sauce

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Soba noodles are a great Japanese type of noodle made from buckwheat. They’re easy to cook, and like all noodles, can go with almost anything. This recipe is a great example – and it’s easy to make!

Simply toast sesame seeds in the oven until brown, while cooking the soba noodles in boiling water for around 5 minutes.

Mix vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, and noodles – then toiss with the noodles and sesame seeds. Stir in broccoli, and now we’re in for the hard part – waiting!

You’ll have to sit and wait with the dish at room temperature for 30 minutes for this to be ready to eat as in the recipe – good luck with that!

6. Gomasio (Sesame Salt)

This isn;t a recipe for a meal, but one for a fantastic condiment that you’ll be glad you learned how to make. Gomasio is a very simple thing to make, and it can be used so much in Japanese style cooking.

In fact, you’ll likely love it so much you’ll want to try it out on a lot of things! You’ll have to put a little bit of effort into this, as you’ll be grinding using a mortar and pestle – but it’s well worth it, as you can get so much use out of gomasio!

7. Vegan Dorayaki

Dorayaki are absolutely great tasting sweet treats, and this vegan friendly way of making them will have you making them for years to come! It’s up to you what you fill them with, but the recipe recommends sweet red bean paste.

You’ll need a good non-stick pan to make these – and be sure to cook them slowly. Don’t rush, as you don’t want to burn these! Another great thing about them is that you can store them in the refrigerator for later if you like!

8. Yuzu Chocolate Cake

Yuzu might not be the easiest fruit to come by, but if you can get hold of some yuzu juice, then this recipe for yuzu chocolate cake is sure to delight! It is gloriously decadent, as all good chocolate cakes should be – and it’s important to remember that this recipe is meant to make 8 servings!

You’ll struggle to keep to that – this is a delicious cake that you’ll make excuses to eat more of. Remember, 8 servings – this is meant to be shared, so don’t be greedy!

9. Miso Ginger Sauce

This recipe isn;t for a meal, but a sauce – and what a sauce it is! Given the name, it’ll be no surprise to you that this is a miso and ginger based sauce. It’s so delicious, and can be used to accompany a great deal of food.

This recipe uses the light variety of miso, so be sure that you get the correct kind when you’re out shopping! It’ll only take you 5 minutes or so to make this recipe too – well worth such a short time for such a delicious sauce!

10. Sushi plate with Nori Rolls, Seared Tofu And Edamame

This delicious vegan-friendly recipe will give you a great traditional style japanese sushi dish that looks and tastes amazing! You’ll absolutely love the seared tofu – and its golden brown color perfectly complements the bright green of the edamame beans, and the white of the perfectly cooked rice.

As the recipe states, you can add pretty much whichever vegetables you like to the rice – so this is a perfect recipe for people who like to tweak things! Wrap the rice in nori sheets, and you’re ready to go – absolutely amazing!

11. Vegan Miso Soup

Normally, a miso soup would be made with dashi – but as dashi is ,made with dried, fermented tuna, that’s obviously a no-go for vegan-friendly cuisine! INstead, this miso soup uses a rich set of vegetables – ginger, garlic, and scallions – as a base for its delicious flavor.

It takes 45 minutes to make, and is very light, coming in at only 227 kcal. So, if you’re looking for a great tasting soup, this could be the way to go – why not try it out?

12. Vegan Zaru Soba

This delicious recipe makes 4 servings of great tasting zaru soba with just 5 minutes of preparation, and 15 minutes of cooking. How great is that – you’ve got a fantastic tasting meal ready in less time than it takes to eat and wash up!

Of course, if you want, you can leave this to simmer for 30 minutes instead, which will impart even more delicious flavor to the tsuyu base. And, you might need 2 people to help you get this done in 15 minutes, admittedly – but they’ll be sure to help out for a meal of this delicious noodle dish!

13. Avocado Sushi with Brown Rice

If you’ve never made sushi before, then this recipe is the one for you – it’ll teach you exactly how to make delicious sushi wrapped up in nori. You’ll have to make sure you use the right type of brown rice for this – long grain brown rice won’t work, but short grain brown rice will be sticky enough for you to make the rolls properly.

Serve with tamari or soy sauce, along with pickled ginger (see elsewhere on this list for a recipe for that!), and wasabi – and of course, enjoy!

14. Vegetable Loaded Sushi Donuts

These aren’t just for kids, but they’re sure to love them! Vegan friendly and completely gluten free, these are full of whatever vegetables you prefer – and they’re so simple to make, you can even just use frozen vegetables, as in the recipe!

They’ve got a great taste, and this quick and simple recipe will show you how to make enough for four servings in just 30 minutes!

15. Vegan Curry Udon

If you want something that’s rich and spicy, then this recipe for curry udon is going to be perfect for you! It uses udon noodles, which are normally made from wheat flour.

This means that they’re not gluten free – although it’s possible to get gluten free udon, and that’s perfectly fine to use in this recipe if need be! Feel free to add whatever vegetables you prefer – this recipe is a great way for you to experiment!


With so many delicious Japanese style meals and snacks, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to meal time! Hopefully, you’ll have a lot of fun making and eating these recipes!

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