15 Delicious Vegan One Pot Recipes

When you think of vegan recipes you may think of bland vegetables or beans but if you get the right mixture of ingredients and cook them in a pot for a while, you will not want to go back! 

One pot recipes have lots of advantages, they do not make a big mess that you have to spend an age cleaning up and are perfect for those who do not have a lot of spare time on their hands to spend hovering over the stove and minding multiple pans.

You can also make a meal go further by doubling the ingredients as you add them to the pot, allowing you to store the extra portions.

Below is just a selection of the numerous vegan meals you can achieve with just one pot, and you don’t need to be an experienced cook to nail these recipes either. 

1. Chili 

Not only will this chili fill you up with warmth, but protein and vegetables as well. You can cook this chili to serve on its own but it also pairs well with a side of rice, bread or salad.

It is simple as well, you cook the onion and garlic first before adding the mushrooms, seasonings, and chopped tomatoes.

Once it has simmered for 20 minutes, the finished texture will be thick and have an enticing dark red color, and it gets better because you can add some fresh coriander, lime, jalapenos, and tortilla chips on top to serve. 

2. Enchilada Pasta

For this delicious meal, you can cook all the ingredients in one skillet on the top of the stove and you do not experience the mess of tortilla wraps as this recipe uses elbow pasta as a substitute.

The elbow pasta is great at absorbing all of those wonderful flavors from the other ingredients that you wouldn’t get with tortillas.

You can then add vegan cheese to make it even tastier and give it that traditional enchilada taste, also if you fancy you can sprinkle some green onions and black olives on top for that extra oomph. 

3. Jambalaya 

Traditional jambalaya is packed with flavor and none of this is sacrificed when it is turned vegan.

This is done by replacing the chicken broth with vegetable broth and the chicken with kidney beans, the smoked sausage can also be replaced with vegan Italian sausage for best results.

Other than these changes, the vegan recipe is just like the original jambalaya recipe so is a great recipe for beginner vegans. 

4. Lentil Chili 

You do not need to search for any meat substitutes with this recipe because the red lentils provide the protein, along with the black beans and pinto beans.

The lentils also add a lovely thick texture to the chili which gives it the hearty fullness that chilis are known for, you can add more of these lentils and beans to taste. 

5. Pad Thai Noodles

Making pad thai noodles in one pot may sound slightly impossible but it can be done! Not only is the method easy but the ingredients are simple too, consisting of tofu chunks for protein and shredded carrots for a nutritious bonus.

This recipe also calls for rice noodles which keep you feeling full and a sauce to add the spice. 

6. Tater Tot Casserole

This is a great recipe for kids, because what child doesn’t like tater tots? Using one pot is also a great opportunity to provide your kids with added nutrition as you can sneak in a selection of vegetables into the casserole while they are none the wiser.

In the creamy filling you will not only find vegetables, but vegan sausage as well which will satisfy the whole family. For a nice contrast to the creaminess, the crispy tater tots on the top of the casserole will add a nice crunch. 

7. Pasta With Spinach And Tomatoes

This pasta takes no longer than 25 minutes to make and is a great option for whipping up after a long day.

The pasta has a delicious creamy texture which is due to the red curry pasta and coconut milk and you do not need to boil your pasta in plain old water as the liquids produced by the rest of the ingredients will boil it for you, which packs a lot more flavor. 

8. Mexican Quinoa 

This dish is a mixture of wonderful colors and flavors, and it’s very healthy for you too. The jalapenos and chili powder add a subtle kick and the lime juice provides just the right amount of tang.

Everything needed for this recipe can all be cooked in the same skillet and is incredibly easy to make, so ditch that bland salad and show your tastebuds a good time with this vegan Mexican quinoa dish. 

9. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes is a much-loved dish by many and now vegans can enjoy it too! It is all done in one pot and is best served on a lettuce wrap, bun, or on potatoes.

Lentils and cauliflower are combined in this recipe to achieve a meaty texture and you can add additional toppings such as coleslaw, raw cabbage, or onion for a bit of crunch. 

10. Apple Pie Steel Cut Oats

If you have dinner sorted but you are now looking for a one pot vegan recipe for breakfast then we have you covered with this apple pie steel cut oats dish. This recipe works its magic overnight so that you can get stuck into eating it as soon as you wake up.

It tastes like apple pie but is much healthier for you as the steel cut outs offer a fantastic source of fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins. 

11. Ratatouille Spaghetti

Not only is this dish vegan, but it is also gluten free and very easy to make. An interesting aspect to this recipe is that you are to save the cooking water as it is what makes up part of the spaghetti sauce which keeps a lot of nutrients from going down the drain.

The recommended raw vegan spaghetti to use for this recipe is chickpea spaghetti as it has a lovely texture and is high in protein. 

12. Mushroom Stroganoff

For such an exciting flavor, you only need six ingredients to make this meal, including mushrooms which are essential for creating a meaty texture which bulks out the stroganoff.

This dish is also gluten free and uses coconut milk to achieve a deliciously creamy consistency and pairs well with rice or pasta with a sprinkle of parsley on top. 

13. Creamy Vegetable Soup

This recipe gives you freedom to add whatever vegetables you want as long as they are added at the right time to ensure they are cooked the right amount.

If you want to add a bit of extra protein to the mix, white beans or chickpeas are an excellent option and it is recommended to pair the soup with biscuits, crackers, bread, or rice to serve. 

14. Minestrone Soup

In this little bowl of soup you can find all of the nutrients you will need as it has a lot of vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based protein that is healthy as well as delicious. It just takes 30 minutes and one pot to create this dish and freezes well for when you fancy it next.

Even though it packs a lot of nutrients, it is budget friendly and consist of ingredients that you will likely already have in your cabinets. 

15. Mushroom Tetrazzini

This dish has a perfect combination of creamy and crispy textures as it has bread crumbs on top. It’s also easy to make this gluten free by simply using gluten free flour and gluten free pasta instead.

All you have to spend is a total of 5 minutes prepping the ingredients and cooking it for 20 minutes and before you know it you are sat in front of a steamy, delicious plate of vegan mushroom tetrazzini. 


If you are a new vegan and miss the feeling of getting your teeth stuck into meat then some of the recipes on this list have cracked how to achieve that with ingredients such as mushrooms, lentils, and chickpeas. 

Or perhaps you are looking to feel fuller for longer and feel like vegan meals feel a bit too light for your liking – well look no further because there are also recipes on this list that will give you that warm, hearty hug you have been looking for during the colder months that you couldn’t quite get from a salad. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something light but also packed with flavor then a soup or Mexican quinoa dish will get the job done. 

You are not limited as much as you may think when it comes to one pot vegan recipes and there is something for everyone no matter what you are looking for, so what could possibly be holding you back from trying these one pot vegan recipes?

They are easy, quick, healthy, and arguably most importantly delicious!

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