15 Delicious Vegetarian Flax-Sunflower-Sesame Crackers Recipes

Vegetarian flax-sunflower-sesame crackers are a great way to enjoy your lunchtime break or for a snack in the afternoon, experimenting with toppings is a limitless game as all of your favorite flavors can be added to these crackers.

15 Delicious Vegetarian Flax-Sunflower-Sesame Crackers Recipes

Whether you’re a savory nut or have an intense sweet tooth, these crackers go with all different food combinations and a new combination is discovered every day by people like you! People searching for a new cracker recipe to add their favorite toppings to.

Flax-sunflower-sesame crackers are the base to all flavorsome food combinations so it’s important to find the right cracker for you! There are so many different variations of seeds, spices, and flours to try that why don’t you try them all!?

That way you’ll find the most perfected recipe in this list for your own tastes.

1. Five Seed Oatcake Recipe (nestandglow.com)

These no flour and no oil crackers are filled with 5 different variations of seeds, making them our most nutritious and flavorsome seeded cracker recipe yet!

The crunch you get from these crackers will have you second-guessing why you ever decided to buy store-bought seeded crackers over your own homemade baked ones.

And the plant-based proteins in these crackers are 5 times more nutritious than other crackers so you can enjoy a seasoned dip with your savory crackers knowing they’re a fantastic part of a varied diet. 

2. Multi-seed Savory Crackers (Pinterest)

These multi-seed crackers are best topped with cheddar cheese or if you fancy a change and want to try using them as a dipping tool for hummus mixes, that’s great too.

Why not try blending the same seeds you used to make the crackers, with your homemade hummus recipe? Sunflower and sesame seeds make for great earthy hummus dips to go with your homemade crackers.

They’re fairly simple to make too so spending a day stocking up on the baking can last you all week and make your lunchtimes quick and easy.

3. Sesame Crackers – Taste Of Artisan (Pinterest)

We’ve found you a fancy alternative to those expensive store-bought artisan crackers you can find at your local grocery store. They’re more cost-effective because you’ll be making them yourself for half the price and they taste miles better too!

This way you can add extra spices and seeds to your recipe and with store-bought, you just don’t have that option, do you? Your friends will be wondering where you bought the best crackers in town from, and you’ll get to say that they’re homemade!

4. Rustic Seed Crackers (Pinterest)

We recommend trying avocado and cream cheese on these light and crispy flax-sesame crackers.

They’re full of tasty rich flavors that go so well with cold cheeses and your favorite fruits and veggies, and they’re gluten-free for those who struggle to find a recipe free from gluten.

Almond flour has been used as a substitute which is easy to get your hands on as well as the remaining ingredients which include sesame seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. With this recipe, it’s easy for you to add in all your favorite seeds so get experimental! 

5. Flaxseed Crackers (Pinterest)

These flaxseed crackers are extra exciting as rosemary and garlic have been infused into the recipe to add those earthy flavors to your lunchtime meal.

Garlic powder, onion powder, and dried rosemary herbs have been used, but if you find yourself wondering whether something else you’ve got on your spice rack will work better as an alternative spice or as an added spice, feel free to add it to the recipe and see where it takes you!

The best part is that they’re also gluten-free!

6. Flaxseed Twisty Sticks (Pinterest)

We understand that crackers can get repetitive after a while of enjoying them, so we’ve got a flaxseed twisty stick recipe for you to try out to mix things up a little! They go great with any kind of cheese, nacho, and hummus dips as they’re the ideal shape to keep the mess off your hands.

Simply make the crackers in the same way as usual by rolling out the dough you made and slicing them into thin 1-2 cm strips, then have some fun and twist them before baking! Try out some extra spices to add a kick to your lunchtime crackers!

7. The Best Seed Cracker Recipe (Alphafoodie)

This cracker recipe certainly lives up to its name, they’re healthy, low carb, and great for snacking platters for you yourself, or a group of friends to try out!

They’re so similar to store-bought crackers that you’re friends will be wondering where you bought them from and you can reveal your darkest secret to them…or not. They’re super crisp in texture and one of the easiest recipes to follow along with.

Whether you want a healthy snack or some nibbles for an evening in with guests, they’re perfect in every way!

8. Easy Seed Crackers (Easy Seed Crackers)

Another flax-sunflower-sesame seed cracker that lives up to its name coming your way! These easy seed crackers are the ideal contender for those trying to avoid palm oils and store-bought packaged goods as much as possible.

With the packaged in seeds and flax, these crackers make for a delicious and healthy source of fiber to get you through the day using only healthy fats. And they have that perfect crunch to them, try it for yourself and snap them in half to find out!

The good thing about making your own crackers is that you decide what goes into them so you can be assured about the quality of the ingredients in your seeded crackers. 

9. Nut-Free Seed Crackers (Pinterest)

Play around with the shapes and designs of your vegetarian sesame and sunflower seed crackers with this diamond-shaped nut-free cracker recipe. They’re super crispy, vegan, and so easy to make with the click of your fingers.

Try them out with your favorite hummus dip today as they’re so quick and simple to make you could have them on your plate by midday!

And they’re cut into fun diamond shapes that make dipping easier than ever, no one likes dip getting on their fingers when they’re trying to enjoy seed crackers, and you don’t have to have that problem with this recipe.

10. Raw Carrot Pulp And Flaxseed Crackers (Pinterest)

Why not try this exciting new carrot pulp raw vegan and gluten-free flaxseed crackers to start your day off with a kick!

Carrots are so easily combined with spices and herbs to give your tastebuds shock and the best thing about this recipe is that it isn’t just vegetarian, they’re plant-based crackers so anyone can enjoy them in confidence knowing the ingredients used are vegan and gluten-friendly.

It’s great to make an inclusive cracker recipe that all your friends can enjoy regardless of any diet restrictions.

11. Raw Flax Crackers (Pinterest)

Spice your vegetarian flax-sunflower-sesame cracker recipe up with this tomato and basil-infused recipe which is perfect for the winter months! They make a delicious alternative to bread and other crackers which can be bland on their own.

With these crackers, there is also no need for toppings if you wish to eat them alone! The tomato and basil make for a tasty lunchtime snack combined with the seeds and other herbs, feel free to get creative and add whatever is on your spice rack!

12. MultiGrain Flaxseed Savory Crackers (smithakalluraya.com)

These seed crackers are perfect for those hunger pang moments where your cravings go crazy! You can munch on these with ease knowing that the ingredients involved in making them are healthy and nutritious!

And because you made them, you know exactly what seeds, spices, and effort went into them to enjoy them just that bit more. They’re guilt-free and easy crackers.

13. Easy Keto Seed Crackers (Pinterest)

Low carb, keto seed crackers are all the rage lately and you can get involved in the trend with your own homemade keto seed crackers to top with cheese, veggies, hummus, and fruits!

Or if you’re a classic cracker lover, try topping them with a thin layer of butter to keep it simple. There’s no other easy keto seed cracker recipe out there like this one so it’s worth the time and effort to try them out.

14. Multiseed Keto Crackers (Pinterest)

These crackers have been baked using multiple kinds of seeds that many others have not, like poppy seeds for instance with are great for gut health and add a different taste to the palette!

Try adding extra black cracked pepper and salt to this recipe for a kicking savory treat, or if sweet is more your thing, try adding dried fruits into the mix to compliment the savory spices and herbs!

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to seeds and crackers and they’re vegetarian so get packing those fruits and veggies into the recipe and topping choices!

15. Herbed Sesame Sunflower Seed Crackers (Herbed Sesame Sunflower Seed Crackers)

One thing that makes these crackers so unique is that no flour has been used in the baking process, so for all you gluten-free lot out there, try these for yourself!

Get playful with the way you cut these crackers as they can be sliced in strips, squares, odd shapes, or cut using cookie cutters!

This could be an interesting way to use those strange cookie cutter shapes you have lying around in the back of the baking cupboard, whether they’re Christmas, Halloween, or standard cookie cutters. They’ll work great with this recipe.

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