15 Delicious Vegetarian Lime In The Coconut Cream Pie Recipes

Dessert making can be tricky to get right depending on what you need them for, it could be for a dinner party, a family event, a friendly get-together, or for yourself. When you’re a vegetarian n top of that things get even more complicated and you find yourself just wanting a simple dessert!

Well, you can have both with these 15 delicious vegetarian lime in the coconut cream pie recipes that we have for you today. Say goodbye to boring desserts out of your diet requirements and say hello to fresh, mouth-watering puddings suitable for any vegetarian out there.

1. Key Lime Cream Pie

The fabulous thing about lime and coconut cream pies is that they’re a no-bake dessert so you can scratch the oven out of the baking process straight away, one less thing to think about!

And when summer kicks in you’ll be glad you’ve not only got this refreshing key lime cream pie to serve at any type of summer get-together, but also you’ll be glad the oven doesn’t have to be switched on.

No one wants that extra added heat during a heatwave if they can avoid it. And you can because your dessert will quickly disappear thanks to this recipe.

2. Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie Cheesecake

What’s better than a vegetarian key lime pie recipe? A vegan key lime pie recipe and this one has a twist! It’s gluten-free, raw, and has been combined with other recipe properties to form this cheesecake take on a classic key lime pie!

Unique ingredients such as matcha green tea, cashews, walnuts, and dates have been used well in this recipe to give something different to your tastebuds. And who doesn’t like cheesecake?

It’s great at any time of day and this one is key lime pie flavored! Don’t expect it to last long though as the flavors will have you coming back for more.

3. Lime in The Coconut Pie

This key lime in the coconut pie may be the easiest pie you ever make, the preparation time is 15 minutes and the baking time is 25 minutes, of which you can feel free to kick back and relax whilst your dessert sorts itself out.

For that creamy filling, be sure to use condensed milk, lime juice, and egg yolks to achieve a fluffy and delightful cream pie, it may start to separate but just mix it well and it will come together so easy. You’ve got a lot of freedom with this pie to add whatever you want!

4. Key Lime Pie Icecream Sandwiches

There are infinite fun ways to create amazing tasty treats out of lime in the coconut cream pie recipe and this is one of them! Ice cream sandwiches are a delicious alternative to making a traditional dessert and this one includes using coconuts, limes, and a lot of ice cream, so if you’ve got children or you yourself just enjoy youthful dessert recipes that take you back to your childhood, try this one out.

These ice cream sandwiches are easy to make and only require a bit of mess to get the job done. Getting children involved in baking has also never been easier with this recipe as there’s no right or wrongs involved, just get stuck in and have some fun and it will be totally worth it.

5. Keylime Pie Gelato Sandwiches

So, another sandwich involving coconuts and lime recipe for you here, but this one may require a bit more sophistication to complete. We’ll call it, lime and coconut ice cream sandwich for adults.

This lightly sweetened lime and coconut gelato sandwich is sandwiched together using graham crackers which creates a more standard shaping similar to a sandwich. It’s also so fun to make and all your loved ones can enjoy them together on a hot summer’s day. The best part? Only 6 ingredients!

6. Paleo Key Lime Pie Energy Balls

If you’re not quite got the energy for making a full-blown lime and coconut cream pie, but you want the same sweet and fresh taste in a dessert. These paleo key lime pie energy balls may be more to your taste.

There is literally no possible way to go wrong with this recipe as it’s up to you how you shape them and what you put in them. Mashing together avocados, bananas, lime, cashews, dates, and coconut flakes, you can create these energy balls fit for any snack time.

This one is certain to bring you back to childhood as it’s fun and just requires some toddler-worthy mashing and squishing abilities. 

7. Coconut Key Lime Pie

This coconut and lime cream pie has been upgraded using condensed milk to make the creamiest filling known to man. The shredded coconut topping has been toasted to add a crispy texture to the top of the cream.

All you have to do to get your hands on this dream of a pie is follow the recipe and instructions. That’s it. And you can enjoy it until you’re in a food coma. If you fancy sharing with the family, this should serve around 8 people but if not, knock yourself out!

Try adding a few holiday spices to mix up the recipe for a tangy, rich pie crust to go along with the already delicious filling.

8. Macadamia Key Lime Pie

This is the type of lime and coconut cream pie you make 4 times a month during the summer months because it’s that refreshing and the only thing you can force yourself to eat in the scorching heat. The pie is topped with the zestiest slice of lime to add a bitter edge to the pie’s sweet filling.

Try this dessert with a cocktail on the side to enhance your refreshing summer day. The base of the crust is made using shortbread cookies to make a buttery delicious pie crust. There really is nothing about this Macadamia key lime pie that isn’t special so it’s worth your time and effort!

9. Pina Colada Lime Pie

Another summertime favorite for you, try the pina colada lime pie with your pina colada cocktail and try to tell the difference because they’re that similar in taste. This could be a fun game to create with some friends too in doing a blindfolded taste test on your own take on a popular favorite cocktail drink.

Coconut flakes, pecans, and pineapple have been added to this recipe to enhance the pina colada flavors and the ingredients are fairly simple to obtain from your local grocery store. 

10. Key Lime Pie Parfaits

A lime curd has been used in this recipe to enhance the bitter lime tastes of a coconut and lime cream pie into smaller parfait glasses.

Not everyone wants a full-blown pie recipe on their hands, so try this parfait recipe so that you can still experience the delicious key lime pie flavors, without putting in the full effort. Also, it’s like an Eaton mess so you really cannot mess this recipe up if you’re a beginner looking for a vegetarian lime and coconut cream pie recipe.

Try mixing up the layers and put the graham cracker base in first instead of on top or in the middle to find out what suits your tastebuds the best.

11. Key Lime Pie Bars

We’ve taken a classic vegetarian lime and coconut cream pie recipe and found you these key lime pie bars that are a refreshing citrus treat for the summer.

Pretty much all of the ingredients involved we can guarantee you already have in your kitchens and pantries so there are no excuses not to try this one out. If you’re having a lazy weekend and want to do something productive without the stress involved, this is the recipe.

12. Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes

There is nothing more precious than a set of mini lime and coconut cheesecakes, they’re miniaturized cheesecakes!

They’re a great alternative to making a full-sized cheesecake if you need something to cleanse the baking palette, and they make for great party desserts for anyone to enjoy as they’re 100% vegetarian.

The creamiest filling has been derived from using a combination of lime, coconut, and cream cheese so you and your guests can enjoy this dreamy dessert that goes down with ease.

13. Keylime Coconut Cream Pie

The tartness of limes with the sweetness of coconuts in lime and coconut cream pie recipes are what make them so spectacular and with this recipe, homemade really is better than store-bought or from a bakery. If you can make it yourself, why not?

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction you get from tackling your favorite recipes that you’ve found in your local bakery. Try experimenting with dried coconut flakes and lime peels for the toppings to add to the zesty flavors.

14. Classic Key Lime Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream

This key lime pie is the most perfected recipe we’ve found yet, it tastes as marvelous as it looks and is sure to impress any guest you invite over this summer! There is nothing more satisfying than cutting into a cheesecake-inspired lime pie and seeing for yourself the perfectly evened-out layers.

This is the ideal recipe for winning over dinner parties because when you bring out this showstopper of a pie, it will disappear as quickly as it was made! Enough talk from us, go give it a try for yourself! 

15. Mini Lime Coconut Cream Pie

Fancy making a vegetarian lime and coconut cream pie but you’d like to change up the recipe a bit? This mini lime coconut cream pie can be a one-serving pie for you to indulge in by yourself, or share with your partner if you’re feeling generous.

You won’t want to though as the coconut flakes combined with the lime toppings make for a refreshing after-dinner treat that will soon disappear from existence when you get your hands on it.

Final Thoughts

We hope you can find the most delicious vegetarian lime in the coconut cream pie to suit your preferences in our top 15 list! Lime and coconut pies can be enjoyed all year round.

However are best served through the summer months, and this way you can use the opportunity to shop for fruits in season and get the most out of the summer limes and coconut flavors! Enjoy these dessert recipes and share them with your friends and family.

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