7 Delicious Vegetarian Coconut-Lemon Meltaways Recipes

Citrus fruits and cooking have a special relationship that goes way back.

Being natives of the tropics in South and Southeast Asia, their cultivation as food for humans goes back thousands of years, back to the early Bronze Age!

7 Delicious Vegetarian Coconut-Lemon Meltaways Recipes

As trade between Asia and Europe built up over thousands of years, along the legendary silk trading road, many of these fruits eventually found their way into the Mediterranean.

Where the warm, subtropical heat of the European and North African coasts proved great for citrus plants, where the constantly sunny, and easy source of water, allow for huge orchards of fruits of all kinds to thrive.

High in vitamin C and fiber, Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, limes and tangerines have been cooked and prepared in so many ways: Eat them raw, baked into sweet goods like tarts, turned into preservatives like marmalade, amongst other ways.

But without a doubt, when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, the king of the citruses is, of course, the lemon. Great in all the above kinds of food, lemon can do so much more though. The rind is great as a seasoning in virtually any recipe it is in.

The juices can often be what makes a recipe pop, and stop it from being too bland and forgotten after it’s used once. They’re great in any kind of salad, whether it’s the fruit or veg kind. Lemon can do it all.

But they shine when it comes to baking. If you need proof, look no further than the classic lemon and coconut meltaway.

Here are just some of the great recipes out there for this terrific little treat!

1. Lemon Meltaway Cookies by Chocolate Covered Katie

Don’t let the name fool you. This is a certified lemon and coconut combo if you’re adding the right ingredients together!

The recipe is so flexible that, even if you’re not feeling in the mood for the sour bite of lemon, you can replace it with pretty much any kind of citrus fruit, and it will turn out as a treat that everyone will want second helpings of.

Make sure to preheat your oven for the freshest results. Beat the butter and the coconut oil with your powdered sugar and/or coconut flakes, stir the rest of your ingredients, roll them into little balls, pop them in the oven, and wait for our mouth-watering results! It takes less than half an hour, and uses a surprisingly small number of ingredients, for that extra simplicity.

Go to this link here for the full recipe and other helpful tips when baking your Meltaway coconut and lemon cookies.

2. Lemon Vanilla Meltaways by Cassy Joy Garcia

An elegant little treat for those who have a sweet craving, this combination of lemon zest, coconut butter, and fresh vanilla is both fast and delicious.

With its fabulously fudge-like texture, this tasty little snack does melt away in your mouth!

And with the recipe also managing to cut out processed sugars from the process, this is an amazing way to wean yourself off all those super-sugary treats that are hard to pass upon, and to hit that sweetness itch those foods tend to scratch. It’s all-natural with this recipe here!

Make sure to heat the coconut butter until it’s smooth before you add the rest of your ingredients to this bite-sized dessert.

For the full recipe and list of ingredients, as well as some other great tips and tricks, click the link here.

3. Raw Lemon Meltaway Balls by Karielyn Tillman

Vegans looking for a sweet hit will certainly want to try this animal-free raw lemon and coconut meltaway recipe!

With such a simple recipe, there are so many options to add your spin to this recipe. Want to try rolling them in your favorite topping? An easy extra step. Want to leave them to dry for a great cookie-like texture? Just leave it in a cool dry place, and come back to it later. Plus, it’s gluten-free as well. What’s not to love?

Just throw all your ingredients in a blender, let it work until everything is lovely and smooth, take a spoonful out and roll it up, and it’s ready for your own additions!

For the whole list of ingredients and other recommendations, click the link here.

4. Vegan Lemon Bars by Megan Gilmore

If you’re looking for a novel spin on the lemon and coconut meltaway, you can always try out this fresh new take on the classic treat’s recipe.

With its crumbly base packed underneath the layer of creamy coconut and vanilla, this bite-sized dessert is looking a little more like a cheesecake than your ordinary meltaway, but it’s still a delicious combination. And that almond flour crust is a great contrast to the softness of the smooth top layer of lemon and coconut bar filling.

If you’re storing it, you can serve straight from the freezer for that cool firm bite that will melt in your mouth, or keep it in the fridge for an hour or so before you bring it out, for a softer balance of that base and top.

Just make sure that you seal it in an airtight container, so you can avoid any other freezer items spoiling your hard-baked treat.

 Make sure to stir your base ingredients well, bake them till they’re crispy, blend your cream mix and stick it in the freezer. A very unique take on this age-old recipe.

For a full list of ingredients and the full recipe, as well as some handy tips and tricks for presentations and other ideas for your lemon and coconut bar, click this link.

5. Coconut Lemon Meltaways by New You Escapes

This recipe that serves eight is another classic take on the coconut and lemon meltaway. Hey, if it isn’t broken, why try and fix it?

With a hearty amount of maple syrup and vanilla, balanced out by the lemon zest and juice, the coconut, shredded, floured, and in oil, with the almond flour, makes for a tastebud melting sweet and softness that will just sit in your mouth.

And if you prefer your meltaway to be a little more on the cookie side for texture, you can always gently heat up the balls in a dehydrator, or an oven at the lowest temperature. Remember, not just a low heat, but the lowest heat!

Just mix your wet ingredients in a mixing bowl, slowly add in your coconut oil, turn that batter into your meltaways once it thickens, let them heat up and set, then throw in the freezer.

For the full recipe and ingredients list, click here.

6. Coconut-Lemon Meltaways by Stephie

For an ovenless way to get something sweet-tasting treats inside you, this recipe should be just up your alley!

This recipe for coconut and lemon meltaways is a showcase of the classy simplicity you can have when you’ve got the know-how and a good recipe. Plus, if you are insisting on a warmer sweet when you chow down, there’s always the option of sow-heating them up for the crumbly cookie-like texture that this charming recipe brings.

Just mix your dry ingredients, stir your wet ingredients in a separate one, stream together, and watch the batter start to thicken. After that, the choice is yours on whether you’re craving something warm or cool to snack on.

For all the ingredients you’ll need plus the recipe, click on the link here.

7. Lemon-Coconut Meltaways by Yankee Magazine

For another spin on this classic side treat, take a look at this take on this vegetarian staple.

This recipe makes a yield of up to 64 separate pieces of meltaway. Great for those big events where you’ll need to feed a lot of folks, or cheeky of offering seconds to just your friends and family if they’re around. 

And with a preparation time of just 30, that’s a pretty impressive cookie-to-time ratio! You’ll be everyone’s favorite if you’re carrying a few of these around with you.

Put your butter, cream, sugar in your mixer, stir until it is nice and fluffy, add the rest of your ingredients, beat it well, store in the cold for 4 hours, then throw them in the oven. There’s going to be a lot of mix for you to work with, so make sure it’s split before you throw them in the freezer to cool. Make sure the butter is nice and soft for the best mix in this recipe too.

For more details on the recipe, along with its ingredient list, click here.

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