Is Just Egg Any Good For Baking?

If you are a vegan, you know the troubles of cooking in general. Although plants are great and provide everything that we need, getting them to provide it is a lot more work than it is when you use animal products.

Is Just Egg Any Good For Baking?

The proteins in plants are just very different to the ones in animals, and as such we have to encourage them to work in a way they may not be used to when cooking.

However, vegan food companies have made incredible strides in food development in recent years and there are now products flooding the market that are completely vegan, but work in exactly the same way as other animal products do.

This is a cause for delight, especially as one company called ‘Eat Just’ has released a product that is a vegan egg substitute called ‘Just Egg’.

Considering how much of a hassle baking is for vegans, this could be the answer we’ve all been looking for.

What Is Just Egg?

‘Just Egg’ is a product made by the company ‘Eat Just’, which specializes in developing and marketing plant-based food substitutes for eggs, normally chicken eggs.

This is especially useful when you want to create dishes or foods that require eggs, like mayonnaise or baked goods.

The most famous product that they sell is one called Just Egg, an egg substitute which is made from mung beans instead.

The company develops this substitute by finding plant proteins that work in a similar way to the proteins in eggs – how eggs bind and emulsify – which are then isolated and developed further into the finished egg substitute product.

Can You Bake With Just Egg?

Yes, absolutely you can, its purpose was never to really replace the egg, as it would be impossible to replicate all facets of an egg, but to become a product that could be used instead of egg in most cooking scenarios.

As such, Just Egg was developed with baking in mind, and it works amazingly well in that setting.

It is incredibly easy and simple to use as well, all you have to do is look through the ingredients and go through the recipe step by step.

When the recipe calls for egg, you simply replace the egg with the Just Egg substitute.

It really helps with vegan baking and cooking in general as well.

In a lot of baking, eggs are needed for both fat and structure, which you can’t really do in vegan baking as there never used to be anything similar to eggs.

Now though you can use Just Egg to make vegan cookies, cakes, muffins, and even some breads easily with abundant flavor.

Is There Anything You Shouldn’t Bake With Just Egg?

Is Just Egg Any Good For Baking?

There isn’t really anything you shouldn’t bake with Just Egg, but there are a couple of things that aren’t going to be as good as something that has an actual egg in it.

The main ones are anything that has to rise a great deal, like souffles or popovers. They will still taste great and will still look good, but they won’t rise to the great heights you see in egg based baking.

Other than those kinds of foods, you can use Just Egg as a replacement for egg in just about any baking scenario.

How Much Just Egg Is Equivalent To An Egg?

This can be a tricky question. Normal eggs are easy to work out, as one portion is literally only one egg.

As such, recipes can just put the number of eggs you need rather than amounts or measurements. Unfortunately, Just Egg comes in a bottle, meaning it needs to be measured when you cook with it.

Through trial and error, many entrepreneurial people have found out a general rule of thumb for when cooking with Just Egg to help any newcomers out.

The general measurement for Just Egg is that three tablespoons of Just Egg is equivalent to about one medium to large egg.

In recipes, this normally means that about a ¼ of a cup of Just Egg would work just as well as a large egg.

So, you can measure it out easily based on quarter cups.

¼ cup of Just Egg is the same as a large egg, ½ a cup of Just Egg is the same as two large eggs, and ¾ a cup of Just Egg is the same as three large eggs, with it going up and on just like that.

Although this may seem like a hassle, the measurement aspect of Just Egg gives you a lot more control over your cooking than normal eggs do.

If you want to make your baked good bind better, rise higher, or just make it taste more eggy, then you can add just a ½ a tablespoon or a little more of egg.

The alternative is that you can make it less bound, keep it low, or make it taste less eggy, by taking away ½ a tablespoon of egg from the mixture.

This control is great for baking, especially when you want to get the perfect flavor for you.


Just Egg is great for baking in the same way eggs are.

While they won’t give your food the rise that you may want for it, it gives you the same taste and texture, as well as giving you a lot more control over the final product and a feeling of satisfaction in your vegan baking skills.

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