All About Odontella Vegan Salmon

If you are on a vegan diet, you have likely consumed many vegan dairy alternatives and perhaps even some meat alternatives. However, have you ever tried a vegan alternative to Salmon? We think not. 

Fortunately, this is where Odontella, a company with a product unlike anything else seen in the vegan food landscape so far, steps in. Continue reading to find out all about Odontella Vegan Salmon.

What is Odontella Vegan Salmon?

Odontella Vegan Salmon is precisely what the name suggests. This product replaces traditional salmon and is made 100% from vegan-friendly ingredients. Moreover, Odontella claims that their product has the same flavor as actual salmon without any inclusion of fish. 

Although this claim may sound far-fetched, Odontella certainly has the background to make this claim. The company itself was founded in 2016 in France. Crucially, however, the primary founders are marine biologists and other expert researchers and scientists. 

Thanks to this fact, cutting-edge research has been conducted to bring Odontella Vegan Salmon to market, which helps set it apart from any other vegan protein alternative. 

How is Odontella made?

Odontella salmon utilizes a combination of different microalgae to create the final product. These algae are cultivated, harvested, and then processed in a way that makes them eventually match the final taste, consistency, and texture of actual salmon. 

Due to the fact that Algae is technically a photo-synthesizing organism, it is very similar to plants. This ensures that no animal is harmed during Odontella’s Vegan Salmon production. 

Although Algae is the crucial ingredient in Vegan Salmon, there are a series of other substances also used in producing this product. This includes some vegetable-derived ingredients such as pea-protein and carrot fiber. 

Moreover, some ingredients are also included to help stabilize the product and give it its color and aroma. Beta carotene, paprika extract, and konjac gum fulfill these roles. 

The final product forms smooth, flaky strips of meat, akin to delicately cut salmon. This allows Odontella’s Salmon alternative to be used in many of the same dishes as an almost exact replacement ingredient. 

Nutritional facts about Odontella 

Frequently, one of the main factors that make people switch over to a vegan diet is the nutritional and health benefits that such a diet provides. Due to this fact, it is crucial to be aware of the nutritional breakdown of any vegan ingredient, especially those that are meant to be a replacement for traditional protein sources. 

Every 100 grams of Odontella’s Vegan Salmon contains 144 calories or 602 kJs of energy. Moreover, about 11 grams of fat is present, further broken down into 1.7 grams of saturated fatty acids. 

The 100 grams of Vegan Salmon also include roughly 8.6 grams of glucides. Of these, 0.5 grams is sugar. However, one thing to note is the relatively low protein content in the Vegan Salmon, which is only about 2.7 grams out of the 100 grams. Finally, there is also 1.8 grams of sodium present within every 100 grams of Vegan Salmon. 

Overall, this makes Vegan Salmon a nutritionally rich component in a person’s diet. Moreover, the relatively small amount of calories helps ensure that you can eat this ingredient guilt-free due to the fact that it will not contribute to weight gain and other such issues. 

Benefits of Odontella 

There are a host of potential benefits to making use of Odontella Vegan Salmon. Firstly, it is worth noting that farmed and wild Salmon may sometimes include higher than healthy levels of heavy metals due to contamination in the environment.

This can sometimes include particularly harmful substances such as mercury, which tend to bioaccumulate across the food chain and be present in larger quantities in larger fish. By using an algae-based meat replacement, you can better avoid this issue as Algae is not likely to accumulate heavy metals over time in the same way. 

Another benefit of utilizing Odontella Vegan Salmon as an alternative to real Salmon is the reduced risk of pesticide contamination. So often, the wide-ranging use of pesticides in agriculture leads to toxic runoff that makes its way into streams, rivers, and eventually, the ocean. 

These pesticides then contaminate the living organisms in these environments, such as Salmon. By using a Vegan Salmon alternative, you can rest assured that the food you consume does not suffer from this form of toxic contamination. 

Finally, one more benefit to note of this Vegan Salmon is the fact that it is extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids provide several essential benefits to an individual’s health. 

Firstly, they help reduce the blood pressure of a person. This, in turn, is a benefit as it slows down the process of plaque forming on the walls of arteries. Thus, this leads to a lower chance of stroke, heart attacks, and other heart diseases in individuals. 

Thus, Odontella’s Vegan Salmon deals with some of the most severe and common issues associated with the typical consumption of animal-based proteins within people.


The unique and innovative new product offering my Odontella has immense benefits as far as a person’s health is considered. However, there are more wide-ranging benefits to consuming Vegan Salmon as well. 

Not only does it help preserve fish stocks and fish populations in the wild. But by reducing the harvesting of Salmon, there are also knock-on benefits to the entire aquatic ecosystem considering the crucial role Salmon plays in this delicate web. 

Finally, it is worth noting that despite all these benefits provided by Odontella’s Vegan Salmon, the cost to your taste buds is almost non-existent. 

Thanks to the inclusion of marine protein and algae into the recipe, Odontella’s offering is close enough to the real deal to be used everywhere actual Salmon would be used. It can function as a topping, a protein supplement, and in a host of other roles that regular salmon would traditionally be used for.

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