Are Junior Mints Vegan?

Junior Mints, are they vegan? No,  Junior mints do not include any visible animal ingredients. However, they do contain confectioner’s glaze.

Shellac, a resin released by female lac bugs, is used to make this component. As you can see, this contradicts the entire point of veganism, which is to avoid items containing animal products or by-products. It also contains a few contentious substances, which we’ll discuss later.

Junior Mints are a popular American candy with a dark chocolate coating and a sweet minty centre. Every day, Tootsie Roll Industries manufactures approximately 15 million Junior Mints.

With such a popular sweet comes plenty of inquiries, the most prominent and latest of which is whether they are vegan or not.

What Are Junior Mints, Exactly?

Junior Mints are a famous sweet snack that consists of little round dark chocolate pieces with a mint filling inside. Junior Mints are manufactured by Tootsie Roll Industries, the same firm that makes Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops. Junior Mints were first created in 1949, and it is believed that 15 million are produced every day.

The Ingredients

Confectioner’s Glaze

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Confectioner’s glaze is a type of glaze used in the confectionery industry.

This is a food-grade shellac mixture made with alcohol derived from female lac bugs. When this bug consumes tree sap, it produces a material called sticklac, which forms a tunnel-like tube to travel between branches.

The produced substance is brushed off the tree branches and used to impart a shiny appearance to various food and non-food goods, including nail paint.

Shellac is also known as Confectioner’s Glaze. Female lac bugs from India and Thailand are used to make this component. As a result, Confectioner’s Glaze is not vegan friendly because it is created from insect products.

It all relies on whether you believe insect-derived goods are incompatible with a vegan diet. Some are opposed to it, while others see no problem with it. It is entirely up to you to choose which side of this argument you want to be on.

Regardless of whether you think the Confectioner’s Glaze is a bummer, there are a few other components that vegans are divided about. Although not officially “non-vegan,” these ingredients may make you reconsider buying Junior Mints.


Sugar is the sole element in the Junior Mints mix that we should avoid in our diets, yet sugar is the most commonly utilised ingredient. Junior Mints doesn’t specify how much sugar is used in the mix. Therefore vegans may want to avoid it.

This is because bone char was used to bleach refined cane sugar to achieve the refined white tint.

Since refined cane sugar contains no bone char, many vegans refuse to consume it.

It’s unclear exactly what sugar is used to make Junior Mints, so you’ll have to decide whether you want to eat the candy without knowing what kind of sugar is in it.

Dairy milk is present in this Junior Mints variant. Vegans do not consume dairy products. Some vegans may disagree, but there is nothing quite like milk-drinking vegans. Vegans cannot consume milk, although vegetarians can.

The main ingredients vegans forgo in their diet are milk, meat, and eggs. Dairy is a huge capitalist industry that profits from the mistreatment of animals.

Palm Oil

Palm oil cultivation has caused havoc on tropical rainforests, resulting in the logging of many trees for capitalist plantation grounds. Deforestation on a huge scale and the subsequent release of methane gas pollution from these plantations have resulted in a substantial increase in the greenhouse effect and subsequent global warming.

Palm oil production contributes to animal extinction and environmental degradation. Not only that, but the workers on these plantations are bound by brutal and barbaric agreements that do not provide the basic requirements of their livelihood.

In these plantations, animals, plants, and humans are all exploited. Vegans have no reason to eat palm oil.

Alternatives To Junior Mints That Are Both Healthy And Vegan

Because Junior Mints aren’t suitable for vegans, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are various vegan-friendly alternatives to freshen your breath or have a delectable snack while driving.

HU Crunch Mint Dark Chocolate

With these HU crispy milk chocolates, you may enjoy Junior Mints without compromising your vegan diet. They’re not just devoid of animal cruelty but also gluten-free, paleo-certified, and vegan-certified by

Divine Chocolate 70% Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

Divine Chocolate 70 percent Mint Dark Chocolate Bar is another vegan option. This is yet another treat for your sweet vegan craving, made with simple and vegan ingredients. Divine Mint Chocolate enrobes mint in heart-warming dark chocolate, ensuring your cruelty-free selections never leave you wanting.

Theo Mint Chocolate Cookie Bites

Vegans who are serious about their lifestyle and the environment will love Theo’s Mint Chocolate Cookie Bites. These guilt-free chocolate cookie bites are made with responsibly sourced ingredients and are tasty.


Are Junior Mints Vegan-Friendly?

Junior Mints are NOT vegan after looking at the ingredients (sort of). While this candy does not contain eggs or dairy, it does contain confectioners glaze, which is created from insect secretions.

Are Junior Mints Harmful To Your Health?

There are a few iconic movie snacks that are quite healthful. Junior Mints are a solid alternative. A medium-sized box of the minty delicacy has more than three servings and just under 600 calories. They’re also low in fat. The condiment has minimal fat and calorie content.

Final Word

Being vegan means minimising animal abuse and suffering to the greatest extent possible. We interpret this to suggest that we should avoid all goods and products branded as containing animal products. After all, that is the action that will produce 99.9% of the outcomes.

So, when it comes to junior mints, we will leave this one open. Yes, they contain some animal products, but whether they were obtained unfairly or unethical is debatable.

Consider a vegan dark chocolate bar laced with mint if you’re looking for a healthier option. You’ll receive the same flavour profile as a junior mint without hassles. Just double-check that the label doesn’t say “milk.”

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