Are Naked Smoothies Vegan: Explained Here

The definition of vegan by Naked is a food product or beverage that does not have any ingredients derived from animals. As Naked Juices are made from fresh fruits and veggies, the majority of their smoothies are vegan. 

Some of their protein and half-naked smoothies are non-vegan. The Power C, D, and rainbow machines are also not vegan. 

We will talk about all the flavors that vegans can choose and the ones they should avoid, the ingredients that are sourced from animals, and the health aspect of these smoothies. So, be sure to read till the end.

Let’s start!

A Brief About Naked Juice

Naked Juice is a subsidiary of PepsiCo. It is a line of natural juices with no added sugars or artificial flavors. Their motto is to create healthy juices made with the goodness of fruits and veggies that nature has provided us with.

Apart from the blend of fruits and veggies, they add ingredients to boost the nutritional content of the smoothie and increase the vitamins and minerals. Some of the boosts they use are spinach, broccoli, flax seeds, kale, fiber, wheatgrass, and vitamins A, B, B5, B6, B3, B12, C, D, and E. 

The protein-packed smoothies are delivered to you in sustainable packaging. They are the first company to use bottles made from 100% recyclable plastic. And they source their ingredients from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which ensure sustainable livelihoods for farmers.

Vegan Flavors

The flavors listed below are all vegan-friendly, which means they do not contain any meat, poultry, eggs, milk, fish, gelatin, or animal enzymes. 

  1. Fruit juices (Berry Blast, O-J, Orange Mango, Pina Colada, Mighty Mango, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Guava, Key Lime, and Orange Vanilla)
  2. Fruit and veggie smoothies (Orange Carrot Mango, and Kale Blazer)
  3. Protein smoothies (Chocolate and Vanilla Protein)
  4. Power C Machine

Non-Vegan Flavors

The following are all the flavors that are not suitable for vegans and should be avoided. 

  1. Protein smoothie (Tropical and Double Berry Protein)
  2. Power D machine
  3. Rainbow Machine
  4. Probiotic Machine Tropical Mango smoothie

All these flavors either contain supplements extracted from animals or milk ingredients. These are listed on the product label along with all the nutritional contents. 

Ingredients To Look Out For

The only questionable ingredients used in the Naked juices are vitamin D3 and milk products. We will discuss these in detail and get to know why these items are not vegan-friendly.

Vitamin D-3

Vitamin D3 is added as a supplement in naked juice smoothies to give them that extra “oomph.” The Vitamin-D and Rainbow Machine smoothies contain vitamin D-3. It is known to strengthen bones, improve heart function, and boost immunity. 

But these advantages come at a gruesome cost. Vitamin D-3 is extracted from lanolin, which comes from sheep’s wool. The wool industry indulges in many unethical procedures, which constitute animal cruelty. 

D3 can also be derived from algae called lichen. This vegan vitamin is difficult to source and is seldom used in foods and beverages. Vitamin D2, on the other hand, is always vegan, but it is not that useful for the human body. 

Some vegans overlook this fact if vitamin D-3 is added in a small amount because it is used in many food products, which makes it difficult to avoid. So, it is completely up to each person to decide. 

Milk and Its Derivatives

Milk or any other dairy product is a strict no-no for vegans. The Tropica protein, Double Berry protein, and Probiotic Tropical Mango smoothies use milk ingredients. It is specified on the product label, which is why vegans need to read the list of ingredients on the product before buying it. 

Whey protein is also used in Naked Juice smoothies, which is an animal-based protein extracted from cow’s milk. It is a non-vegan ingredient and should be avoided.

Nutritional Value In Naked Smoothies

Naked Juice is very open about the ingredients it uses and how they are sourced. They do not falsely advertise anything. It is written on all the smoothie bottles that they are not low in sugar. All the juices contain approximately 50 grams of sugar, which is more than the daily sugar requirement of a person. 

The sugar only comes from the fruits and veggies used in the smoothies. There are no added sugars. 

The juices have low fiber content as the nutrients are removed from the fruits during the manufacturing process. 

The Naked juices are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. They contain many essential vitamins needed by the body, such as vitamins A, C, B6, B12, etc. They are low in saturated fat and sodium, which is good for the body. 

Overall, these are very healthy juices because they are 100% organic, non-GMO certified, and also gluten-free. There are no added preservatives or artificial flavors. They also use vitamin and protein supplements such as spirulina. 

People Also Ask

If you have any more questions about the Naked Juice vegan smoothies, you may find the answers below.

What Are The Benefits Of Naked Smoothies?

The Naked juice beverages are made from natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, which protect against various diseases and reduce the damage caused by oxidation. 

Vitamin B6, which is not produced by our body, treats anemia and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 

What Are Their Drawbacks?

The Naked smoothies are not just full of natural goodness. They have some drawbacks too. It is not viable to consume them daily as the high sugar content is bad for your health and can lead to weight gain. 

It will also do you no good to depend on juices to meet your daily nutrition needs as they are low in fiber. It is also advised to consume whole fruits and vegetables. 


Naked juices are made only from natural ingredients with no additives. You can easily find them at Costco, Target, or your neighborhood bodega. They are perfect for staying energized on the go, and just one bottle can do wonders. 

But be careful not to drink too much of it as the high-calorie count can increase your blood sugar. And always read the ingredient list because Naked Juice can change the recipe to add or remove some ingredients.

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