Are Pringles Vegan? The Ultimate Guide

When you make the decision to change your diet to a vegan diet, you really don’t think about all the foods that you may no longer be able to enjoy.

Are Pringles Vegan The Ultimate Guide

Of course, there are foods that you obviously know you will be giving up: cheese, bacon and milk, just to name a few. But there are others that you might not have considered. Pringles for example. 

Pringles are something that you might not have thought of when you decided to convert to a vegan diet. However, they are something that you will likely think of afterwards.

You know what they say about Pringles, once you pop, you just can’t stop. And you mind find yourself craving the pop of a tube of Pringles, but find yourself avoiding them because you’ve assumed they aren’t suitable for vegans. 

The good news is that some Pringles are suitable for vegans. However, it will depend on the flavor of Pringles that you choose.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll be taking a look at what Pringles are suitable for vegans, and which aren’t. So if you want to find out more, keep on reading! 

What Is A Vegan Diet?

First things first, let’s take a look at what a vegan diet is. Well as you are probably aware, a vegan diet is a diet that completely excludes any animal products. This includes any products that are derived from animals, so things such as milk, gelatin, and even honey. 

Some people follow a strict vegan diet, others are a little more lax, and this is generally in direct relation to their reason for being vegan.

If you are a vegan because you care about animals and the planet, then it is likely that you will follow a very strict diet.

In contrast, if you follow a vegan diet for health benefits, you might be a little more relaxed with certain foods that don’t upset your stomach or make you feel gross. 

For some people, a vegan diet will extend beyond the foods that they eat and the liquids they drink. Not only will they avoid things such as milk, honey, and meat, they will also avoid certain materials. This includes leather jackets and purses. ‘

Ultimately, you can tailor a vegan diet to suit you and your needs. But if you are following a strict vegan diet, you probably want to know if you can eat Pringles. Let’s find out.

Are Pringles Vegan?

As we said earlier, yes, some Pringles are vegan. However, not all Pringles are suitable for vegans. The base ingredients for the Pringles themselves are suitable for vegans.

However, in a lot of cases, the seasonings that are used to achieve the desired flavor of the Pringles aren’t actually suitable for vegans. This is why it is very important to research each flavor before you pop a tube of Pringles. 

If you are a vegan and you are craving the flavor of a Pringle, so much so that you don’t mind which flavor you have, you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out what types of Pringles are suitable for vegans. 

Pringles That Are Vegan

So without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the flavors of Pringles that are suitable for vegans.

Unfortunately, the list isn’t as long as you might hope, but there are still some amazing flavors on there. So, if you are vegan and you fancy some Pringles, you should consider buying one of the following flavors…


Let’s kick this off with perhaps the best flavor of Pringles to ever be invented: original. As the name suggests, Original Pringles are the original flavor of Pringles and they are the classic-salted flavor. 

To some, Original Pringles might seem a little boring, but in our opinion, you really cannot beat them. There is something pure and delicious about original Pringles that you do not get from any other flavor.

If you want a flavor of Pringles that you can eat tons of without that stingy feeling on your lips, then Original Pringles is the flavor for you.

Original Pringles might have a strange texture, which you would typically associate with animal products, but they are actually completely vegan. This unique texture is simply achieved by using dehydrated potato flour. 

Original Pringles are essentially Pringles in their most basic form, so there really is no surprise that they are suitable for people following a vegan diet.

After all, 42% of their ingredients are made up of potato flour. If you want a safe choice when it comes to vegan Pringles, you should reach for a tube of Original. 

Lightly Salted Original 

On the basis that original Pringles are suitable for vegans, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that lightly salted original Pringles are also suitable for vegans.

We won’t spend too much time talking about these Pringles because they are essentially the same as Original Pringles. They simply have less salt added to them. 

Lightly salted original Pringles are less common than Original Pringles, so you might find it a little more difficult to get your hands on this flavor. However, if you can, they are truly delicious. 

This flavor of Pringles is perfect for you if you are somebody who is on a diet or monitoring your salt intake. They are also great if you want to eat a lot of Pringles, but want a healthier alternative to the Original ones. 

Just like original Pringles, lightly salted Original Pringles are primarily made up of potato flour, and there really isn’t much else to note on the ingredients list. So you should definitely check them out if you are following a vegan diet. 

Wavy Classic Salted

Based on the last two flavors that we have looked at, it probably doesn’t surprise you that wavy classic salted Pringles are also vegan-friendly. 

There isn’t anything of note on the ingredients list for these Pringles, and they are very similar to the salted flavors we have just looked at. So, let’s move straight onto the next flavor.

Wasabi And Soy Sauce

But it isn’t only the “boring” flavors of Pringles that are suitable for those following a vegan diet. One of the most unique flavors that Pringles produce is Wasabi and Soy sauce, and this flavor is actually suitable for those following a vegan diet. 

Wasabi is a spicy flavor, and soy sauce is a unique flavor, so this flavor combination really isn’t for everyone. It is definitely something that you either love, or hate.

If you fall into the former category, and are also vegan, then you will be ecstatic to know that this flavor is perfectly suitable for vegans. 

One of our favorite things about the wasabi and soy sauce Pringles is that they are one of the few flavors that you really can stop yourself from eating.

Due to the kick of the Wasabi, your mouth will ask you to stop after a handful of Pringles, so this flavor is perfect if you want to watch how many you are eating.

They aren’t for everyone, but if you are vegan, they are suitable for you! 

Sriracha Asian Chili

On the topic of spicy Pringles, another flavor that packs a kick is the Sriracha Asian Chili Pringles. Just like the last flavor we looked at, they are definitely an acquired taste, but they are completely suitable for a vegan diet. 

If you are following a vegan diet, you can eat these Pringles confident in the knowledge that you are not damaging your diet.

The ingredients list for this flavor of Pringles is much more extensive than the other flavors we have looked at so far, but it is still completely suitable for vegans! 

There is one ingredient that causes some people concern in these Pringles, and that is “Red 40” which is often confused with “Red 4”.

Red 4 isn’t suitable for vegans as it is derived from Beetles. However, Red 40 is derived from petroleum instead, so it is totally fine for vegans to eat. 

These Pringles are full of flavor and totally delicious, and they are vegan-friendly too! 

Salsa De Chile

Another yummy, and spicy, flavor of Pringles that you can enjoy while following a vegan diet is Salsa de Chile. These Pringles are also sometimes listed as “Salsa de Chile Habanero” in some countries, but both are identical with the same ingredients used to make them. 

When you look at the ingredients list for these Pringles, there isn’t really anything alarming listed. They contain the same ingredients that you would expect from a salsa flavored snack.

They have various vegetable seasonings, and spices that you would associate with a salsa sauce. Something that people often expect to see listed in the ingredients list for these Pringles is “glycerides”. However, they do not actually contain any, so they are totally suitable for vegans.

Yes, this is another spicy flavor. But in comparison to the last few that we have looked at, these Pringles really aren’t all that spicy.

They’ve got a bit of a kick, but most people will be able to handle the spice of these Pringles. So, if you want to buy Pringles as snacks for your vegan guests, this is a safe flavor to choose. 


As we have established, the majority of the Pringles flavors that are suitable for vegans are spicy. We don’t know if we’d go as far as to refer to Paprika Pringles as spicy, but they definitely pack a bit of a kick, so they are in this area. 

We love Paprika Pringles because they are great if you like a little bit of spice, but you care about flavor more.

If you have already checked out the ingredients list for the other vegan Pringles that we have looked at so far, you will have noticed that paprika seasoning features on almost every flavor. This is because paprika is such a popular seasoning. 

These Pringles are great if you have loved the flavor of paprika in the other Pringles we have looked at so far, but want the Paprika flavor to be the main focus.

There isn’t really anything to scream about on the Paprika Pringles ingredients list, but we love that because it makes it easy to tell that they are vegan-friendly.

Kickin’ Chicken Taco

Yes, you read that right! Kickin’ Chicken Taco flavored Pringles are completely suitable for those following a vegan diet.

Based on the number of flavors that are notably missing from this list, it probably comes as even more of a surprise that a meat Pringles flavor is suitable for vegans, when so many other flavors are not. We know, we were just as shocked as you are! 

You might be wondering how a meat-flavor can be suitable for vegans, and that answer is simple. Meat isn’t actually used to create meat flavors in most chips, instead these flavors are artificially created until they taste similar to the original flavor.

Due to this, it is very rare for actual meat seasoning to be used in the creation of meat-flavored chips. It is a little confusing, but it really benefits any meat-loving vegans out there. 

There are lots of different things on the ingredient list for these Pringles, but none of them are derived from animals. So, feel free to pop open a tube of Kickin’ Chicken Taco Pringles if you are vegan! 


Let’s wrap this up with another flavor of Pringles that comes as a surprise, and that is bacon. If you have ever tasted bacon-flavored Pringles, then you will know that this flavor is a real-delight. They taste exactly like bacon, which makes the fact that they are suitable for vegans even more confusing. 

Just like the chicken-flavored Pringles that we just looked at, these Pringles contain absolutely zero animal-derived products in their ingredients list.

We don’t quite know how they were able to create such a realistic bacon flavor without using meat-flavors, but they have. 

If you need a meaty fix without breaking your vegan diet, this is the flavor that we would recommend reaching for. They are delicious and totally satisfying, definitely worth a try!  

Pringles That Aren’t Vegan

Pringles That Aren’t Vegan

Now that we have taken a look at all the flavors of Pringles that are suitable for vegans, let’s talk about some of the flavors that aren’t actually suitable for vegans. 

As you have probably noticed, there are quite a few notable flavors of Pringles that aren’t on this list, flavors that you probably would have assumed are suitable for vegans.

So, let’s take a look at some of these flavors, and the reason why they are unsuitable for vegans.

Salt And Vinegar

For many people, the flavor most notably missing from this list will likely be salt and vinegar. The flavor name “salt and vinegar” gives absolutely zero suggestion that there are any animal-derived products in these Pringles. However, if you check out the ingredients list, you will find that in reality there are. 

Unfortunately, salt and vinegar Pringles are not simply Original Pringles topped with Vinegar. In addition to vinegar, lactose is also added to the ingredients list for these Pringles.

Lactose is a sugar that is naturally found in cow’s milk. So, it is technically an animal-derived ingredient, which makes it unsuitable for vegans. This means that you sadly cannot enjoy these tasty Pringles while following a vegan diet. 

Screamin’ Dill

Just like salt and vinegar Pringles, the Screamin’ Dill flavor has also fallen victim to the use of lactose. So, while you might expect these Pringles to be suitable for vegans based on their name they actually aren’t. 


Yet another flavor of Pringles to fall victim to the use of dairy ingredients is BBQ. Not only does this flavor of Pringles use lactose, it also uses whey protein which is a fatty protein taken from cow’s milk.

So, you can’t eat BBQ Pringles when following a vegan diet. The same can be said for any flavors that include “cheese” in the title, for obvious reasons. 


In short, yes, some Pringles are suitable for vegans. However, there are quite a lot of flavors of Pringles that are unsuitable for those following a vegan diet.

These include some flavors that might surprise you. But, likewise, there are a number of vegan flavors that might surprise you too. 

Check out the ultimate guide above to find out more!

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