Are Quaker Rice Cakes Vegan: Everything You Need To Know

Quaker rice cakes are available in many finger-licking flavors, some of which are vegan and some are not. So, read this article before you add them to your shopping cart. 

We will talk about all the flavors in detail and go over their ingredients. We will also talk about their nutritional value and various health concerns. Let’s dive in!

Nutritional Value In Quaker Rice Cakes

Quaker rice cakes are a favorite among gym-goers and people on diets because of their advertised low calories and carbohydrates. But low fat does not always mean healthy. There are a lot of health concerns surrounding this product. 

It is low in essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. This is why it is recommended to use high-protein vegan toppings such as yogurt, chia seeds, fruits, and granola. Adding these balances the fat and fiber. This makes them healthier, and you can eat them guilt-free!

Rice cakes have refined sugars that can make you hungry quicker than normal. And if you eat too much, you will risk raising your blood sugar. Puffed rice is generally low in antioxidants. Some of the flavors are high in sodium, which can increase the chance of heart disease and high blood pressure. 

However, there is one advantage to consuming rice cakes. They are made from whole grain brown rice, which is rich in fiber and magnesium. It reduces the risk of chronic heart disease and stroke. 

Different Varieties Of Quaker Rice Cakes

Quaker rice cakes are known to be very crunchy and fresh. They are an ideal evening snack and can be enjoyed with many healthy toppings of fruits, butter, and marmalades. 

We have listed below the flavors suitable for vegans and the flavors that they should avoid. 

Let’s start!

Vegan Flavors

The following flavors are made from plant-based ingredients and have natural ingredients. They do not have any animal derivatives or dairy products, which makes them suitable for vegans. 

Let us go over these products:

  1. Salt-Free

This is a perfect snack for anyone who is looking to cut sodium from their diet. They can be a little bland, so it is best to use nut or seed butter toppings. You can also use fruits for toppings, such as avocados or grape jelly.  

It is made from whole grain brown rice and is gluten-free. It is low in calories, with only 35 calories per serving and 0 mg of trans fat. 

  1. Lightly Salted

The lightly salted version of quaker rice cakes is made from whole grain brown rice (9 g) with 1% sodium (15 mg). Other ingredients include fructose, cinnamon, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, and natural flavor. These are dairy-free and safe for vegans to consume. 

It is gluten-free, which makes it a great substitute for bread. And it also makes it easy to keep track of your calorie consumption. You can enjoy these with salsa and a fresh cilantro dressing. 

  1. Caramel Corn

These are light, crisp, and sweet, with a subtle caramel flavor. You can enjoy them with a peanut butter spread or as a dessert with some ice cream and whipped cream. 

It is made from brown rice, milled corn, caramel, salt, sugar, fructose, maltodextrin, and soy ingredients. There are no added artificial flavors, and it is dairy-free. It contains 50 calories per serving. 

  1. Apple Cinnamon

These are quite flavorful, with no bits of apple, just natural flavor. If you like sweet snacks, then apple cinnamon is the way to go. Some toppings that will complement the sweet apple-cinnamon flavor are dark chocolate butter, banana slices, and sunflower seeds. 

Its base ingredients are whole grain brown rice, fructose, sugar, maltodextrin, and soy lecithin. It contains 50 calories per serving, with 11g of carbs and 3g of sugar. 

Non-Vegan Flavors 

Four quaker rice flavors contain milk and milk derivatives, which makes them unfit for a vegan diet. These products are:

  1. Garden Tomato And Basil

These savory treats are the perfect combination of salty and tangy. But, sadly, they are not suitable for vegans. Its ingredients contain milk and soy ingredients. It has 50 calories per serving with 8g carbs and 2g fat. 

Non-vegans can enjoy this with hummus or cream cheese. They are certified gluten-free. 

  1. Chocolate

These contain milk chocolate chips made from dry whole milk. This is a dairy product, which makes the chocolate-flavored rice cakes non-vegan. It also contains artificial flavor, preservatives to maintain freshness, and soy ingredients. 

They are completely gluten-free. One rice cake has 60 calories, 10g whole grain, 12g carbohydrates, and 4g sugar. They have a sweet flavor, and you can enjoy them as an after-meal snack with plant-based sweeteners such as maple syrup and peanut butter. 

  1. White Cheddar

Since this is a cheddar flavored product, it contains dairy in the form of cheddar cheese and cultured milk. It also contains milk fat, which makes it non-vegan. It is gluten-free with 5g of whole grain and 45 calories per serving. It is low in calories but high in sodium (100 mg per serving).

It is best enjoyed with avocado slices, butter, or fruit jam. 

  1. Butter Popcorn

The list of ingredients includes whole-grain brown rice, degerminated milled corn, salt, and natural flavor. They also contain milk derivatives. These are also gluten-free with 5g whole grain, 7g carbohydrates, and no added sugar.

It is a staple for anyone on a diet craving munchies because of the low-calorie count. The toppings that complement this flavor are peanut butter and cheddar cheese. 

People Also Ask

We have answered some of the frequently asked questions about quaker rice cakes that can help with planning your diet.

  1. Are Quaker Rice Cakes Keto-Friendly?

A ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Quaker rice cakes are not keto-friendly as they are high in carbohydrates and low in fat. And they contain grains, which are not part of a keto-friendly diet and can increase your blood sugar. 

  1. Are Quaker Rice Cakes Healthy?

Overconsumption of anything is bad for you. That being said, rice cakes are not unhealthy if eaten in low quantities. You can eat them as a light snack between meals, but you will need to have a proper meal that can fulfill your body’s nutrition requirements. 


The bottom line is that quaker rice cakes can be consumed by vegans if you only choose the right flavor. They are not very healthy, but you can use protein-rich toppings such as yogurt and fresh fruits like avocado and blueberries. 

But if you ever feel like having a cheat day, these will make for a perfectly crunchy and light snack!

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