Are Ring Pops Vegan?

Have you ever desired lavish jewelry that you could eat? Then Ring Pops can fulfill this desire. But as a vegan, you always have to wonder whether a particular food item is suitable for you or not and Ring Pops are no different. 

Fortunately, Ping Pops are usually classified as plant-based products. However, there can be some exceptions as there are different varieties of the product, and not all of them maybe 100% vegan.

For several continuous years, Ring Pops was added to many vegan-friendly lists of products. Hence, you can eat these mouth-watery sugary treats without much hesitation.

What’s Inside a Ring Pop?

Ring Pops are found in several varieties. From sour candies to the vintage fruity ones, you can find your favorite sugary treats. All these types are enough to fill your mouth with sweetness and joy.

The ingredients used to make these candies may differ depending on their variety. But most Ring Pops use similar components. Here’s what you will find in its classic type, like the cherry variety.


  • Sugar
  • Red 3
  • Buffered lactic acid
  • Natural flavors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Pear juice
  • Corn Syrup
  • Blue 1

Is Sugar Vegan-Friendly?

Many vegans have concerns about how sugar is produced. That is why many of them only opt for the sugar which is approved as a vegan product. Sugar can also be processed by using bone char, which is animal-derived. Therefore, it is vital to know how sugar is produced.

Ring Pops does not mention how the sugar is produced to make these candies. If you strictly follow a plant-based diet, you may want to avoid these candies. 

On the other hand, some vegans follow a certain rule when picking food items. They look at the ingredient lists and find whether any obvious animal-derived substance is present or not. If it is used in the production process, they avoid it. Sugar is not mixed with the bone char during manufacturing, making it suitable for most vegans. In the end, it all depends on how you feel about this situation.

The Vegan-Friendly Lactic Acid

You may already know this acid as the primary source of curd and muscle cramps. Since curd is a dairy product, does that mean lactic acid is not vegan? Many people confuse lactic acid with lactose. Remember that lactic acid is not the same as lactose because lactose is the sugar present in milk. Lactic acid, on the other hand, is not necessarily acquired from milk.

Many industries extract the required lactic acid from the lactobacillus bacteria or by chemical synthesis of this acid through petroleum. Hence, this organic acid is a suitable food item for vegans.

The Mystery of Natural Flavors

Natural flavors instill a sense of mystery among many. Since it can be obtained from both plant and animal sources, most try to ignore it. However, Ring Pops is a widely accepted vegan product, but this vagueness may cause strict followers to avoid it.

Is the Red Color Animal-Derived?

The red color you see on many food items is usually developed with the help of animals (mostly insects). You can identify it as the ‘Red 4’ additive in the ingredients list.

However, the standard candies do not employ the Red 4 additive. Instead, the Red 3 additive is used, which is produced from coal tar. It is definitely not healthy, but it is suitable for vegans.

Problem With Ring Pop Gummies

Regular Ring Pops are suitable for people who follow a plant-based diet as it doesn’t contain an animal-derived ingredient. However, this is not true with the Ring Pop Gummy. These chewy siblings have gelatin in them, which keeps them away.

Gelatin is a type of protein obtained from animal parts. It is derived by boiling the tendons and ligaments. These parts are boiled to extract the gelatin from them. Hence, the Ring Pop Gummy is not the choice for you if you want to follow veganism.

Alternatives to Ring Pops 

If you are not a strict vegan, you can eat Ring Pops without any concern. But if you are not, the ingredients might be a bit concerning. The artificial food coloring agents, natural flavors, lactic acid, or sugar may cause ambiguity in your mind. Therefore, if any of these ingredients do not match your standards, you can switch to these perfect vegan alternatives.


You may have discarded the Ring Pops because it contains artificial colorants. But this is not the case with YumEarth, as they have been certified as organic, vegan, and gluten-free candies.

These candies will match your standards from every aspect as they are completely plant-derived. These sucker candies are produced in an attempt to save the animals from exploitation. 

The plant-based food dyes made by YumEarth do not even have to be tested on animals. This has helped in keeping animals safe from being used as test subjects. If you wonder, these dyes are primarily extracted from black carrots and pumpkins.

You should know that these candies are still a source of added sugar. Therefore, they are not necessarily healthy for you but are still a better choice than Ring Pops.


Another vegan brand that produces drool-worthy sweet treats is GoOrganic candies. The 100% vegan components present in the product will ensure that your taste buds enjoy every bit of it.

Generally, GoOrganic manufacturers two types of flavors: pomegranate and blood orange. These varieties are popular among many vegans.

The Bottom Line

Ring Pops are a great way to satisfy your taste buds. The ingredients used to make them are also vegan. However, some of them may induce confusion in your mind. 

So, the bottom line is that it all depends on how you perceive the situation. Some people don’t have any problem consuming these ingredients, while some may try to avoid them. If your definition of veganism allows you to eat Ring Pops, nothing should stop you from eating them. Just make sure you don’t go overboard consuming it.

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