Are Stacy’s Pita Chips Vegan? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Pita chips are often marketed as healthy alternatives to other processed foods as it made from pita bread, a Middle Eastern delicacy. Stacy’s pita chips are flavorful and fresh-baked with a crunchy texture at the crust. 

These pita chips are available in several flavors and go well with dips like hummus. So, are Stacy’s pita chips vegan? Yes, they are, but some flavors contain milk derivatives in their dough. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Stacy’s pita chips.

Are Pita Chips Healthy? 

Pita chips are believed to be low in calories than original potato chips though some brands rack up as much fat and sodium as a bag of Doritos. These triangular-shaped crunchy delights are enriched with B vitamins. Micronutrients are important for developing your cognitive system and promoting a healthy metabolism. 

Though the product seems to be a healthy snack for fulfilling cravings, you should consume it in moderation. 

How Are Pita Chips Made? 

Pita chips are made from real pita bread and seasoned with sea salt. The process of making pita chips is more or less similar to pita bread, where the dough is kneaded and flattened to create air pockets. Subsequently, it is baked at high temperatures to attain a full, plump appearance. 

Similarly, pita chips are produced in the same manner, cut into roughly drawn triangle-shaped pieces, and then fried. There are variations to this recipe as the brand uses rosemary extract in its formula to enhance flavors. 

What’s The Difference Between Pita Chips and Pita Bread?

There are no major differences between pita chips and pita bread, although the latter contains fewer calories and is fluffier than its counterpart. Pita chips are usually seasoned with some kind of flavor, while pita bread is mostly organic and vegan.

If you are health conscious and on a strict diet, then pita bread is a relatively better choice for giving in to your cravings without jeopardizing your daily calorie intake. Overall, pita chips are not bad for you if you crave them but always remember to snack in moderation. 

Stacy’s Pita Chips Flavours 

Stacy’s Pita chips are available in a diverse range of flavors–so they offer something for everyone. Some vegan, as well as non-vegan flavors are listed below. 

Simply Naked

These twice-baked and salt-seasoned chips are enriched in wheat flour and organic cane sugar so it is a great vegan option. If we look at its nutritional profile, it contains a mix of minimal and natural ingredients. 

Overall, it is low in fats and calories and contains 3g of protein which doesn’t do much in terms of vitamins and minerals, but you can’t expect much from a snack, right? 

Cinnamon Sugar

These Stacy’s Pita Chips have a sweet, cinnamon flavor. There are tiny sugary crystals on the chips that balance the woody flavor with a hint of sweetness. If we look at the ingredient list, it contains enriched wheat flour and organic sugar cane. 

It even contains brown sugar, which is not filtered through bone char and is derived from milled cane sugars. 


Freshly baked and thicker in texture than other flavors, the multigrain variant boasts a poly and mono-unsaturated fat content. These fats help lower your cholesterol level which inadvertently reduces your risk for heart disease. 

These pita chips are extremely crunchy and perfectly salted. The only downside is that the pack is loaded with a lot of calories and sodium compared to its portion–containing a mere nine chips in total. However, if you are not perturbed by the health-related facts then this flavor is pretty solid! It is also vegan-friendly. 

Parmesan and Garlic Herb 

If you haven’t guessed, these crispy pita chips are formulated with a parmesan base. Parmesan is a type of hard, granular cheese made from cow’s skimmed milk. Since this flavor contains hints of parmesan, it is not a vegan-friendly product. 

Garden Veggie Medley 

This flavor reminds me of strolling through a garden as it is enriched with authentic garden flavors like thyme, tomatoes and onions right into the pita bread dough. These pita chips are fresh-tasting with a delightfully crisp texture. 

It contains no added flavors or preservatives, so it is vegan. Pair with a dip, or eat it straight from the bag for a medley of flavors! 

Toasted Cheddar 

This is another non-vegan flavor as it is made from real cheddar baked with pita bread. It is artfully crafted with high-quality ingredients, but it is a letdown for vegans as it contains milk derivatives and cheddar cheese. 

Fire Roasted Jalapeno 

These zesty pita chips are mixed with authentic spices and jalapeños encrusted in the dough. These chips pack a fire-filled crunch with their spice level and are a roasted kick for your taste buds. 

In addition to its thoroughly appetizing flavor, it is also vegan-friendly, so you get the best of both worlds if you’re vegan and a lover of spicy foods! 


Here are a few other common questions people ask.

Are Stacy’s Pita Chips Gluten-Free? 

Stacy’s Pita Chips are not gluten-free as it contains enriched wheat flour. All of the flavors contain gluten, and they do not provide any gluten-free options. 

Do Stacy’s Peta Chips Have Dairy?

The vegan flavor does not have any milk derivates, but its non-vegan counterparts contain cheese and milk. So, avoid these flavors if you are looking for dairy-free options: Parmesan and Garlic herb and Toasted Cheddar. 


Stacy’s Pita Chips are a great addition to your weekend snacking routine as they provide a wide range of flavors catered for everyone. You can indulge in a pack of freshly-baked pita chips as they’re mostly vegan-friendly. 

Avoid the aforementioned non-vegan flavors, and you’ll be good to go. Happy snacking! 

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