Are Starburst Vegan? Read This

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy soft, sweet, chewy, fruit candies. Everyone with a sweet tooth loves this stuff!

And Starburst makes some of the best candies, however, they’re not suitable for vegans in the US. In the UK, they’re classified as vegan candy.

In case you didn’t know, Starburst originated in the UK, but they weren’t initially vegan. Today, the company sells vegan Starburst versions that haven’t reached the US yet

 Below, I will discuss Starburst in detail and explain why they’re not considered vegan. 

What Is Starburst?

When you hear Starburst, you think of box-shaped, fruit-flavored, sweet, and chewy candies. Starburst is produced by The Wrigley Company, a subsidiary of Mars, Inc.

Their products come as candy canes, gum, popsicles, jelly beans, candy corn, and even lip gloss!

I liked their candies and jelly beans before I became vegan because they come in many different flavors including lemon, cherry, orange, strawberry, pina colada, etc. When I started researching the content of these candies, I found out that they’ve been around for a long time.

And they weren’t vegan or vegetarian in the beginning, however, in recent years, they’re modifying their recipes. Still, they’re not considered vegan in the US because of many different reasons. Overall, they’re not vegan because they have gelatin, artificial colors, and cane sugar.

You might be wondering, what’s wrong with cane sugar. And I will explain all about it below! Moreover, Starburst has palm fat which isn’t vegan-friendly.

As you can notice, it’s hard to determine if something isn’t vegan nowadays, especially if you don’t do deep research.

What Is Starburst Made Of?

I’ve discovered that candies and jelly beans by Starburst have a similar composition. They’re made of corn syrup, sugar, fruit juice from concentrate (orange, cherry, apple, and so on), palm oil, and artificial colors and flavors.

If all Starburst recipes only included the ingredients I’ve just mentioned, technically, they would be vegan but some of their candies also contain gelatin.

And depending on the taste and where the candy is produced and sold, they might have different ingredients.

Does Starbust Have Gelatin?

Classic candies by Starburst produced in the US aren’t vegan because they have gelatin. And in case you didn’t know, gelatin is a protein obtained from boiling different animal parts such as ligaments, tendons, skin, and/or bones.

In the UK, Starburst candies don’t have gelatin, so they’re technically vegan. As a vegan, I always check the ingredients before I buy candy because sometimes, the UK stores can import US-based candies, so keep your eyes open!

Is Starburst Jello Vegan?

Luckily, Starburst jelly beans don’t have gelatin. However, what they do have which isn’t vegan-friendly is confectioner’s glaze.

In case you didn’t know, a confectioner’s glaze is a substance that gives the jelly beans a shiny outside layer.

The issue with this substance is that it’s made of shellac, a resin secreted by the female lac bug on trees in the forests of countries like Thailand and India.

Therefore, jelly beans by Starburst aren’t vegan. Other questionable ingredients include palm oil, sugar, and artificial flavors and colors.

Now, these ingredients aren’t made of animals, thus they’re technically vegan, however, there’s a bigger problem at play with each one.

They actually affect animals in different negative ways. So, vegans with a more strict perspective should definitely avoid these ingredients.

Does Starbust Contain Dairy?

Starburst doesn’t contain milk or eggs. However, their US version contains gelatin, therefore, they’re not vegan-friendly.

Is Starbust Vegan?

Everyone likes Starburst! It’s usually associated with kids. However, it’s also very addictive for people of all ages, including full-grown adults like myself, at least until I became vegan. Unfortunately, Starburst isn’t vegan in the US. If you reside in the UK, you can find vegan versions of Starburst.

Will It Ever Be?

According to their Instagram, Starburst has launched their first gelatin-free candy.

The vegan gummies, which they shared in a recent story, come in a mixed bag that has 4 flavors including orange, strawberry, lemon, and cherry.

It’s a plant-based version of their existing gummies line which has gelatin.

In recent years, more and more candy manufacturers changed their recipes and started producing vegan products. Starburst seems to be following the trend, so hopefully, they will also start creating plant-based candies in the US soon.

Until then, check the following vegan alternatives available out there!

In The Meantime, Check Out These Vegan Alternatives!

Vegans aren’t sentenced to life without candy because there’s a wide range of vegan candies out there! Starburst isn’t still vegan in the US, however, you can enjoy other alternatives that taste just as good as Starburst. Let’s take a look and choose a vegan candy that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Wholesome Organic Fruit Chews

The Wholesome Organic Fruit Chews come in different flavors including orange, lemon, strawberry, and cherry. They’re certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, and delish.

The best part? They don’t include sugar filtered through bone char and artificial colors and flavors.

Lovely Candy Co. Organic Fruit Chews

The reason why I love Lovely Candy Co.’s Fruit Chews is that they’re not packed with bone sugar. They’re made with organic sugar that isn’t filtered over bone char and other natural ingredients.

They’re gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and free of the most common allergens. The only negative side is the inclusion of palm oil, which isn’t great.

Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities

Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities make a great choice for vegans!

They’re made from organic cane syrup, organic brown rice syrup, sustainably sourced organic palm shortening, organic rice extract, natural sour apple flavor with other natural flavors, ascorbic acid, and citric acid.

And they’re delicious!

Make Your Own Vegan Candy!

Until Starburst introduces vegan candy in the US, you can either enjoy some of the alternatives already available on the market or make your own vegan candy in just minutes with simple, vegan-friendly ingredients!

Share your tips, suggestions, and opinions in the comment section down below!

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