Are Takis Vegan?

Takis are a delicious, rolled, crunchy tortilla chip.

They come in many flavors, and they are widely available in many stores in the US. One of the burning questions people tend to have (excuse the pun), is whether they are suitable for vegans.

Are Takis Vegan

Takis come in a lot of flavors, and some of those flavors contain dairy. However, some may surprise you. In this article, we are going to tell you about takis, and tell you whether they are vegan or not.

What Are Takis?

Takis are a kind of rolled corn tortilla chip, and they are known for being incredibly crunchy and delicious. Takis are essentially rolled Doritos, and they are known for being extremely spicy.

There are some non-spicy flavors, too, but their most notable flavor is the fuego flavor, with its recognizable purple and yellow packaging.

What Flavors Are There Of Takis?

Takis are some delicious chips, coming in some delicious flavors. There are five main flavors that Takis come in.

The fuego flavor is hot chili pepper and lime. The crunchy fajita is the spicy tomato fajita flavor. The guacamole features a fresh spicy guacamole flavor. The nitro flavor is a lime, cucumber, and habanero flavor, and the xplosion is the chili pepper and cheese flavor.

It is surprising that the fuego flavor is the most popular, rather than the spicy cheese flavor. There are also some additional flavors of Takis.

This includes the spicy angry burger flavor (includes dill pickle flavors, too), the authentic hot taco flavor, the cobra extra spicy flavor, the spicy BBQ Picante flavor, the extreme blue flame barbecue flavor, the lava cheese and chipotle flavor, and the hot buffalo wild flavor.

There are additional flavors of Takis that are special editions and are not sold all year round.

Are Takis vegan?

Takis are surprisingly vegan! This is good news for all Takis lovers. Most of the flavors are vegan, but there are some flavors that are not, and you should be aware of what flavors these are.

The classic fuego flavor Takis is vegan, as they do not contain eggs, milk, or any ingredients deriving from animals.

These are regarded as some of the best vegan chips out there, partly due to the corn masa flour that they are made with.

The zombie flavor Takis is also vegan. These are their seasonal Halloween flavor, and they are habanero flavor, with a hint of lime.

The popular nitro flavor Takis is also vegan. On the outside, they are labeled as extremely hot, and they contain some extreme habanero flavors that you may not even be able to handle!

The salsa brava Takis are also vegan. These delicious chips are a great choice, and they are hot sauce flavored, but not too extreme.

How Are Takis Red?

A lot of the Takis are bright red, and they are known for this, as well as their strong spice. Although a lot of Takis are vegan, the red color derives from a dye called red 40.

This red 40 is not made from animal products, but it is often used to test on animals, and this is something that vegans tend to avoid. For this reason, some vegans do not like to eat or buy Takis.

Although Takis do not have any animal derivative ingredients present, there is still an association with animal testing.

Which Taki Flavors Are Not Vegan?

There are a few Taki flavors that are not vegan. This includes guacamole, xplosion, and crunchy fajita flavors, as these contain milk and eggs.

What Are Takis Made Of?

Takis are made in Mexico in a lot of cases, and they are made of masa corn flour, vegetable oil, various seasonings, soy protein, sugar, citric acid, and yeast extract. There are also the additions of coloring and flavors that are specific to the type of Takis.

Are Takis Vegan

What Other Chips Are Vegan?

Other vegan chips are available to buy, and they are not even supposed to be vegan. This includes some Doritos and Pringles flavors.

Can I Make Takis?

It is possible to make Takis, but they are rather difficult to make at home. To make Takis are home, you will need to mix the corn mixture into a kind of paste and form it into rolled shapes. You would then need to bake or fry them and season them with the chosen seasonings.

Why Are Takis So Addictive?

Takis are known to be deliciously addictive. This is because of the hand-to-mouth eating pattern, rather than the ingredients present within Takis.

It is not so much about eating the actual chips, but the chips can trigger a feel-good chemical in your brain. This is called serotonin.

Your taste buds respond to the pleasure of eating the chips, and the repetitive motion in which you eat them. Next time you have a bag of Taki, pay attention to how fast you are reaching into the bag for another chip!

What Happens If You Eat A Whole Bag Of Takis?

It is generally not the best idea to eat an entire bag of chips, especially spicy ones.

Takis, like other spicy chips and food, can actually irritate the lining of your abdomen. This includes the stomach lining, and this can cause some real pain for you.

If you consume an entire bag of Takis, you will have a stomach ache. It can sometimes cause gastritis, which is a temporary or permanent condition that is known for having immense stomach aches, nausea, and sometimes vomiting.

So, next time you think about finishing off the bag, think again! If you finish off the full bag, you may experience some not-so-nice stomach aches for a few hours.

Final Thoughts

Takis are a delicious chip, and they are a popular choice for vegans. They are spicy and flavorful, hence why a lot of people may not know that they are accidentally vegan!

A lot of the Taki flavors are vegan, and you are bound to find them in all stores.

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