Can I Eat Watermelon And Mango Together?

Watermelon and mango are probably two of the world’s favorite fruits. They are sweet, delicious, and the perfect snack for a hot summer’s day.

Can I Eat Watermelon And Mango Together

Delicious as they are, have you ever thought about whether they should be eaten together or not?

No? Not many people do! Too often, the allure of having a fresh fruit salad with these two ingredients is too much to second-guess.

But should we be second-guessing it? We’re going to be taking a look at whether you should be eating watermelon and mango together, and find out why.

Should Watermelon And Mango Be Eaten Together?

Unfortunately, we’ve got bad news for all the fruit lovers out there. Melons – any kind of melons, including watermelons, should never be eaten with any other fruit.

Why? They should only be eaten with other melons because of their high water percentage. Because of their water content, they digest very quickly.

This can lead to half the food in your stomach being digested, while the other half isn’t, which isn’t ideal for anyone!

What Are The Risks?

The only real risk of combining watermelon with mango is a difference in digestion time.

This might lead the body to absorb nutrients at a different time. That, however, is nothing that is thought to be dangerous.

If you hadn’t noticed, people have been combining watermelon and mango (and many other fruits) for longer than any of us have been alive.

There are so many recipes out there of fruit salads or smoothies that combine watermelon and mango.

Because of this, while some diets warn against combining the two, it isn’t anything that you should be particularly worried about.

With that being said, issues might arise if you have an especially sensitive stomach or digestive system.

Since we are all unique individuals, it is not impossible for combining these fruits to have a different effect on every one of us.

The vast majority of people are unlikely to notice anything different if they eat watermelon and mango together. That isn’t to say that a small minority may experience a different outcome.

What Should You Eat With Watermelon?

As we briefly mentioned, watermelon, or any melon, should only be eaten with other melons.

The reason comes down to the water content of these fruits and how quickly they digest.

Compared to other fruits (fruits that are not melons), melons will be digested by the body very quickly. When digestion happens, nutrients are absorbed by the body.

So, if you are planning on enjoying a melon of any sort, some diets do not recommend mixing it with any other fruit.

Stick to melons, whether it is more watermelon, muskmelon, or anything else similar. If you’re a smoothie lover and like starting your day off with a watermelon and mango smoothie, you might want to think twice.

Again, however, this way of thinking is only typically popular in some dieting circles. For the majority of the population, thinking about which fruits we combine isn’t too important in daily life.

Should You Avoid Eating Watermelon And Mango Together?

If you are someone who is prone to digestive issues, there is likely to be a lot of truth in avoiding watermelon and mango.

Similarly, there are a number of food combinations that many experts say should not be mixed (like fruit and yogurt, for one).

For some with digestive or other health issues, there might be a genuine difference when watermelon and mango are combined.

However, once again, for the majority of people, there is unlikely to be any real difference that we feel. That doesn’t mean that it is not beneficial to avoid other fruits when enjoying watermelon, though.

Something To Consider

In the end, there is still a lot that we don’t know about digestion and the human experience. Science is always improving, and we as humans are constantly learning new things.

When it comes to understanding diets and nutrition, there is still a lot that we don’t know about. Because of that, you can never truly say “yes” or “no” to something that we don’t fully understand.

In this case, most people are on the fence because we do not fully understand how our bodies work.

Everyone’s digestion will be different. That means that we need to be mindful of all things that could have a negative (and positive) impact in the way our bodies work.

Watermelon, and any melons, can have varying effects on people. As such, the real answer is a lot more complex than you might initially think. 

Final Thoughts 

The argument for mixing watermelon and mango is something that has been argued about for some time.

Because of the differing water percentages in watermelon and mango, many argue that these fruits should not be combined.

These differences in water in the fruits mean that the rate of digestion is incredibly different. As a whole, watermelon will digest much faster than other fruits.

This is not something that is ideal, and because of this, it is argued that watermelon should only be eaten with other melons. 

However, there are also a number of people arguing against that. We as humans have been eating and combining fruits for a long time.

Watermelon and mango is a classic summer pairing that many of us know and love. There have not been reported adverse effects because of this combination, which leads many to say they can be paired.

While there is no real way of knowing the truth right now, being conscious of the benefits of not mixing watermelon and mango would not be harmful.

This rule may be helpful to anyone who has digestion issues, or is sensitive to the combination. More research is constantly being done in the field of digestion.

Until we fully understand it, there’s no harm in being cautious if you think that it is something that could affect your health and wellbeing. 

Unfortunately, there is no real answer to the question in this case. All you can do is do what feels right for you. For most people, the digestion differences are hardly a factor to consider.

For others, it may be something that benefits their lives greatly. 

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