Can You Eat Flax Seeds And Chia Seeds Together?

Of course, you can, and you are advised to. Mix chia seeds and flax ones to include much more nutritional value in your diet.

Flax seeds and chia ones have become increasingly popular during the last few years due to their health benefits and are more and more included in meals daily. Eating chia and flax seeds is promoted everywhere, and it is not only a scheme.

The benefits of eating these seeds full of nutrients can be seen and felt only by consuming them for a couple of weeks.

How Do The Chia Seeds And The Flax Seeds Differ?

The health benefits of eating both chia seeds and flax seeds on a daily regime are unquestioned. So many fitness and workout enthusiasts include chia and flax seeds in their food. Whether they eat smoothies, oatmeal, salad, or yogurt, they consume chia seeds and flax seeds in their daily diet.

Therefore, let us review the chia seeds vs. the flax seeds, the ways they differ, and contribute to your health.

Chia Seeds

Born from the Salvia hispanica plant, chia seeds are tiny seeds that come from a mint flowering plant from the southern area of Mexico. In the past, the Aztecs and the Mayans used them as oil seeds in Guatemala and Mexico.

Chia seeds are small and oval-shaped, growing from the chia plant. People tend to buy them whole, and they have a black and white variety. Their taste is bland.

Chia seeds have higher fiber content; they are rich in soluble fiber. This can lead to lower cholesterol levels. However, it can also reduce appetite.

Chia seeds are easily digested whether you eat them whole or ground. The ground form of flax is also called flaxseed meal. In addition, they provide some other micronutrients, such as phosphorus and manganese.

Flax Seeds

The history of flax seeds goes back to the beginning of our civilized world. They are said to have originated from the Middle East. People in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. grew flaxseeds as some of the oldest food supplies and crops. 

Flaxseeds in Latin is ‘Linum usitatissimum,’ meaning ‘very useful.’ This is such an appropriate translation since flax seeds have so many health benefits as well as other purposes and uses.

Flex seeds are bigger than chia seeds and somehow flatter. Another name is ‘linseeds.’ They could be brown or golden. You can choose between whole flax seeds and ground flaxseed.

Flaxseeds are recommended to those who need to manage their cholesterol and diabetes or to lower heart disease risks. Since they contain vitamin E, they are good for eye health too.

Is Eating Chia Seeds Healthier Than Eating Flax Seeds?

If you wish to improve your heart health, introduce more protein, vitamins, and insoluble fiber, or improve your blood pressure, introducing one tablespoon of chia and flax seeds into your diet might be the best. Flax and chia seeds offer similar benefits and are incredibly versatile since you can use them in many ways.


The fiber content in chia is lower than the one in flaxseeds. Yet, flax comes with more insoluble fiber, which might be helpful for those who have trouble with constipation. Also, those with a more sensitive digestive tract need to choose flax over chia since flax is easier to tolerate.

Due to their high fiber content, chia seeds can be overused in chia pudding or other smoothies. By consuming chia seed, you might feel fuller for a longer period, yet you might experience some bloating too.


Regarding protein, chia seeds have the upper hand because they contain 5 grams of protein in an ounce, whereas flax seeds contain 4 grams of protein.


Flaxseed has more omega-3s than chia. Flaxseed has alpha-linolenic acid. It contains healthy fats and can improve vitamin D absorption by eating the two seeds together.

Should You Mix And Eat Chia Seeds With Flax Seeds?

You could, you should, and you need to try them in many recipes. Eating together these two powerful seeds comes with many nutrition benefits. But, of course, you need to take care of how much seed you add to your meal so that it is not overwhelming and unbearable.

Yet, if you eat the two seeds together, this can help you eat them more overall. So, in terms of weight, you may eat more of a mixture than if you eat them separately. This way, you get more nutritional value from both seeds.

Although chia seeds and flax seeds have similar characteristics, they differ in some ways. Flax offers more fat and calories, while chia is higher in fiber and carbohydrates. This is the main reason to mix them. You get all of these nutrition values in one meal.

With flax seeds that are full of dietary fiber and chia seeds that can be put in baked goods, you will reduce inflammation, eat for a healthier heart, and focus on lowering blood pressure.


How Much Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds Should One Eat Per Day?

The most common serving would be two tablespoons a day (25 grams), twice a day. One to two tablespoons is the recommended amount, so that you could add one tablespoon of ground flax and one tablespoon of chia flour.

Can Flaxseed Flatten Your Stomach?

Try some baked goods recipes, mix flax seed powder with chia powder and see for yourself. These seeds are amazing for weight loss and reducing belly fat. Take one tablespoon of each seed daily. Flaxseeds are highly recommended since they reduce bloating and keep your digestive system healthy.

Can You Eat Flax And Chia Seeds Every Day?

Yes, you can. However, it would be best if you did not overeat them because they provide fat and due to the fact they are much higher in calories. Chia seeds and flaxseeds will give you a range of nutrients if you consume the right amount, not too much, not too little.

Overall, you should not avoid eating both seeds together. On the contrary, you should mix them in smoothies, oatmeal, yogurts, and similar foods and enjoy their nutritional benefits.

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