Can You Eat Raw Beef?

There are so many ways you can cook and eat beef, so it’s definitely not surprising that it is such popular meat all across the world.

You can cook up a delicious steak to delight your senses, stir some cooked beef into a stir fry or even cook it up in a minced form to add to all of your favorite chilli recipes. 

But with this popularity, there also comes a host of questions and concerns over what you can actually do with beef. For instance, can you eat it raw? What would happen if you ate raw beef? Are there any dishes that use raw beef?

One or more of these questions is probably swimming around your head right now and driving you mad, so why don’t we take a closer look together to find out, definitively, whether you can eat beef while it is still raw or not? 

Can You Eat Raw Beef?

Can You Eat Raw Beef?

Technically speaking, in some cases it is possible to eat beef in a raw form, however, this is only ever the case in a small number of dishes, and these dishes require a large degree of expertise to make safely.

Many people erroneously believe that it is safe to eat all beef raw since you can eat a rare steak, which appears visibly similar to raw. However, this is far from the case.

It is not recommended to try to eat raw beef at home, as it very likely will not be safe, and the beef will not be suited to be eaten raw.

Is Steak Tartare Raw Beef?

Yes. Steak tartare is made from raw beef, and thus, you may now be wondering why it is safe to eat raw beef in the form of steak tartare, but not as just a raw and uncooked steak?

The reason that steak tartare can be safely eaten raw is that it uses only the highest quality beef that has been preserved to perfection.

This is why you should never attempt to make steak tartare at home, as most ordinary beef products that you can buy at the grocery store are not of high enough quality, and thus are not safe for consumption while raw. 

Steak tartare is made from high-quality meat that has been preserved so that there are very few bacteria on its surface, which therefore makes it safer to consume.

Getting your hands on this high-quality meat can be incredibly difficult, and thus the price of a steak tartare dish can often be very steep. 

Why Can You Eat Steak Rare?

The reason that steaks can be cooked rare or medium-rare and still be safe for consumption is that, technically, the steak is still cooked.

Though the meat at the very center of a rare steak may not yet have turned brown, the internal temperature will still be very intense, and thus any bacteria and viruses will still have been killed off. 

However, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends never tasting meat while it is still raw, as it can still contain very high levels of bacteria and viruses. 

What Does Raw Beef Taste Like?

Raw beef generally does not taste too radically different from cooked beef. The only observable difference between raw beef and cooked beef is the slight gaminess to the meat that goes when the beef is cooked.

The different subtle tastes in comparison to cooked meat explain why raw beef is so popular as a fancy dish.

How Do You Eat Raw Beef Safely?

How Do You Eat Raw Beef Safely?

The best way that you can ensure that you are enjoying raw beef safely is to have it served to you by a certified professional. Do not attempt to make a steak tartare or an extremely rare steak unless you are incredibly sure of what you are doing. 

You also need to ensure that you are using the right kind of beef to be able to safely enjoy it. Only certain cuts of beef, preserved in the correct ways, are safe for human consumption. This is why dishes such as steak tartare are so very costly.

We cannot impart enough just how important it is to not try to prepare raw beef for yourself, as the margin for error is so great that you will inevitably end up making yourself ill.

What Happens If You Eat Raw Beef?

If you have eaten beef that is raw and is not of good enough quality to be eaten raw, then do not panic. The likelihood is that you will experience very mild symptoms associated with food poisoning. 

If you were to eat unsafe raw beef, you may end up developing a slight stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, or a fever. These symptoms can vary slightly in severity from case to case. Generally, these symptoms should pass in time with plenty of rest and lots of water.

If at any point, you feel as though your symptoms are worsening, or you experience symptoms outside of the normal symptoms, then you should make a point of contacting a medical professional as soon as you possibly can.

To Conclude

Whether or not beef can be eaten raw can differ greatly depending on a number of things. 

Raw beef should only ever be eaten if it has been prepared by a person with a high degree of culinary knowledge, and it is from a high-quality cut of meat. If dishes like steak tartare are prepared improperly, they can cause food poisoning. 

You should make a point to never prepare raw beef for yourself, as the risk of getting it wrong is far too great.

If you do eat raw beef, don’t panic, as you will most likely just experience the basic symptoms of food poisoning which will pass with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Raw Beef Mince?

You should avoid ever eating beef mince while it is raw, as it is not made from high-quality beef intended for such a purpose.

Is It Safe To Eat Rare Beef?

Yes. For the most part, it is very safe to eat rare beef, though you should aim for it to be cooked by a professional so that you do not run the risk of food poisoning.

Can You Eat Raw Chicken?

In a few cultures around the world, it is possible to eat raw chicken, however, it takes extreme culinary knowledge to ensure that it is safe to eat, and even then it will still be host to plenty of bacteria. 

Thus, you should never attempt to prepare raw chicken for consumption, as you will end up with food poisoning or salmonella poisoning.

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