Can You Freeze Almond Butter?

No matter whether you’ve recently purchased your favorite shop-bought almond butter or you’ve recently decided to try your hand at making your own almond butter – you might currently be wondering about whether or not it is possible to make it last longer by storing it inside your freezer.

Can you freeze almond butter

More often than not, almond butter will typically last around 3-4 weeks if kept in a fridge, and around 1 week if kept on your kitchen counter.

This can be pretty problematic if you’ve got a big batch of it on your hands, especially if you want to make your almond butter last for a longer period of time so that none of it goes to waste.

The good news is that it is indeed possible to store your almond butter in a freezer, and we are here to show you how.

Below, we are going to be providing you with simple instructions on how to freeze your almond butter, as well as sharing with you some helpful tips that will make sure that your almond butter lasts for a longer period of time.

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How To Freeze Almond Butter

So, now that you know that it is possible to freeze almond butter, we are now going to be sharing with you a simple method that will ensure that you are able to freeze your almond butter correctly – time and time again.

Let’s check it out below:

Put Your Almond Butter into a Container or Freezer Bag

Before you even think about putting your almond butter into a freezer, you’re first going to need to make sure that it has been properly stored.

In order to do this, we recommend that you take into account how much almond butter you are planning to freeze, and then proceed to pick what type of storage you would like to use.

For those who are planning to freeze a large batch of almond butter, we recommend splitting your almond butter into smaller sections and then storing the portions into separate containers or zip-lock bags.

Make Sure Your Container is Airtight

Regardless of whether you have decided to store your almond butter in a zip-lock bag or a container before you proceed to place it inside your freezer, it is very important that you double-check that it has been effectively sealed.

If you do not make sure that your almond butter is stored in an airtight container or bag, moisture will be able to get inside the container you have used and alter the texture and flavor of your almond butter.

Place Your Almond Butter in the Freezer

When you have finished the above steps, you will be ready to place your almond butter in the freezer.

In order to do this, we first recommend that you take a second to label the bag/container that you are using so that you don’t confuse your almond butter with anything else in your freezer.

Then, all you will need to do is find a spot in your freezer for your almond butter!

When you are ready to defrost your almond butter and begin using it again, you will be able to use it for a variety of different things including baking, buttering bread, and even adding a creamy texture to your favorite smoothies!

Can you freeze almond butter?

How to Make Almond Butter Last Longer

So, now that you know that it is possible to freeze your almond butter, as well as how to do it correctly, we are now going to be talking you through how to make your almond butter last longer!

Let’s check out some of the top ways that you can extend the life of your frozen almond butter below:

Use A Freezer-Friendly Bag or Container

First things first, one of the best ways that you will be able to make your almond butter last longer is to make sure that you have stored it correctly.

Ideally, we recommend keeping your almond butter inside a freezer-friendly container, although you can also opt to use a freezer-friendly ziplock bag too.

However, if you do not have a freezer-friendly storage option to put your almond butter in, many people find that regular Tupperware works just fine.

Make Sure You Stir Your Almond Butter After Defrosting

After you have frozen your almond butter and you would like to use it, it is very important that you make sure to stir your almond butter after it has been given all the time it needs to defrost.

If you notice that your defrosted almond butter has begun to separate, please keep in mind that this is totally normal – all you will need to do is take a spoon and give it a few stirs to return the almond butter back to its original consistency.

Remember: There is a Chance Your Almond Butter Could Expand

Last but certainly not least, if you are planning on freezing your own almond butter, then it’s a good idea to make sure that you are storing it inside a container or zip-lock bag that is larger than the amount of almond butter that you have.

This is because almond butter is known to increase in size slightly after it has been frozen, which is why it’s important to make sure that the storage you keep it in will be able to accommodate this.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! You’ve made it to the end.

Now that you have taken the time to read through the above article, we’re hoping that you’re now well aware of how to go about freezing your almond butter correctly, as well as have a greater understanding of some of the best ways that you can make your frozen almond butter last.

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