Is Chicken Broth Vegetarian Or Vegan?

Chicken broth, which is also commonly known as bouillon, is a type of savory liquid made from water which has been simmered using the bones and meat from, you guessed it, a chicken.

Is Chicken Broth Vegetarian Or Vegan

While it is a popular ingredient to use within soup recipes and as a gravy, it can also be used to enhance the flavor of noodles, and to be used as a sauce. However, it does have a meaty taste. 

This all means that chicken broth is neither vegetarian or vegan as it comes from an animal. Even so, let’s take a look at why chicken broth is not suitable for both vegetarians and vegans in more detail. 

Why Are Vegetarians and Vegans Unable To Eat Chicken Broth?

While those who are not either vegetarian or vegan might not understand the ins and outs of their diet, they cannot consume chicken broth, even though it is not the carcass of an animal.

Because it is from an animal, just in the same way gelatine is, it means that those who consider themselves to be either vegan or vegetarian cannot eat chicken broth. 

Chicken broth includes the various compounds which ooze from the carcass as it is being simmered. The chicken is first put into the oven to be cooked, and then it is simmered in water to allow the animal’s juices to become a flavorful ‘gravy’ or stock. 

The animal by-product is collected and put into a jar to be used within other meals to make them extra tasty. Once it has been added into a particular meal, it means that those who do not consume meat cannot eat it. 

Is Chicken Broth Real Chicken?

Yes, chicken broth is classed as real chicken because of where it comes from. This is because the broth itself contains the body fluid of a chicken, as well as solids from the chicken too.

The majority of people choose chicken broth due to the fact it includes the meaty taste of the chicken alongside flavorful chunks of chicken.

Because of this, a vegetarian or vegan cannot consume this kind of product. Not only does it contain meat, but it condones the slaughtering process of animals. 

What Does It Mean To Be Vegetarian Or Vegan?

What Does It Mean To Be Vegetarian Or Vegan

If a person is either vegetarian or vegan, it means that they do not eat animal products, however, they are both very different so let’s take a look at them separately.

What Is A Vegetarian?

A vegetarian is somebody who does not eat meat or anything that contains the by-product of an animal such as gelatin used in pills.  

They do not believe that an animal should be killed for human consumption or to be used in any other way, for example as a fur coat.

They will eat meat alternatives such as tofu and jack fruit when it comes to the likes of burgers and so on. 

What Is A Vegan?

A vegan is somebody who focuses on eating a plant-based diet. They do not believe in eating anything that comes from an animal. This includes everything from meat to cow milk.

Instead of consuming dairy, a vegan will eat and drink dairy alternatives such as nut milk and ‘meat’ made from plant-based products. 

A vegan will also avoid eating something like honey, though often these things are debated between vegans as there are different opinions as to what is okay to consume, and what is not.

For example, one vegan might not eat commercial honey, but they may eat honey from a local farm which they know looks after their bees. 

Is There Such A Thing As A Flexitarian?

You may have heard the buzzword ‘flexitarian’ at some point within the media. So, what is one?

Those who eat a plant-based diet and add in the odd bit of meat are often called flexitarians, or ‘semi-vegetarians’. Often, people think that eating a diet high in plant-based food is healthier than those who have a meat heavy diet.

Because they are not consuming a plant-based diet for anything other than their health, they also allow themselves to eat meat – perhaps once a week. 

Flexitarian stands for a flexible vegetarian, and we are not talking about if they can do the splits. It means that a person is flexible on when and how they consider themselves a vegetarian. 

Being a flexitarian does allow a person to eat chicken broth, as you will allow yourself to eat meat-based products here and there. 

Can A Flexitarian Eat Chicken Broth?

Due to the nature of a flexitarian, they can indeed eat chicken broth. So long as it is a day that they are consuming meat, chicken broth is most certainly fine to have. 

The only time a flexitarian will not eat chicken broth is when they are having a plant-based day. Only then will a flexitarian decline eating chicken broth – though, they also may not if the meal looks too tasty to refuse!

Are There Vegetarian Or Vegan Alternatives To Chicken Broth?

Are There Vegetarian Or Vegan Alternatives To Chicken Broth

You might associate the word ‘broth’ with meat, but all it means is that something has been simmered in water to create a wonderful broth. This could be anything from meat to veggies. 

This means that a vegetarian or vegan can actually just use vegetable broth as an alternative to chicken broth. It is just as flavorsome, except it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. 

Often, people do not even know the difference between the chicken and veggie broth. You can buy the latter as a paste, cube, or even a liquid which can all be used in the same way as chicken broth. 

Final Thoughts

You may have already guessed it, but chicken broth is made from chickens. This means that it is not suitable for either vegetarians or vegans. However, if you consider yourself a flexitarian, then you are able to consume chicken broth.

As an alternative you can use vegetable broth which tastes very similar to chicken broth. So much so that a lot of people cannot distinguish between the two. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Eat An Animal-Based Broth?

Vegetarians and vegans can’t eat anything that comes from an animal. Animal-based broth is made from the body liquid and solids from an animal. This is not something either vegetarians or vegans consume. 

What Is A Good Vegetarian Or Vegan Alternative To Chicken Broth?

A great chicken broth substitute is vegetable broth. It has absolutely no animal ingredients and tastes very similar to chicken broth. So much so that you may not even be able to tell the difference between the two!

It is used in the exact same way as chicken broth, and can be bought in paste, powder or cube form. 

Is Eating Chicken Broth The Same As Eating Meat?

Yes, chicken broth is considered the same as eating meat. The reason for this is because chicken broth includes the liquid from the chicken, as well as some solids.

If you do not eat meat, then you should avoid eating an animal-based broth. It is made by simmering the carcass in water and allowing the body fluid to create a broth. There will also be chunks of meat in the broth too in some cases.

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