Is Fruit By The Foot Vegan? Explained

Betty Crocker’s Fruit By The Foot is vegan-friendly. It does not contain any animal-derived components. However, some vegans may prefer to avoid it because it contains a few questionable components that are frequently related to animal suffering.

The recipe for these delectable snacks is the same as for Fruit Roll-ups and Gushers. This article will provide you with all of the necessary facts to help you decide whether or not to continue eating Fruit by the Foot.

What Is Fruit By The Foot? 

It is a fruit snack that is a lengthy roll of fruit-flavoured candy. This mushy fruity length of candy, measuring roughly 3 feet in length, has proven to be rather popular due to its unusual design and fruity flavours. 

Fruit By the Foot comes coiled up in on itself, so you can unroll it as you eat it. Fruit It is mostly appreciated by youngsters, and it can evoke memories in people who were children when it was first produced. Thus many grownups find themselves needing Fruit By The Foot as well.

Ingredients’ List

  • Sugar, 
  • Corn Syrup, 
  • Palm Oil,
  • Pear Puree Concentrate,
  • Xanthan Gum,
  • Locust Bean Gum,
  • Maltodextrin,
  • Carrageenan, 
  • Monoglycerides, 
  • Acetylated Monoglycerides, 
  • Sodium Citrate,
  • Malic Acid, 
  • Citric Acid, 
  • Vitamin C, 
  • Potassium Citrate, 
  • Natural Flavor, 
  • Colour (red 40, blue 1).

Is It Vegan? 

By standard norms, Fruit by the Foot is vegan. The candy is available in many flavours made up of a blend of sugars, fruit extracts, vegan-friendly food dyes, plant-based gums, and preservatives. The sweet, however, contains certain additives that are avoided by even the most ardent vegans.

What Makes Fruit By The Foot Vegan?

Free of Carmine

The majority of food colouring chemicals are vegan-friendly. Vegans have only sought to avoid one frequently used colour, Red 4 or carmine.

Carmine is a natural food colouring agent; artificial food colourings are those that are not found in nature and, therefore, cannot be obtained from it. Because carmine is formed from a certain type of beetle, it can be found in nature.

This is significant because Fruit by the Foot contains Red 40, often known as Allura Red, sometimes confused with Red 4.

It also has a good portion of corn syrup (a sweetener), contributing to the chewy texture. Corn syrup is vegan-friendly since it does not involve the production of non-vegan enzymes.

Because locust bean and carrageenan gums are always made from plants, they’re suitable for vegans.

Microbes create xanthan gum, which makes it unique. It was originally thought to be a red flag since some bacteria strains were known to be produced using lactose (milk sugar) found in whey protein concentrate rather than sugar sources like glucose and sucrose.

Why Is Fruit By The Foot Considered Non-Vegan?

Synthetic Colours

Vegans believe artificial hues to be vegan. In fact, except for carmine, which is derived from scale insects, most artificial colours are derived from plants. Aside from that, many artificial colours are vegan unless you’re opposed to animal testing.

That’s correct. Regrettably, animal testing is still practised, and those subjected to it occasionally suffer a fate worse than death.


Not all kinds of sugar are vegan, despite common perception. White, brown, and powdered sugar are examples of refined sugar or table sugar used in baking. Sugar made from sugarcane is the most frequent alternative, but it is not always considered vegan.

This is because refined sugar is made from sugarcane. To extract the juice from the pulp, stalks are crushed.

This juice is filtered before being coloured with bone char. Sugar’s white hue is generated from bone char.

Natural Flavor

Natural flavours, like artificial flavours, are not listed on any labels. However, not all-natural flavours are deemed vegan in this case.

Castoreum is a non-vegan natural taste that is unfortunately widely utilised. In the United States and Europe, a yellowish fluid is obtained from the anal discharges of beaver species. It’s utilised in food and perfumes, and it’s most commonly employed to make vanilla flavourings, but it can also boost raspberry or strawberry flavours.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there gelatin in fruit by the foot?

Fruit by the foot is gelatin-free. It is also gluten-free.

What are the different flavours of fruit by the foot?

There are more than 15 flavours of fruit by the foot. They are:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Strawberry Splash
  3. Strawberry Scream flavour
  4. Berry Tie-Dye
  5. Colour By The Foot
  6. Razzle Boo Blitz flavour
  7. Ninja Power Punch 
  8. Sweet blueberry and Sour lemon.
  9. Berry Blast
  10. Fruit Punch flavoured 
  11. Fiery Peach 
  12. Cherry And Orange flavour 
  13. Raspberry And Grape flavour 
  14. LOL Punch 
  15. Ocean Punch flavour 
  16. Spicy Watermelon
  17. Berry Berry Twist
  18. Tropical Tie-Dye
  19. Goosebumps Fruit By The Foot.

Final Thoughts

Vegans can consume Fruit By The Foot. Although it does not directly contain animal ingredients or by-products, some vegans refrain from eating it because some of the ingredients are by-products of animal abuse and testing.

Finally, it’s a matter of personal preference. They’re made with some questionably vegan and harmful ingredients. However, don’t place too much emphasis on these ingredients because nothing has been established.

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