Is It OK To Eat Onions And Garlic Together?

Garlic and onions are great ingredients. They are versatile, make for super tasty dishes, and work with just about everything! But, can they be eaten together?

Is It OK To Eat Onions And Garlic Together?

To find out, take a look at the ultimate guide below. We cover everything you need to know, from health benefits to recipes and everything in between! Check it out.

Can You Eat Onions And Garlic Together? 

In short, absolutely! There is nothing stopping you from eating onions and garlic together – raw or cooked!

In fact, onion and garlic is a classic combination that works as a base for many different dishes from many different cuisines. 

The two ingredients work beautifully together. Cooked onions provide dishes with a super-rich umami flavor and potentially a subtle sweetness.

Garlic shares many similarities to onions, so the two work to bring the best out of each other when they are combined. 

However, adding immense flavor to your dishes isn’t the only benefit of this combination. Both garlic and onions boast a huge amount of health benefits. To learn more, take a look at the sections below. 

Health Benefits Of Onions 

Onions have a wide range of health benefits. Check out the best ones below. They will surprise you!

Rich In Antioxidants 

Onions are absolutely bursting with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

When they are consumed regularly, onions may help to protect you against many debilitating conditions, including diabetes and certain types of cancer. 

Support Heart Health

Quercetin is a flavonoid that is present in onions. This flavonoid is thought to have many benefits, particularly concerning the heart.

Studies have shown that eating onions can help to reduce blood pressure, and cholesterol, which protects against heart disease. 


Many studies support the notion that onions have valuable antibacterial properties. These will help your body protect you against many different types of infections. It is thought that quercetin is the hero at play here again. 

Support Gut Health 

Onions are rich in non-digestible fiber which is excellent for gut health. Specifically, it works to increase short-chain fatty acids which are very important for supporting gut health, immunity, and digestive processes. 

Health Benefits Of Garlic 

Like onions, garlic boasts a huge array of health benefits. Check out the most impressive ones below. You’ll be running to the shop to buy heaps of garlic in no time!

Protect Against Illness

Garlic has been proven to boost the immune system so that the consumer is more protected from infections such as the common cold.

It was also found that garlic is likely to decrease the extent to which your body experiences symptoms of such illnesses. 

Reduce Blood Pressure

Multiple studies on humans have concluded that garlic has a significant impact on reducing blood pressure, particularly in people who experience high blood pressure.

It’s estimated that four cloves of garlic a day can have a significant effect. 

Help Prevent Dementia 

Garlic contains many antioxidants. It is thought that some of them support the body’s ability to prevent oxidative damage.

Due to this and its ability to lower blood pressure, garlic is thought to reduce the risk of common brain conditions including dementia. 

Increase Life Expectancy 

Unfortunately, this benefit is pretty impossible to prove in humans. However, given all of the research that has proven its many health benefits, it’s fair to assume that consuming garlic regularly can help you to live longer. 

Ways To Eat Raw Onions And Garlic 

Is It OK To Eat Onions And Garlic Together?

If you’re looking to include garlic and onions in your diet in their raw form, check out our favorite ways to do so below. 


Salads may be an obvious choice, however, salads that include onion and garlic can be absolutely delicious and super versatile! They make for great lunches and are perfect for people who love to prepare meals. 

For instance, we absolutely love this greek salad. It is absolutely bursting with flavor and ingredients that will give you a good, healthy boost. It is particularly ideal as a side dish during summer get-togethers. 


Dips or sauces are an excellent way to get healthy veggies and spices into your diet. For example, you can easily add both onions and garlic to a classic guacamole or salsa dip.

These are not only super tasty and moreish, but they’re good for you as well! 

Raw Soups

This one may not be up everyone’s street, however, if you love a cold soup on a summer’s day, then you should consider adding raw garlic and onion to your dish.

For instance, gazpacho contains onions and garlic with an array of other healthy veggies. 

Our Favorite Onion And Garlic Recipes 

If you would prefer to cook your onion and garlic, check out our favorite recipes below. There should be something for everyone! 

Creamy Garlic And Onion Spaghetti 

First of all, we had to talk about this creamy garlic and onion spaghetti recipe. If you’re looking for comfort food that will also give you a nutritional boost, this recipe is ideal. It is creamy, indulgent, and full of great ingredients. 

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Risotto 

Risotto is a super versatile dish. With this recipe, you not only get the goodness associated with garlic and onions, but you are also able to throw in as many fresh veggies as you fancy! We love including asparagus in our version. 

Caramelized Onion And Garlic Chicken

Finally, if you love a poultry dish, this caramelized onion and garlic chicken recipe is unrivaled. It is super easy to make, full of nutrition, and incredibly tasty! It’s an excellent option for a weeknight dinner. 


Garlic and onions can be eaten together. In fact, we enthusiastically recommend that you eat them together.

Whether raw or cooked, these great ingredients make for a powerful combination in terms of both flavor and nutrition.

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