Is It Safe to Eat Raw Lobster

Seafood is something one can have during vacations, parties or even when they are cooking a family dish in the comfort of their home kitchen. Loved in countries like the United States, Canada, China and France, lobster has been one of the most delicious seafoods and is even considered better than a turkey or lamb. 

Known to be the “pursuit of pleasure”, it is usually steamed or boiled. However, in many parts of the world it is also eaten raw. This fact might have raised a lot of questions in your mind regarding whether it is safe to eat raw lobster or not. 

Stay with us, as we are going to discuss this very fact in detail with you.

Raw Lobster: Should You Eat It?

No! Eating uncooked lobster can have detrimental side effects on your health due to the parasites and tapeworms present in the body of lobster. This will then have both short-term and long-term repercussions on your body. 

You might already know that lobsters are cooked alive. But if they have so many germs, why not cook after they’re dead? 

The reason behind this is that all the bacteria present inside these sea animals begin to multiply rapidly after death, which increases the chances of food poisoning. Don’t feel bad for them though, as they do not possess a fully functional brain which renders them incapable of feeling the pain. 

Benefits of eating cooked lobster

Lobsters are omnivores that feed upon other sea animals and thus, they are known to have various health benefits. Some of them are: 

Packed with Protein 

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients for the body. There are various sources of meat protein available in the market but they are known to be high in fat levels which makes them an unhealthy choice for daily intake. 

Lobster on the other hand has a low amount of saturated fats. This not only makes it a good source of protein but also makes it an excellent choice for weight watchers. In fact, 6 ounces of lobster contains about 28 grams of protein, which is right on par with its meat-based counterparts, if not more.

Helps You Shed Weight 

As stated above, lobster is low in saturated fats, which means that its calorie count is not nearly as high as that of other foods. This makes it an ideal meal choice for someone who is on a weight loss diet. 

Powerhouse of Energy 

Individuals who consume lobster have noticed an increase in their energy levels as a result of the additional protein in the meat. 

Fights Anemia 

Anemia is defined as having a low amount of iron content in the blood. The copper present in lobster can help an individual to cover up their iron deficiency. 

Individuals that consume lobster in large quantities or on a daily basis can even cure their anemia from root or can at least reduce the symptoms by boosting iron levels in their body. 

Reduces Inflammation 

Despite the fact that lobster is a low-fat meal, the fat that it does contain is known to be ‘healthy’. It aids in the reduction of inflammation in the body as well as the increase in synthesis of prostaglandins. 

Lobster could be an excellent meal choice for individuals who suffer from ailments ranging from arthritis to circulatory difficulties.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Raw Lobster

Hepatitis Infection

Eating a raw lobster can transmit hepatitis infection in your body and can damage your liver. The main reason for getting hepatitis infection through a lobster is the virus, bacteria and stool that contaminates the body of a lobster and can only be rendered safe to consume when cooked properly. 

Bacterial Infection

If lobsters are not properly cooked until they reach the required temperature of 145°F before consumption, it can increase the probability of bacterial infection in the body. Bacterial infection can further lead to fever, nausea and vomiting. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to grill lobster for your convenience. 


Vibriosis is the most common bacterial infection that you might get if you eat raw lobsters or raw seafood of any variety. Individuals are highly prone to getting such illness during the summer season. 

Its side effects include diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, vomiting. Furthermore, if you already have an underlying condition, this can amplify it and make it worse by affecting your immune system. 

It is common for symptoms of vibriosis to manifest themselves within 24 hours of swallowing raw lobster. There have been reports of this illness being serious in some cases, and even fatal in others. 

Parasitic Infection

Raw lobsters are also associated with an increased risk of parasite infection. Roundworms and tapeworms are the two most prevalent parasites, and both can cause a variety of health illnesses, including vitamin deficiencies and weight loss. 

The symptoms of parasite infection include the following: 

  • Anaemia
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lethargy
  • Bloating
  • Gas


Now that you know the benefits of including lobster in your diet, read below to find out the answers to some frequently asked questions related to lobster consumption. 

What Part of the Lobster is Not Consumable? 

The shell of a lobster is not edible and should not be consumed. It is impossible for the human mouth to chew it since it is too hard and swallowing it is not possible at all. 

Aside from this, claws are not only hard but are also pointed and can puncture your tongue or cheeks if taken in mouth. This can also harm your oesophagus.

Is It Necessary to Wash Lobster Before Cooking It? 

Regardless of whether you buy frozen or fresh lobster, you should always thoroughly clean its tails from the outside before cooking them. 

Make sure to scrub only the shell of the lobsters, and not the exposed meat, to guarantee that they are clean. Avoid submerging the lobster tails in water since the meat will absorb the moisture, resulting in a watery taste.

Why are Lobsters Cooked Alive?

Lobsters are cooked alive in order to reduce the bacterial content which can increase rapidly if the lobster is dead. According to the research, cooking lobster alive can minimise the risks of getting germs in your body that might cause bacterial infection. 


Now that you know how unsafe it can be to consume raw lobster, we hope that you will cook your lobster thoroughly to the right temperature and guidelines. 

Enjoy your lobsters with pasta, salads, or coleslaw and allow its nutrients to benefit your health. Thanks for reading. 

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