Is It Safe To Eat The Seeds Of Kiwi Fruit? Are They Toxic?

Kiwis are one of the world’s most popular fruits, thanks to how delightfully tasty they are, and how wonderfully juicy and refreshing they can be. They are slightly tart, but ultimately incredibly sweet and delicious to snack on.

The only problem is, aside from the strange furry outer skin, many people find themselves wary of eating kiwis for fear that the small black seeds within the fruit are poisonous or otherwise harmful.

Is It Safe To Eat The Seeds Of Kiwi Fruit? Are They Toxic?

Are the seeds of a kiwi fruit actually harmful, or are they safe to eat? What effects can they have?

Many of us have pondered these questions before, but rarely have we ever been presented with concrete answers. We’re here to change that for good, and to see, once and for all, whether it is safe to eat kiwi seeds.

Read on below to get started!

Is It Safe To Eat The Seeds Of The Kiwi Fruit?

Yes. It is very much safe to consume the small black seeds that can be found in kiwi fruits. They are fully edible and give the fruit a slightly interesting taste and consistency that make it nice to eat.

Are The Seeds Of The Kiwi Fruit Toxic?

Definitely not. The seeds of kiwi fruit are very much edible, and will not cause any adverse effects, or cause any harm should you consume them.

In fact, the seeds are actually incredibly beneficial, and have a number of awesome health benefits to offer!

The seeds of the kiwi fruit are packed full of nutrients and vitamins that can help your immune system.

They are full of Omega-3 fats, which are very healthy fats that are important for maintaining the normal function of the brain and the heart.

Kiwi seeds also contain a high percentage of protein, which is great for repairing damaged tissue and muscles, and they can be used to fill you up with energy to help you to take on anything in your day.

This protein works alongside the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E, which there is plenty of within the average kiwi seed.

Kiwi seeds can also help you to digest the fruit itself, thanks to the fact that the seeds will help your body digest the protein found within the fruit. Kiwi seeds also contain actinidin, which can help to prevent you from feeling incredibly bloated after eating.

Should I Remove The Kiwi Seeds?

Though it is definitely possible to remove the seeds from your kiwi before you eat it, we would strongly recommend against it.

Is It Safe To Eat The Seeds Of Kiwi Fruit

It would prove pointless to remove the seeds, as they are not harmful, and actually have a number of great benefits.

The seeds can not only help to give the kiwi an exciting sense of texture, thanks to the slight crunch of the seeds, but the seeds can also help the stomach to digest the fruit itself!

Removing the seeds from the kiwi will also prove incredibly difficult thanks to how small they are, and how many there are within an average kiwi. By the time you have removed all of the seeds yourself, the texture and quality of the kiwi will likely have been spoiled.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating A Kiwi?

Kiwis are not only incredibly delicious and sweet to snack on, but they also come with their own slew of health benefits that can make them a great thing to include in your daily diet.

Kiwis are full of nutrients that can help to make your heart much healthier.

These include things such as high-density lipoprotein, which is a form of beneficial cholesterol that reduces fat in the blood and helps to improve blood flow.

Thus it can be very beneficial for lowering blood pressure and lowering the risk of heart attacks.

Kiwis are also packed full of actinidin, which helps the body to break down protein so that it can more easily digest other foods, and help your body to absorb the proteins to apply them elsewhere.

The protein from a kiwi can be very beneficial for improving your energy and improving the health of your muscles and your skin.

Antioxidants also play a very key role in kiwis, and this helps to prevent all sorts of chronic diseases from developing, and helps to make your immune system much stronger, to protect you against all kinds of diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Eating Kiwi Skin Harm You?

No. Eating the skin of a kiwi fruit is not harmful, and will not cause any adverse problems.

Though eating the skin would not exactly be pleasant, thanks to the furry texture it has, it is actually packed full of fiber and nutrients, almost to a degree more than you would find in just the fruit itself!

Is There Any Part Of A Kiwi You Can’t Eat?

No. Not many know it, but it is actually possible to eat every single part of kiwi fruit, and, yes, that includes the skin.

Though many choose to peel the skin off of a kiwi before eating it, thanks to the fact that kiwi skins have a fuzzy texture that many find unpleasant.

What Happens When You Eat Kiwi Everyday?

Eating kiwi every day would prove to be very beneficial thanks to the incredible amount of antioxidants that can be found within. Eating a kiwi every day could help you significantly lower the risk of heart disease, or even cancer!

To Wrap Up

Kiwi seeds may look strange to anyone that hasn’t eaten a kiwi before, but it is very safe to say that no harm can come from consuming them.

In fact, eating the seeds from a kiwi is highly advised, as not only does it add an interesting texture as you eat the fruit, but the seeds are also full of great nutrients and vitamins that can help your entire immune system, and fill you with energy.

Don’t worry about eating the seeds next time you enjoy a kiwi, and look forward to some of the benefits they can provide you with!

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