Is Vitamin Water Vegan: Everything You Should Know

Yes. All flavors of Vitamin Water and Vitamin Water Zero are vegan-friendly. The company has clarified this time and again that all the ingredients they use are vegan and vegetarian. And they do not source anything produced from animals.

In this article, we will talk about the products of Vitamin Water, the false information that is spreading about them, and the benefits and drawbacks of consuming Vitamin Water. Let’s begin!

What is Vitamin Water?

Vitamin Water is a hydrating beverage infused with vitamins and minerals for extra nourishment. It comes in various flavors, such as Energy, Revive, Focus, Refresh, Essential, etc. All the products released by Vitamin Water are vegan.

Vitamin Water is owned by Coca-Cola. It is a big corporation with a history of questionable business practices around the world. They have been accused of many unethical actions. Animal testing is one of them. 

For this reason, many vegans are still against Vitamin Water or any other product by Coca-Cola. But they stopped testing on animals in 2007 and have refrained from funding animal testing since then.

Myths About Certain Ingredients

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the ingredients used in Vitamin Water. Here, we will debunk these myths and talk about the true origin of the ingredients.  

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is an animal-based vitamin. It is extracted from lanolin, which is the oil extracted from sheep’s wool. But if you read the product label of any Vitamin Water flavor, you will see that Vitamin D is not listed as an ingredient in any of them. 

The Coca-Cola website said that some products may contain Vitamin D derived from sheep wool, but this information is outdated and the recipe has been changed. There is no variant of Vitamin D extracted from animals used in Vitamin Water. 


Vitamin Water has a high sugar content in its drinks. And people think that the sugar is processed from bone char, which is extracted from animals. This, however, is false. 

It is clearly stated on their website that they use 100% plant-based sugar extracted from sugarcanes. In their Zero products, sweeteners are added in the form of stevia leaf extract. All the added sugars are completely natural.


Glucosamine can be red-flag for vegans as it is extracted from shellfish. But, they can be easily sourced from plants or made synthetically by scientists. 

Since the company has said that all of its products are vegan, there is no reason to doubt them. The glucosamine used in their drinks can be a plant-derived vegan supplement.


Taurine is extracted from a bull’s fluids. But its synthetic vegan supplements are widely available and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Glycerol Ester of Rosin

Glycerol ester of rosin can be extracted from animal fat or vegetable oil. It is used in many soft drinks out there and it is used in multiple flavors of Vitamin Water. 

It can be vegan if derived from plants. Since it is derived from plants, it can also be certified as vegetarian and kosher. 

The Only Two Questionable Flavors

All the products available in the US are vegan and do not have any concerning ingredients. But there are two flavors only sold in Great Britain, whose origin and ingredients are questioned the most by vegans. 

Those two flavors are Vitamin Water Zero Sunshine and Multi V. Coca-Cola’s website stated that these two flavors of Glaceau drinks contain animal derivatives and are unfit for vegans. 

But this information has since been proved incorrect as the company confirmed that they are vegan. You can check the ingredient list yourself but you will not find anything suspicious. 

Benefits of Vitamin Water


All the Glaceau Vitamin Water drinks are gluten-free, which means they do not contain any items derived from wheat, oats, barley, etc. All of their products are casein-free, which means they do not have any milk products either. This is good news for anyone who is allergic to gluten or dairy. 

The company claims that they do not use any artificial flavors. And they only use natural colors from fruits and vegetables. There is no juice content in the drinks. 

They are nutrient-rich drinks, which are great for hydration. It contains vitamin C, B5, B3, B12, and B6. The Vitamin B complex supports brain functions. The choline present in Revive flavors boosts liver function. The XXX Acai Blueberry contains vitamin A and C, which protects against free radicals. 

Drawbacks of Vitamin Water

Despite being rich in many essential vitamins and minerals, there are some drawbacks to drinking Vitamin Water. 

All the vitamins and minerals available in these drinks are already a part of an average American’s diet. It does not, however, have B12, omega, and folate, which your body may be lacking. Also, an excess of micronutrients can have the reverse effect and harm your body. 

The high content of added sugars such as fructose has been associated with many health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also affect your cholesterol and blood pressure. 

They do not fulfill your daily nutrition needs, and it would be best to consume whole fruits and vegetables daily, instead of relying on Vitamin Water. 

People Also Ask

In this section, we have answered some of the most asked questions about Vitamin Water, which might just clear up any doubts you may have about them so far.

Is Vitamin Water a Sports Drink?

This drink is made up of 99.5% water infused with vitamins and electrolytes to increase the mineral content. Although they are not advertised as a sports drink, many people drink them post or pre-workout. But it is not a sports drink because they have a higher calorie count for boosting energy. 

What Is Healthier: Vitamin Water or Powerade?

When you compare the nutritional contents of these two drinks, Vitamin Water comes out on top. It is healthier than Powerade or Gatorade because it has less sugar and a lower calorie count. But your body needs a proper, healthy meal to fulfill its nutritional needs. 

To Sum Up

Vitamin Water is just a flavored drink with added nutrients that is good for hydration and replenishing electrolytes. All the products that they have to offer are vegan and there is no reason to be concerned about any ingredient. 

But it is not the best choice from a health perspective due to the amount of sugar present. A normal vegan diet contains the vitamins needed by the body anyway, so there is no need to consume Vitamin Water daily. 

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