Pizza Hut Vegan Options

We’d love to see Pizza Hut carry vegan cheese, but in the meanwhile, you may order a no-cheese pizza because the bulk of their pizza dough is vegan. So instead, pile your crust with vegetables and serve with Cinnamon Cookies for dessert.

Wing Street Fries, as well as a P’Zone, are other choices. If you order the breadsticks without the parmesan cheese flavoring, they may also be made vegan.

Please be advised that Pizza Hut does not claim to be vegan due to the possibility of cross-contamination. However, you may set your degree of comfort.

Vegan Options at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut was founded in Kansas in the 1950s and has since grown to become an international success. With over 18,000 locations, it is one of the world’s largest pizza chains. 

The restaurant is well-known for its deep-dish Italian-American style pizzas, salads, and an extensive menu of sides and desserts. It has also become a destination for vegetarians in recent years.

Here are some fantastic Pizza Hut vegan options that you can select from.

Classic Pan Pizza Dough

An extremely thick, doughy crust is the nicest component of the pizza. You would enjoy an incredible delicacy if you ate the vegan traditional pan pizza dough by Pizza Hut.

Because it is so fluffy and thick, every bite is warm and pleasant. This pizza might be stacked with vegetables like pineapples and jalapenos.

Although most pizza crusts include animal ingredients, Pizza Hut’s doughs do not, allowing vegans to eat their pizza as well!

This wonderfully firm but fluffy dough is among the best for a cold piece of pizza throughout the morning.

Thin N Crispy Dough

If a thin, crumbly pizza is not your thing, don’t worry. Pizza Hut also offers this type of vegan crispy crust with the right amount of crispiness without being overly thick.

This dough is best paired with an ordinary pizza. Avoid putting on too many toppings because the crust is significantly thinner.

For a wonderful yet delicate flavor, try this dough with just buffalo sauce plus caramelized onions.

Hand Tossed Crusts

Pizza Hut’s hand-tossed dough is the holy grail of pizza dough. It falls between their pan top and their thin and crispy crust.

The hand-tossed crust will not let you down if you prefer classic pizza. It also has a creamy taste and just enough chewiness and crunch.

Because the dough is robust, you can load on as many toppings as you like without it drooping or coming apart.

For us, it’s always the buttery mixed crust flavor. It contains no butter, despite its reputation. So it’s completely vegan, yet it still tastes delicious.

Traditional Marinara Sauce

Vegan marinara sauces remain extremely popular, and Pizza Hut will be no exception.

Choose their original marinara sauce on any of their amazing pizza dough selections if you prefer a simple pizza without the cheese.

For a thick and flavorful pizza, choose the hand-tossed dough with classic marinara and top it with black olives or more mushrooms.

The marinara sauce contains substance and is neither watery nor too thick. Instead, the taste is peppery and toasted, with hints of onion and garlic.

Buffalo Pizza Sauce

Sadly, often these buffalo sauces aren’t vegan.

They usually have a lot of butter in them. However, we should thank Pizza Hut for providing its Buffalo pizza sauce without butter so that vegans may enjoy it!

Vegan Toppings

Pizza Hut offers a large selection of veggie toppings for its pizzas. 

The toppings include red onion, chopped jalapeno peppers, delicious pineapple pieces, mushrooms, banana peppers, black olives, and green bell peppers.

For a sweet and aromatic explosion on the pizza, combine the pepper and onion with pineapple.



It’s tough not to love Pizza Hut’s French fries. However, they provide fries that appear like they have been cooked twice.

The outside is fairly crispy, with many fried surfaces for a satisfying crunch. However, the inside is well-prepared. As a result, the potato’s inside is fluffy and soft.

Cinnamon Sticks

That’s correct; Pizza Hut’s cinnamon sticks are vegan! However, the frosting that accompanies them is not; hence order them without the frosting dipping cup so you’ll do well.

Add Your Own Toppings!

Create your pizza with your favorite toppings! If you’re bringing the pizza home, you may modify it with your favorite toppings. These are a few suggestions:

  • It is no surprise that you must add your cheese if you want a cheesy pizza. Turn the pizza to the oven and top with vegan cheese pieces or slices of Miyoko’s mozzarella. Fry it slightly to melt the vegan cheese that has been added.
  • Herbs and baby leaves are great for taste and essential vitamins and minerals. If spinach isn’t your thing, try sweet basil, spicy arugula, mellow culinary herbs, curly kale, or oregano.

Vegan at Pizza Hut – Creating Your Own Pizza

Here’s how to order vegan from Pizza Hut and make your own tasty meal:

  • Select a pizza crust
  • Choose a sauce
  • Request “no cheese.”
  • Choose your favorite vegetable toppings.
  • Consider making a dipping sauce.
  • Add fries, breadsticks (no parmesan or spices), or cinnamon sticks (no icing)

Alternatively, you may purchase one of the newer Beyond Italian Sausage pizzas (without cheese).


Is There a Vegan Option at Pizza Hut?

Traditional Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy, and Hand-Tossed vegan crusts are available. You’re also covered because some restaurants serve the Hand Tossed version with a heart-shaped dough. Each Crust Flavor add-on should be avoided since it contains dairy cheese.

Is Beyond Meat Italian Sausage Crumbles Available at Pizza Hut?

In November 2020, Pizza Hut released Beyond Meat Italian Sausage for a limited period. Unfortunately, it is no longer available as of January 20, 2021.

Are the Onion Rings at Pizza Hut Vegan? 

Pizza Hut onion rings seem vegan-friendly and may be considered vegan owing to the lack of animal-derived ingredients. Deep-fried onion rings, on the other hand, are not vegan, according to Pizza Hut, due to the risk of cross-contamination with eggs and milk.

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