Red And Green Jalapeños: What’s Different About Them?

Jalapeños come in two different colors and are undoubtedly one of the most popular spicy peppers in the world.

But have you ever wondered what the difference between the colors is? Well, the good news is that we can easily explain this.

Red and Green Jalapeños What’s Different About Them

Differences Between Green And Red Jalapeños

Truthfully, the answer’s a simple one. Red and green jalapeno peppers have two different colors depending on their ripeness.

Green ones aren’t left on the vine for as long, while red ones are left there longer.

So, it should be no surprise that you can find some jalapeños with a mixture of red and green coloring, depending on how long they’ve been left on the vine.

However, this doesn’t mean that they taste the same. In most cases, a red jalapeño is sweeter and spicier than a green jalapeño.

But even then, the taste depends on a variety of factors such as the way they’re grown and cooked and what sort of variety they have. 

Which Color Jalapeño Is Most Common?

You have a better and easier chance of finding green jalapeños over red ones. Your local grocery store will mainly sell green jalapeños, with more specialized stores being the more likely source of your red jalapeños. 

This is because green jalapeños are milder than their red counterparts and are deemed a more acceptable flavor to those who don’t like spices. 

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Are Red Jalapeños Spicier Than Green Ones?

Due to how long they’re left on the vine, red jalapeños have a higher spice level than green.

When buying jalapeños, you have a better chance of finding green ones due to how spicy the red ones are. However, what may surprise you is that red jalapeños are also sweeter than green ones. 

You may wonder just how this can be, and the answer is due to the chemical capsaicin, which you can find in jalapeños.

This chemical exists so peppers can protect themselves from predators, and the red jalapeño has more of this chemical than the green one. 

However, the heat of jalapeño will also depend on how much stress it has been under while growing. If its skin is smooth, it will have less heat than another pepper with white lines on dry skin. 

Can You Eat Jalapeños Raw?

You can eat jalapeños raw or cooked, but ensure that you take its skin into account. If it is more stressed, it will be hotter.

It won’t get hotter if you cook it, but it will distribute more heat evenly than if you eat it raw. Due to this, jalapeños are a popular dish for various dishes, and you can even find them with desserts.

Final Thoughts

There are few differences between red and green jalapeños. The main difference is how ripe they are.

Red jalapeños are left on the vine for longer than green ones, but they have a sweeter taste due to this as well.

Green jalapeños are typically spicy but have a hint of bitterness to them as well. If you have jalapeños added to your dish, you should take a close look at their skin to find out how hot they are.

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