Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate – Calories & Nutrition Facts

If you have shifted over to a vegan diet recently, you might be struggling to find vegan versions of all the foods that you used to eat and enjoy commonly. Despite the vegan lifestyle is healthier, it can sometimes feel bland and unsatisfying due to the relatively restricted variety of foods that meet the vegan definition. 

Fortunately, this is slowly starting to change with introducing a wide range of vegan products, like the Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate. This chocolate does not only have the all-important vegan certification, but it also offers the same taste as standard chocolate. 

If this sounds like something you would like to try out, continue reading to find out more!

What is Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate?

The creators of Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate realized the problem facing many vegans worldwide. Namely, the lack of decent dessert and snack options that were easy to consume and met vegan requirements. 

Thus, this product was born. Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate uses many of the same ingredients as regular chocolate. But, most importantly, it uses real chocolate beans for the distinct flavor we have all come to know and love. However, the difference is that no dairy, soy, or sugar is used in the production of chocolate. 

This brings three main benefits. Firstly, and rather obviously, this chocolate is suitable for people who cannot consume animals or animal products. Secondly, the fact that there is no sugar means it is also ideal for people who have diabetes or are on a sugar-free diet. 

Finally, due to the fact that there is almost no sugar in the chocolate bar, it is suitable for people who suffer from a gluten allergy or are avoiding the substance for some other reason. 

Nutritional Facts About Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate

Before you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not to consume a particular food, however, it is essential to be aware of the nutritional breakdown of the product so that you can better plan your meals and meet your dietary requirements. 

Every 100 grams of Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate contains about 486 calories. This is almost a fourth of an adult’s standard daily requirement of calories. Moreover, 100 grams of this chocolate contains only about 43 grams of total carbohydrates. 

Due to this low carb count, this only makes up about 16% percent of an adult’s standard daily requirements. 

Of the 43 grams of carbs, there are about 7.1 grams worth of dietary fiber within the chocolate or about 25% of a person’s standard daily requirement. This makes the chocolate bar a fiber-rich option which is a benefit as a good amount of fiber in your diet can help prevent some gastrointestinal problems such as constipation. 

However, one of the strong suits of this product is the fact that even in 100 grams of chocolate, there are zero grams of sugar. This makes it very healthy when compared to some other options on the market, which can contain upwards of dozens of grams of sugar in the same quantity of chocolate. 

A 100 grams of chocolate also has only about 161 milligrams of sodium which is 7% of a person’s recommended daily intake. Similarly, there are also 3.6 grams of protein, which forms only about 7% of the standard daily requirement. 

One thing this product does include a lot of, however, is fat. The total fat content in 100 grams of Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate is about 50 grams which are precisely half of the overall weight. This forms the largest nutritional component of chocolate and is about 64% of an adult’s daily requirement. 

However, what is not so healthy is the generous amount of saturated fats presents within the bar. These are roughly 32 out of the 50 grams of fat within a 100-gram amount. Thirty-two grams of saturated fat makes up about 160% percent of an adult’s daily intake. 

Due to this fact, the Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate should be treated as an occasional treat rather than a daily staple in a person’s diet. 

How is Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate Made?

This chocolate has a few unique facts which differentiate it from regular chocolate. First of all, the cacao beans are never cooked at a temperature more than 118 degrees fahrenheit. Due to this fact, most of the delicate antioxidants within the chocolate are not denatured. This makes it rich in antioxidants and healthy as a cleanse. 

Another thing to note is the fact that instead of sugar, Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate makes use of erythritol. This is a sugar alcohol that is normally found within natural sources such as melons, grapes, and mushrooms. 

Moreover, this substance is also a common part of many fermented foods. Thanks to the use of this sweetener, there is no actual sugar inside the bar. 

Is Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate Ethical?

One common concern for a lot of consumers of chocolate is whether or not the cacao was sourced ethically from farmers who had been paid their fair share. Fortunately, Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate puts a great deal of emphasis on this concern and goes to huge lights to ensure that their cacao is not the result of exploitation. 

Thanks to this fact, this product also has the fair-trade certification. This ensures that you truly enjoy your Sinless Raw Vegan Chocolate without guilt.


This chocolate bar truly fulfills a niche in the market that has, up till now, lied vacant. Due to its sugar-free nature and the fact that no dairy ingredients were used in the production or preparation of the chocolate, it is suitable for a variety of different dietary preferences and restrictions. 

Moreover, the high quantities of fiber, antioxidants, and low amounts of sodium and sugar mean that the chocolate brings with it certain health benefits as well.

Now that you know the details of this chocolate’s preparation and nutrition, you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not this is the right option for you. 

What Makes Sinless Chocolate Unique?
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