Subway Vegan Options

Looking for vegan options and not sure where to head? Try vegan at Subway.

All those of you who need to order vegan for your meal need to visit Subway. Since, as a vegan, your food choices are very limited, you need places like this where you can combine your meal with all the ingredients you want.

What Is Subway?

Subway is a fast-food restaurant company that is mainly associated with its famous submarine sandwich (sub). With 36,840 stores worldwide, Subway is the biggest restaurant chain in the world.

It would be disappointing if such a big restaurant chain did not offer vegan eats. So, yes, you can eat vegan at Subway and read on to get familiar with the choices.

How Can You Eat Vegan At Subway?

The fact that Subway counts as one of the most famous chain restaurants out there is comforting since no matter where you are; you can find one of the Subway locations to order food.

Whether it is a sweet riblet, veggie delite salad, or the meatless meatball marinara, you are the sandwich artist who can combine all the vegan options at Subway at your own will. You will eat fresh without eating flash or animal products.

1. Subway Breads

When it comes to choosing bread, you can relax. Although most of the bread loaves contain milk, eggs, or cheese, there are some options at Subway that are vegan-friendly. Most Subway locations offer some of the best plant-based bread options on the high street.

You could go with the Hearty Italian bread or Italian White, then 9-grain wheat bread, Roasted garlic, Ciabatta, Sourdough, Artisan Flatbread, Hearty Multigrain, Slider Roll, and Harvest. Also, you could choose Spinach wrap, Habanero wrap, Wheat wrap, or Tomato basil wrap. The Roasted Garlic bread contains sunflower oil, and the 9-grain wheat bread has no honey anymore.

However, the Italian (White) is the only bread option available at all Subway locations. The other bread options can be ordered only at select locations.

2. Veggie Options

Should You Go With Banana Peppers, Olives, Or Red Onions? Once you decide on the bread, it is time to fill it with something. Luckily, the combinations for the sandwich artist are endless. All the raw veggie fillings are vegan, so no worries there. Mix and combine various vegetables to get the perfect vegan meal from this sandwich shop.

Starting from tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, or spinach olives, you could add shredded lettuce as a salad, some green peppers, pickles or banana peppers, and red onions avocado, guac, or jalapeños to make the perfect sandwich. You can add carrots or mushrooms to your sandwich to intensify the taste.

3. Condiments And Sauces

Next, add some condiments to get a better flavor for your sandwich. It would help if you had sauces to turn your tasteless sandwich into a deliciously spicy meal.

Make things saucy with yellow mustard, mustard seed spread, deli brown mustard, or guacamole. Add oil, Subway vinaigrette, sweet onion sauce, marinara sauce, spinach tomatoes condiments, or fat-free Italian dressing. You can also try Subway Herb Garlic Oil and Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sauce.

Select locations offer barbecue sauce, Creamy Italian, giardiniera, ketchup, sweet chili sauce, buffalo sauce, fire-roasted tomato sauce, or hot pepper relish. You should not be worried by the butter taste of the Buffalo sauce because even though it tastes like butter, it is not actual butter.

4. Seasonings And Snacks

For an extra flavor to the sandwich, vegans can add some black pepper, oregano, pepper, salt, sea salt, or sub-spice (paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder).

You could also add Musselman’s Apple Sauce, cracked pepper, lemon, and sun chips.

You can order some apple slices as a fruit since the English muffin has animal products and does not follow vegan guides.

5. Plant-Based Soups As A Pre-Meal

If vegans want to start the main course with a liquid instead of salad, they can go for the Black bean soup or the Mediterranean Vegetable soup.

How To Order The ‘Veggie Delite’

The Veggie Delight sandwich is a plant-based sandwich available at all Sub shop locations.

You could pile as many veggies as you want in your sandwich until you turn it into a veggie perfection. Start with banana peppers, onions, cucumbers, spinach, tomato, black olives, pickles, spinach, and jalapenos. Add some lettuce to turn it into a crunchy and tasty plant-based burger.

How To Order The Veggie Patty

Although not available at all locations, The Veggie patty is one of the best vegan options for vegans at Subway.

A veggie patty is a veggie burger that has no meat. The patty can be cooked with beans (tofu, soybeans), grains, some nuts, seeds, or mushrooms.

You can fill your veggie patty with anything, from vegan cheese, green peppers, carrots, black olives, water chestnuts, mushrooms, sweet onion sauce, etc.

Initially, vegan options at Subway offered vegan meatballs and falafel, but they no longer make them. There are no vegan meats or dairy-free cheese options at Subway now.


Are The Subway Wraps Vegan?

Although the croissants and muffins are not vegan, the Subway wraps are vegan. You can go for a tomato basil wrap or spinach wrap without worrying about its vegan-friendly contents. Most of the wraps are 100% vegan.

Can You Order Meatless Meatball Marinara With Vegan Cheese In The U.S?

The Meatless Meatball Marinara covered with vegan cheese is only available in European Subway restaurants.

Which Subway Sauces Have No Eggs?

Many condiments are vegan at Subway. You could go with the yellow mustard, sweet onion sauce, deli brown mustard, fat-free Italian dressing, etc.

Can Vegans Order Honey Mustard Vegan?

If you are vegan, you cannot eat the honey mustard sauce. It has honey which means it has animal products in it.

Can You Order Vegan Subway Chicken?

The T.L.C. (Tastes Like Chicken) is available at Subway. It has a chicken taste and no chicken in its contents.

Final Words

Eating vegan at Subway is possible if you know how to combine things to get the best sandwich taste. You can serve a perfect vegan meal by combining various sauces, vegetables, and vegan bread. Whether it is the Veggie Delight, the Veggie patty, or just a regular salad, Subway has it ready for you.

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