Vegan Banana Pudding – Healthy Dessert

A vegan dessert need not always be bland. Not when it is something as delicious as banana pudding. It is simple, quick, and a healthy dessert that anyone can whip up within 30 minutes.

Here is a detailed recipe and the tips to make a delicious vegan banana pudding from scratch. Let’s get started!

Recipe For Vegan Banana Pudding 

This recipe does not call for too many ingredients as it is not a complicated dessert and requires only a two-step process. In fact, it is one of the easiest vegan banana puddings that you can make if your pantry is stocked with all the required staples.

Let’s look at how you can prepare the pudding and assemble it.

Equipment You Will Need:

●      Saucepan

●      Electric hand mixer/whisk

●      A jar or dish to assemble the pudding

●      Spatula

●      Piping bag


For Pudding

Canned coconut milk               240 ml

Plant-based milk                      240 ml

Vanilla extract                          ½ tablespoon

Corn flour or Arrowroot flour     28 gm

Salt                                          a pinch

Erithrytol or organic sugar        2-½ or 3 tablespoon

Turmeric (for color)                  1 dash

Peanut butter                           2 tablespoon

For Layering

Vegan whipped cream             120 ml

Vegan vanilla wafers                15 – 20

Sliced bananas                        2 – 3


Step 1: Prepare The Pudding

●  Add all the pudding ingredients except vanilla extract into a saucepan and stir the mixture until the cornstarch is thoroughly dissolved. Remember not to turn on the heat before the mixture is evenly dissolved.

●  Now turn the flame on and cook the pudding on medium heat while stirring continuously.

●  Turn the heat down when it begins boiling and let the pudding simmer on a low flame. Don’t forget to keep stirring for 2 minutes.

●  As soon as the cream thickens, remove the pan from the heat and add the vanilla extract while stirring.

● Cover the pudding with plastic wrap and leave it to cool down for 10-15 minutes.

Viola! Your pudding is ready to be assembled.

Step 2: Assemble The Pudding

●  Whip up vegan whipping cream and cut the bananas into slices.

●  Now, take a jar and layer around 2 tbsp of pudding at the bottom of the jar. You can fill it in a piping bag or use a spoon for the layering.

●  On top of the pudding, add a layer of whipping cream, banana slices, and vegan vanilla wafers.

●  Repeat the layering steps until the jar is full.

●  Garnish with wafer crumbs, a dollop of whipped cream, and banana slices.

 Servings: 4

Calories: 381 kcal

Recipe Note: If you like crispy cookies over the dessert, enjoy it right after you make it. However, refrigerate the pudding overnight if you want it to be served cold with soft cookies meshed in the layers.

The recipe is as simple as that—no hours-long prep or cooking process. You can easily prepare this dessert within 30 minutes, given that you follow all the instructions and hacks that we are sharing with you.

Recipe Guidelines To Note

Did your pudding end up runny or too thick? No matter how easy it is to make banana pudding, you might run into trouble when making a vegan version.


More importantly, when making it for the first time, you might need to learn some hacks before preparations to keep any cooking troubles at bay. Let’s find some tips to make a perfectly delectable vegan banana pudding from scratch.

Vegan Whipped Cream And Alternatives

You can either use store-bought vegan whipped cream or whip vegan cream at home. There are several options you can explore, such as:

●  Use packaged vegan whipped creams available at stores.

●  Replace whipped cream with vegan meringue made from aquafaba (canned chickpea liquid). Try to use canned chickpeas with no added salts. 

●  Whip chilled coconut cream to make vegan whipped cream. 

Keep Banana Slices Fresh

While preparing well before making desserts is good, some fruits go sour or stale when left in the air for long. Banana go brown when you cut them and set them aside to use later. So, squeeze some lime or lemon juice on the slices to keep them fresh.

Better yet, cut fresh slices at the time of pudding assembling. That way, you won’t have to worry about the banana slices going brown.

Vegan Substitutes

If you don’t have peanut butter or are allergic to peanuts, you can substitute it with almond butter or other nut butters. Don’t want to use nut butter? In that case, you can go with sunflower seed butter.

Similarly, it is not necessary to use coconut milk; you can use any plant-based milk you like. But if you want your pudding to be creamy rich, we advise you to go with the original recipe and use coconut milk.

Lastly, you can switch organic sugar with maple syrup if you are looking for sugar alternatives.

Fix Runny Pudding

If your pudding ends up runny, you can add 1 tbsp of the cornstarch slurry to the mix and let it simmer over medium-low heat while stirring continuously. Once it thickens up, let it cook for a few more minutes on low flame and remove the pan from the heat once it reaches the desired consistency.

To make cornstarch slurry, mix one tablespoon of cold water with one tablespoon of cornflour and add it to the pudding.


You can keep the pudding in the fridge for up to 5 days. Nevertheless, it will be best to consume it within three days as the wafers get soggy if they are kept longer in the fridge. If it has been in the refrigerator for over five days, you may need to throw it away.

Also, you can prepare the pudding in advance. Just cook it a day or two before and do the assembling at the time of serving.


Vegan banana pudding is not only a healthy dessert but also a quick fix to your sweet cravings. Whether you follow every step of our foolproof recipe or adjust it to your taste, give a glance over to our recipe notes to make a perfect cup of pudding and delight your guests with a creamy, decadent, and healthy dessert.

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