Why Is Almond Butter So Expensive

Almond butter is a delicious creamy butter made from almonds. It is similar to peanut butter but has a smoother and runnier texture.

Almond butter is pretty expensive in comparison to peanut butter, and this is for various reasons. It is made differently from peanut butter, and it often requires a heavier manufacturing process.

This article will inform you about almond butter, and why it is priced so highly.

Why Is Almond Butter So Expensive

What Is Almond Butter Made of?

Almond butter is made from almonds, as well as added seasonings and a dash of oil if necessary.

Most of the time, almond butter is simply made with just almonds, and a pinch of salt. Nuts are naturally high in oils and healthy fats, and that’s why nut butter does not need many additives.

Why Is Almond Butter So Expensive?

The reason almond butter is so expensive is due to drought, as well as the amount of time it takes for almonds to grow.

When you are buying almond butter, you are also buying the growing process, the manufacturing process, and the labor process.

An almond tree can unbelievably take as long as five years to start producing any almonds.

Almond trees typically produce almonds for around twenty years. 80% of the world’s supply of almonds is grown in California, but they are also grown in Spain, Italy, and Australia.

Almonds are so expensive because of the drought and heat in California. When there is a lack of water, it makes it more difficult to mass-produce almonds, as well as produce them in general.

Almond butter is pretty easy to make, so you’re not paying for the price of the butter, but more for the actual almonds as well as the growing process.

How Many Almonds Are In A Jar Of Almond Butter?

For an average jar of around a pound, there are 450 almonds inside. This is also made up of a small amount of sugar, oil, and a pinch of salt.

How Is Almond Butter Made?

Almond butter is simple to make, and it is easily made in large batches. Big bags of almonds are collected, and they are usually from California.

The almonds are first separated from the outer green membrane that covers the nut on the tree.

These are then sorted and are ready to be made into almond butter. Almonds are harvested by a machine named a tree shaker, where they are then sun-dried and shipped all over the world.

When factories acquire the almonds, the almonds are sorted by getting rid of any bad almonds. The nuts then get put into a large roaster, where they are roasted at a low temperature for up to two hours.

By roasting the almonds, the sugars and proteins release the nutty, sweet flavor of the almond. The dried, roasted nuts are then milled. The mill pulverizes these almonds into a smooth paste.

The mill works by grinding the almonds at a high speed, releasing the natural oil to form a buttery paste.

Salt is often added to the mix, and some manufacturers may add a dash of vanilla or sugar, as well as extra oil if necessary.

Is Almond Butter Healthier Than Peanut Butter?

Almond butter is known for being one of, if not the most, healthiest nut butter. Most nut butters have a similar nutritional value, but almond butter is slightly lighter than peanut butter.

Almond butter has more nutritional value, as it contains more minerals, fiber, and vitamins in comparison to peanut butter.

It is similar in terms of calories and sugar, but peanut butter may be slightly more calorific than almond butter as it contains more protein.

What Brand Of Almond Butter Is The Best?

Most brands of almond butter are similar, but usually, the more expensive they are the higher quality.

Almond butter is typically around $7-$11 for a jar, so the difference is not that large.

Some of the best and most organic brands of almond butter are Artisana Organic raw almond butter, Justin’s vanilla almond butter, Dastony Organic almond butter, and MaraNatha Crunchy/Creamy almond butter.

These brands produce in smaller quantities, and the process is simple and organic.

How Long Does Almond Butter Last?

If you are making almond butter yourself, it will often last for up to two weeks in the fridge. If you are buying almond butter, it will typically last for a couple of months in the refrigerator.

Is It Cost-Effective To Make Your Own Almond Butter?

Is It Cost-Effective To Make Your Own Almond Butter

Almond butter is made in large quantities, so it does not cost as much as you will pay for one jar to make it. To make your own almond butter, you will need a blender or pulverizer, as well as dry-roasted unsalted almonds.

You will need 3 cups of almonds per jar.

Three cups of almonds are just under a pound of dried almonds.

Typical bags of almonds weigh around 2.5lb and are priced at $9. So, to make your own almond butter, you will need a pound of almonds, which cost around $7-9 as well.

So, in theory, you will not be saving many dollars by making your own, but it won’t cost you particularly more either.

How Do I Make Almond Butter?

It is really simple to make almond butter. Firstly, get yourself a pound of dry-roasted prepared almonds.

Empty the almonds into a food processor or pulverizer and pulse until the almonds turn finely ground. Keep blending until the almonds appear smoother and start to turn into a paste.

If this does not happen, you can add a tablespoon of neutral oil such as coconut or canola oil. Process them until it is a creamy, smooth paste, and decant into a jar. Keep this in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Does Almond Butter Have Added Oil?

Almond butter does not usually have added oil, because the almonds are usually creamy enough.

Check the almond butter in stores, and you will see if it has any added oil. Some manufacturers do add a small amount of oil to keep it creamy and smooth.

What Is The Most Expensive Nut Butter?

Almond butter, hazelnut butter, and cashew butter are the most expensive nut butters, and they are priced at around $15 per jar.

A regular 16oz jar of peanut butter costs around $5. This is because peanuts are very easy to grow, as they also grow underground. Almonds are tree nuts that grow above ground, and they are dependent on climate.

The average annual cost to produce almonds in America is around $3,000 per acre, and it is just under $900 to produce the same amount of raw peanuts.

This is the same for cashew nuts and hazelnuts. Almond butter is typically the most expensive nut butter on the market.

Final Thoughts

Almond butter is delicious, and it has a lot of nutritional value and benefits. Almond butter is typically one of the most expensive nut butters, and you may wonder why.

Almonds rely on the weather to grow, and over 80% of the world’s almonds come from California, which is super hot. Almond butter is a great source of healthy fat, and it is also easy to make at home.

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